The WWE Games Development team sat down to answer YOUR questions on Twitter. Here's a recap of what went down:

Question - Auday Alyafi @AudayAlyafi

@WWEgames Is the Paint Tool feature removed from WWE 2K15 on PS4/XB1?

Answer - Yes, the Paint Tool is removed, but we’ll be announcing a new feature that goes far beyond the Paint Tool in PS3/360.


Question - Julian Catanzaro @JulianCatanzaro

@WWEgames Can you be in a tag team for my career mode????

Answer - MyCareer focuses on an individual’s own journey and attributes. Unfortunately, you cannot go through this mode as part of a tag team.


Question - Dany Fortin @Retrogamebeater

@WWEgames Will the unviverse mode have online multiplayer ?

Answer - Universe Mode will not have online multiplayer, but players on all consoles will be able to share the same experience!


Question - Chris Roach @Chris_Thrash_

@WWEgames is the main menu of WWE 2k15 different on the PS4/XB1 Or are they the same as 360/PS3.

Answer - PS4/XB1 players will see a brand new main menu this year.


Question - Nick Robledo @Nick_452

@WWEgames when is paige coming out?

Answer - Paige’s in-game character is being finalized now; we hope to announce her release date very soon.


Question - Jordan Caulfield @Jordan_C1992

@WWEgames Why is the roster so weak compared to recent games?

Answer - #WWE2K14 included 30 Years of WrestleMania, which added many roster members. (1 of 2)

Answer - #WWE2K15 is focusing on the future of WWE, including NXT, but also has many legendary characters, like the debut of Sting. (2 of 2)


Question - Rocks Brow @RocksBrow

@WWEgames can we expect any videos of gameplay or more entrances on youtube anytime soon?

Answer - Yes! You can expect to see new entrances sooner than you may think.


Question - Biggie Balls @BiggieBalls69

@WWEgames will Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins have their new attires in the current gen versions?

Answer - Ambrose and Rollins will not have their new attires, but you can create alternate ones for them in our Creation Suite.


Question - Kyle James @50ShadesOfKJ

@WWEgames Does 2K15 on next gen Ps4/Xbox One still have superstar threads even though visual concepts is in?

Answer - We have more than Superstar Threads for #WWE2K15 on next-gen. More info to come soon!


Question - the one @yadiomar

@WWEgames how many @WWE superstars got facescaned for the game? #WWE2K15

Answer - Over 90 percent of the WWE Superstars participated in facial scanning for #WWE2K15.


Question - @KenshinXMoon

@WWEgames Will we be able to use custom music for our entrance like on last gen with new gen since ps4 can now use usb's for music #WWE2K15

Answer - Being that it’s a new release for PS4, it’s something that we’ll look at for the future!


Question - Landon Keith @WalMartWarri0r

@WWEgames Will we be able to execute finishers at any moment like past games? Or will it require a set up or the new Charged Finishers?

Answer - Players need to build up momentum in order to execute both signature and finishing moves.


Question - The Geeky Dad to Be! @TheGeekyHusband

@WWEgames how long does the career mode run? Will it just run one show season?

Answer - MyCareer can span up to roughly 15 years - especially if you play through as both a fan favorite or rule breaker!


Question - @CharlieParker__

@WWEgames This new way of keeping attires updated on PS4/XOne, will this include the Divas too? #WWE2K15

Answer - You can edit Divas with the same tools we offer for the Superstars.


Question - Adam Itkin @AdamItkin34

@WWEgames Can we get an option to remove gamertags over the superstars when they are fighting? #WWE2K15

Answer - Gamertags are part of our requirements for meeting compliance with our first party partners.


Question - brent neighbors @bzilla8526

@WWEgames are you going to ban people who download hacked move sets and use them to win matches online this year? Cause last year you didnt

Answer - We have an aggressive moderation program in place for #WWE2K15 and will continue improving this every year. (1 of 2)

Answer - We banned more people for #WWE2K14 versus any previous year and take community response very seriously. (2 of 2)


Question - Carlito_85 @Tyrant185

@WWEgames Are there more than 100 CAW save slots this year?

Answer - PS3/360 players will have 100 CAW slots. For PS4/XB1 players, there will be 25 slots, which pushes first party limits given the visual fidelity of the Superstars. (1 of 2)

Answer - We are working hard to increase this number in the future (2 of 2)


Question - Freddy @freddybell57

@WWEgames can y'all answer one of my questions

Answer - Yes! #FEELIT


Question - Stink @TheIconStinky

@WWEgames any WCW arenas this year?

Answer - There are no WCW arenas available this year.


Question - lee thomas(aftermath @leethom01873064

@WWEgames can we have 8 superstars in ring now on next gen

Answer - Players will be able to compete with six Superstars in the ring.


Question - Avorey Washington @HYNDERSEIN

@WWEgames Will there ever be a feature online that allows for us to have leagues.A lot of us are part of e-feds that use this game @XGWFed

Answer - We don’t have this in #WWE2K15, but this is a great idea that we’d love to possibly support in the future.


Question -... @AWSOM82

@WWEgames will you be showing gameplay before launch. Everyone really wants to see how it differs from the PS3/360 version

Answer - We’ve been showing cool gameplay in our trailer, Making Of series, TV spot and weekly entrance/moves features. More will be released very soon!


Question - Alcatraz @TheJAlcatraz

@WWEgames Does the commentary on Xbox 360/PS3 differ from Xbox one and PS4 versions?

Answer - All games will share the same commentary, but players may notice a more polished delivery in PS4/XB1.


Question - Rúben @rubensantos_2

@WWEgames do you know the release date of #WWE2K15 in Portugal?

Answer - #WWE2K15 will be available in Portugal on November 21.


Question - Gianni Lobikis @GianniLobikis

@WWEGames Will we see the New WWE World Heavyweight championship on Next Gen? #WWE2K15

Answer - Unfortunately, no. The new championship design was released in August - after the team’s deadline to make changes.


Question - The Phil @thephilonline

@WWEgames is Sid Justice playable or is he just a manager?

Answer - Sid Justice will appear as a referee and is therefore not playable in the game.


Question - Goatface @GoatFaceBX

@WWEgames can we set entrances with managers to Any superstar? Ex: Heel Kofi escorted by Zeb Colter. #WWE2K15

Answer - With exception of Lana (with Rusev), all other managers can be paired with any Superstar.


Question - Alex @AlcliffyAlex

@WWEgames @yadiomar In Mycareer can you get injured? And if it is a serious injury can you be forced to retire?

Answer - Players can get injured in MyCareer, but injuries will not force anyone to retire.


Question - Avorey Washington @HYNDERSEIN

@WWEgames Is it possible for you guys to update the 2k15 roster page on your site?

Answer - Yes! We’re working on it.


Question - McFlo @m_therock2

@WWEgames Has The Rock been Face Scanned?!?! #WWE2K15

Answer - He was not. The Rock’s a busy guy, but we hope to work with him in the future.


Question - Kingofwrestling @kingofwrestlin1

@WWEgames @CharlesShane @Nick_452 will paige have all of her moves in the game

Answer - Paige’s character will have her current moves.


Question - Rhys Evans @rhysevans96

@WWEgames do any other new superstars except Cena speak during entrances or taunts?

Answer - Yes! Check out a new video tomorrow with the Usos in action!


Question - Patrick Fitzgibbon @klm_7060

@WWEgames Can we make a MyCareer mode for Custom Superstars?

Answer - Yes - any custom Superstar may be taken through MyCareer Mode.


Question - Booker J @JwabTV

@WWEgames Is there anything that you haven't announced that'd blow our minds?

Answer - Check back tomorrow with us … your mind may be blown. #HappyHalloween


Question - Anthony Romero @AnthonyJRomero

@WWEgames does roman reigns have his taunt he does before the superman punch?

Answer - Yes - check out The Lobby on @gamespot next Tuesday to see it in action!


Question - Darrick @Royal_Hound

@WWEgames Are we gonna see Adam Rose in the PS4/ Xbox One consoles or atleast as DLC?

Answer - Yes - Adam Rose is available through DLC  - and he comes complete with The Bunny!


Question - Trey Sherman @TrickeeTrey

@WWEgames what improvements have been made to Universe Mode on PS4/X1? #WWE2K15

Answer - We focused on making the Universe experience consistent between all consoles.


Question - Matt KB @mattftw

@WWEgames are there any online achievements?

Answer - Yes! Get ready for a challenge.


Question - Greatone14 @greatone14110

@WWEgames Any improved Superstar Heads with every Superstar/Diva ?

Answer - Everyone on the roster can be edited in #WWE2K15 - with more options than ever before for both Superstars and Divas.


Question - Taylor Harrison @TheTower51

@WWEgames any interesting new crowd signs? Like the ole one? #WWE2K15

Answer - Yes! We’ll tweet a few new crowd signs later today.


Question - FB @FordBrothersHD

@WWEgames will an accelerator be available to buy to unlock things like it was for 2k14?

Answer - As Daniel Bryan would say, “YES! YES! YES!”


Question - @thephantom28

@WWEgames Is there any Money in the Bank briefcase entrances?

Answer - Yes in “MyCareer” mode and you have the choice to cash it in!

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