Jared 2K, Community Manager for WWE Games, responded to a few questions from the fans on the official 2K forums. Here are his answers:

About John Cena Screenshot:

Yes, that is an actual, in-game screenshot using developer screenshot tools (just like all the 2K14 screenshots you see us post on Twitter/FB). It was taken during gameplay, so it's not during an entrance or cut-scene or anything like that. The lighting, the depth-of-field, the light reflecting off the ropes.. it's 100% legit in-game. 

The really cool thing? It gets better. While this screenshot is impressive, it also doesn't get into the insane details of the character models. The advantage of both facial and body scans really comes through when you start noticing details about these people that you ordinarily take for granted, from bone structure to pigment variation to moles.. It's super nuts and it'll be a lot of fun to dissect each coming screenshot for these types of details.

To that end, one detail that stands out to me here is John's veins. They're always very clear during a match, especially that squiggly one that goes down his right arm. You can see those here and rendered accurately, where in the past its always just been little highlights here and there. It's crazy.

Q: Awesome points here Jared. I'm actually curious as to how the crowd looks?

Much better, actually! If you've seen the crowds in NBA 2K14 then you'll have some idea of what to expect. The movement is more organic with everyone moving at different timings. If models are repeated they're at least wearing something totally different. Variations in genders and sizes. MORE SIGNS! It's not mega mindblowing, but man is it ever a step up.

Q: Can you tell us if there are plans of releasing a last gen (X360/PS3) screenshot or anything like that?

Of course, but I believe that may not come until after IGN First. For those sticking with Xbox 360 and PS3, we'll definitely have some unique reasons for you to pick up this year's game.

Q: I'm just wondering by seeing this awesome screenshot, does this mean that the superstars entrances are more realistic by any chance and is there anything improved to them?

Entrances are definitely improved and are more accurate. Some of this comes from the superior visuals and lighting, and others simply from improved camera work. There are some new details under the hood in regards to how the camera can be manipulated by the developers. For example, during John Cena's entrance, when it sweeps over the crowd during the opening chords of his theme, it feels a bit more authentic. You get a sense that it's actually being operated by a crane and not just "its a video game so it moves how it wants." It's subtle but it helps it feel more true to life. 

And since we've more or less revealed Randy Orton with his butt, here's another example. You know how during his entrance, there's that huge strobe light that turns on and fills the arena with each guitar riff? That looks utterly spectacular in WWE 2K15. With the new lighting engine Randy gains a natural back-light. It reflects off the ramp and the barricades, his shoulders and highlights his silhouette. It looks and feels just like it does in real life in a way that's very natural and, well.. not video-gamey. Needless to say, it is very, very cool.

Q: Did the guys at 2K scan the superstars for their entrances or is it similar to how entrances were made in the past?

I would say similar to in the past. We're lucky to have some of the Superstars MoCap their entrances (I was there for Cesaro, actually!), but others are performed by actors. The 2K motion capture facility itself is fantastic. As the actors are performing they get visual and audio queues. They have instant access to both video of the actual Superstars as well as their own performance. Everyone on the roster got new entrances so you'll see improvements there for sure.

Q: Could you possibly tell us anything about the Divas in the game?? Any hint or something about their look in the current-gen or if finally Diva fans are gonna be happy with the ammount of them in the game??

They look a lot better (obviously), but especially so on Xbox 360 and PS3. They definitely got the attention they deserve and you'll see some very dramatic differences between 2K14 and 2K15 with the Divas. You'll be hearing about the Divas come Summerslam along with the rest of the roster.

Q: It seems odd to me that there are only 2 rivalries unless they incorporate a lot of different superstars or something. That doesn't seem like much so maybe feuds that include a lot of people like Sting and nWo make more sense.

There's a lot of content within the two rivalries that'll be available in WWE 2K15. Not only do they contain a lot of matches, but additional, high-quality video content as well. There's a few other little tricks that you'll learn about soon. The best way to think about it is the 2K Showcase is similar to the single-player content you've seen in previous years, only much higher quality.

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