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After showcasing the "Create A Comeback" Mode Concept, here are 18 NEW Comeback Sequences that you would be able to put together by using the concepted mode, or that 2K could add to WWE 2K15 or in future WWE Games.

List of Comeback Sequences included:

  1. Dolph Ziggler NEW (Latest) Comeback
  2. Chris Jericho Comeback
  3. Sheamus NEW (Updated) Comeback
  4. CM Punk Fixed Comeback (with Jumping Clothesline)
  5. John Cena Alt. Comeback (with raising hand at the end)
  6. Stone Cold Comeback
  7. The Rock Comeback
  8. Roman Reigns Comeback
  9. Dean Ambrose Comeback
  10. Seth Rollins Finish Combo
  11. The Miz Comeback
  12. Christian Comeback
  13. Big E Comeback
  14. R-Truth Comeback
  15. Santino Marella Comeback
  16. Jeff Hardy Comeback
  17. Matt Hardy Comeback
  18. Sting Comeback

In addition, at the end of the video you can also see an example of how the Comeback System should also be implemented in Hot Tags.


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