Credits to people with early copies on WWE 2K Forums, forums and Youtube.

The summary of it, again, PS3 & Xbox 360 info only:

Exactly the same gameplay as WWE 2K14: no new stamina system, no new finishers and signatures system, still the same Wake Up taunt system without the new Wake Up + Finisher combo, still same 2K14 Breaking Point submission system and display, still the same Strike speed of 2K14, no Chain Grappling system, no crawling to the ropes to get up, no crawling Pin, no new victory scenes system. Basically the game is WWE 2K14 with a different roster.

REMOVED Features:

  • Story Designer has been removed
  • Create a Finisher/Special Move has been removed
  • Replays on the Pause Menu (on both gens) have been removed
  • No entrance themes in the Jukebox, only the 15 licensed sountracks of the game
  • All Preset Generic Entrances for Superstars not in the game have been removed
  • Custom Music (Custom Theme Songs) Removed on last gen

Universe Mode:

  • Story Collector: You have to complete objectives (play X rivalries, win X matches) and unlocks new stories
  • Rivalry system: Still 3 rivalries per brand. You now can choose what stories do you want to play when setting up a rivalry, there are special stories to be unlocked playing rivalries
  • Special Stories: You can activate or deactivate the option to auto Royal Rumble Winner story and Undertaker at WM story
  • You can still do CPU vs CPU matches
  • Still 5 to 7 matches per show
  • King of the Ring is still in as a match type.

Exhibition and Match Types:

  • Same as last year
  • Casket Match and 3 Stages of Hell are Showcase matches only
  • You can still do CPU vs CPU matches
  • You can still select the match pace (Quick, Normal or Epic) and you seem to be able to actually change during the course of the match pressing start or something like that
  • You can still choose to have 1, 2, 3 or infinite finishers

Default Champions

  • Brock Lesnar as WWE World Heavyweight Champion
  • Dolph Ziggler as Intercontinental Champion
  • Sheamus as USA Champion
  • The Usos as Tag Team Champions
  • Adrian Neville as NXT Champion
  • AJ as Divas Champion

Create a Stable:

  • Seems like last year
  • No adding managers to Stables

Default Stables:

  • Evolution
  • Cameron & Naomi
  • Brie & Nikki
  • Cody & Goldust (according to the user as "the brotherhood", they have their Tag Smoke and Mirrors + Goldust theme mix)
  • Usos (Default Tag champs)
  • Woods & R-Truth
  • Rybaxel
  • Wyatt Family
  • The Shield


  • Apparently no improvements or new stuff, same as WWE 2K14
  • 100 CAW slots

Superstar Heads:

  • Alberto Del Rio
  • Batista
  • Brock Lesnar
  • Cesaro
  • Chris Jericho
  • CM Punk (last year)
  • CM Punk retro
  • Damien Sandow
  • Daniel Bryan (Short hair and beard, same as WWE 2K14 in disc Bryan Superstar Head)
  • Dolph Ziggler
  • Kane
  • Kane (bald unmasked)
  • John Cena
  • The Miz
  • Paul Heyman
  • Randy Orton
  • The Rock
  • Ryback ("old Ryback")
  • Shawn Michaels
  • Sheamus
  • Stone Cold
  • Triple H current
  • Triple H retro
  • Undertaker (last year)
  • Undertaker (retro)

Video Showing the mode:
Roddy Piper, Goldberg and Mankind are not there this year. Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins don´t seem to be in Superstar Heads on last gen neither.


  • The same divas who are announced already, no new divas. Cameron and Naomi have their Funkadactyls attire and gimmick and going by the default stables is safe to assume Brie and Nikki both have their Face persona so no new theme for Brie.
  • Yes, NXT Womens Title is in the game, although we already know it after the Who´s Got NXT reveal by 2K yesterday.
  • Attires, I will copy and paste his words:
    - Aj lee has love bites shirt and jean shorts
    - Brie has red top and red shorts with knee high covers with ruffles on the back
    - Cameron has silvery black top bottom and thigh high boots naomi has matching attire so they are tag team
    - Tamina has black outfit
    - Summer rae has 2k14 attire
    - Natayla has black attire with pink and white hearts on the boobs black pants with hearts and same white boots
    - Nikki has all cap red top black shorts socks and white and red shoes
    Their models look good

New Moves:

  • New Kick Combo signature for Daniel Bryan
  • New Corner Spear for Roman Reings (his running Spear is the same)
  • Superman Punch
  • Attitude Adjustmen with Pin combo
  • Naomi´s Rear View (running finisher, no Pin option)
  • NO new Corner Sweet Chin Music


  • HBK: 95
  • Sheamus: 93
  • The Rock: 91
  • Stone Cold: 90
  • Daniel Bryan 2012: 90
  • Randy Orton: 90
  • Roman Reigns: 89
  • Seth Rollins: 89
  • Sami Zayn: 86
  • Jey Uso: 85
  • Jimmy Uso: 85
  • Bad News Barret: 84
  • The Miz: 84
  • Rey Mysterio: 84
  • R-Truth: 84
  • Ryback 84
  • Titus O´Neil: 83
  • Xavier Woods: 83
  • Darren Young: 81

Divas Overall:

  • Brie Bella: 83
  • Nikki Bella: 83
  • AJ: 82
  • Natalya: 82
  • Tamina Snuka: 81
  • Naomi: 76
  • Cameron: 75
  • Summer Rae: 73

Other stuff:

  • Shield members have only their Shield attires and entrances, no alt attires for Dean and Seth.
  • Roman Reigns has Shield theme with intro, not his single theme without the SHIELD intro. By the way his character model looks better than 2K14
  • NO Corporate Kane, although Bald Kane is a Superstar Head so we can create him
  • Jericho had some of his copyrighted tatoos removed due to a lawsuit about it´s usage on 2K14
  • The WWE World Heavyweight Championship is the WWE Championship debuted by The Rock with the old logo (see the Lesnar vs Batista vs Ryback vid in Brian12Extreme channel)
  • Create a titantron (which was removed on 2K14) still is not in the game
  • Current Batista´s default attire is "Redtista"
  • This Fire Burns is in the game, but NO Nexus leader titantron for Punk, he has a previous titantron (and without minitrons) as his MITB 2011 entrance vid and as his returning titantron after the Cena vs Mysterio match, which is not accurate (the first should be his Nexus leader titantron, the second his Cult of Personality titantron)
  • Triple H has King of Kings as his default theme, his The Game theme is in the game too
  • Xavier Woods has Brodus Clay & Funkadactyls theme (it was his first theme when he debuted), not his new theme.
    Going by what was said by BazMcMahon on his youtube vid I bet the PS4 Dean Ambrose shown in the promotional HiaC vid was a Superstar Head, which would mean next gen gets more Superstar Heads (maybe even the full roster)
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