By Romain Mahut, (translated in English)

If 2K recovered WWE license when THQ went bankrupt, its influence on WWE 2k14 was relatively limited. Indeed, when 2K Sports took the lead in early 2013, the development of the then called WWE '14 was already well underway. It is in WWE 2K15 that should feel "2K Touch." It is in any case what was said Chris Snyder , vice president of marketing for 2K Sports business, when we spoke to him late last week.

According to him, his company jumped " with both feet "in the development of the game because he wants it provides different sensations offered by the title of this era THQ. With WWE 2K15 , 2K wants to offer a game to the atmosphere and depth of improved gameplay and in which the emphasis was placed on authenticity. To achieve this, the publisher has entrusted the development of his wrestling game two studios Visual Concepts and Yuke's .

The first is the developer of the renowned series of NBA 2K . According to Chris Snyder, Visual Concepts is here in charge of the graphic style of gameplay, and "presentation" (ie, anything that allows under reproduce as faithfully as possible what wrestling fans can see television every week) Knowing that the game NBA 2K are often praised for their resemblance to a television broadcasting a basketball game, it is an encouraging sign for the WWE fans.

Yuke's, the historic Japanese developer wrestling games published by THQ, according to Chris Snyder, provided by his "expertise in wrestling games." The Yuke's involvement in the project is likely to cringe players who hoped that 2K would eventually get rid of it. The studio has indeed shown by very innovative in recent years. That being said, this stagnant gameplay might be related to a lack of resources on the part of THQ. The title has not yet been placed in our hands, we can not judge the work done by Yuke's.

All new, all beautiful

The question on everyone's lips when it comes to WWE 2K15 is the quality of its implementation. The game is expected to turn in effect for two reasons. The first is that the engine used by wrestling games of the previous generation was on the ball for several years (at certain levels, the latest games WWE came to be less beautiful than their older generation start). The second is that WWE 2K15 is the first simulation wrestling to appear on PS4 and Xbox One. It therefore has an interest in ensuring technically.

According to Chris Snyder, the game should offer a higher level of realism from the perspective of its graphics. He explains that WWE 2K15 uses the technique of scanning faces and bodies used on NBA games and that " more or less all members of the WWE Universe "have seen their faces and body scanned (no info was given about the possible presence of deceased wrestlers in the game, and techniques used to model).

Note that, although it will logically be less beautiful than the PS4 and Xbox versions One, PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of WWE 2K15 apparently also received graphical improvements. Chris Snyder speaks also "marked improvement." According to him, the lighting of the game was reviewed while models wrestlers have been reworked to make them more beautiful and natural.

Regarding the animations, the representative of the American publisher explains that the ring used by the WWE during his tour has been moved to the motion capture studio 2K to capture realistic as possible animations. Chris Snyder also argues that WWE 2K15 benefit from the presence of five times more animations than in other games in the series.

People who played the last games of the series will recall that WWE dialogues were mostly taken from one year to another and the comments ended very quickly repeat. For WWE 2K15 , Chris Snyder says five times more sound elements were recorded. And for the first time, American commentators WWE, Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler were recorded together in the studio to offer more natural dialogues. According to the head of marketing at 2K, comments are not the only elements of the soundtrack to have been improved. According to him, all the sound effects and sound effects have been re-registered so that they enjoy better sound quality.

They pretend, but they do it well

Visual Concepts and Yuke's have fortunately not made changes to visual and audio aspects of the game pace and flow of the fighting was also reviewed in order to make them closer to what is possible to see in the WWE shows. As explained by the head of marketing at 2K, wrestling matches are not given duration and may well be very short very long. So the developers have made sure to introduce gameplay that makes unpredictable duration of the fighting. According to the editor, fatigue, offensive momentum or stamina will play all three roles in the outcome of a game.

Chris Snyder also told us that the system present in against WWE 2K15 has been completely revised. To provide a highly realistic gameplay, it explains a concept of "ring psychology" (ie how to behave during a wrestling match to make it the most exciting possible) has been integrated into the game

Also according to him, the fighting styles will be better differentiated than in the past and each wrestler will appear to be unique. He explained that the "giants," "brawlers," "grapplers," or "high flyers" will provide all sensations different game, which will give the game a diverse gameplay. According to him, the core game mechanics have been extensively modified and it will benefit WWE 2K15 but also for future titles in the series.

PS4-Xbox One Advantages

And as Chris Snyder had a lot to say, he did not stop there. Very talkative representative 2K Sports has also revealed to us the entire game modes present in WWE 2K15 . The first mode, called 2K Showcase corresponds to the game's story mode Present on all versions of the title, 2K Showcase will feature in the form of a documentary, historical rivalries in the manner of fashion 30 Years of Wrestlemania WWE 2k14. In addition to this, players also find various tools creations that have made ​​the reputation of wrestling games, as well as the WWE Universe Mode.

But this is not all. Those who purchase the PS4 or Xbox One version of WWE 2K15 will also discover a whole new career mode. The latter is presented by 2K as the WWE version of My Career Mode on the NBA 2K games. In this new mode, players will embody a wrestler they have created and follow the evolution of his career. Unfortunately, Chris Snyder revealed only outline mode. It will take before we learn more about it.

Regarding the roster, vice president of marketing for 2K Sports branch could not give us revelation. Indeed, the American publisher has revealed the full distribution of the game on Saturday that precede the SummerSlam, that is to say on August 16. According to Chris Snyder, WWE 2K15 should have a number of similar to previous games in the series wrestlers though. Also according to him, the ratio between current Superstars, Legends and Divas should also be similar to what was done in the past years. Fans can therefore begin to speculate about the list of wrestlers present in this episode 2015.


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