The franchise’s career-driven mode, now in its second year, will see players define their legacies by making critical choices while rising through the ranks from NXT to WWE to earn a spot in the WWE Hall of Fame. In addition, they will train, compete against others, conduct personality-driven interviews, interfere with rivals and/or form the ultimate tag team.

Here is a full write-up on WWE 2K16 MyCareer mode, breaking down everything that's new this year:

  • The Authority plays a big role in the MyCareer Mode of WWE 2K16. You can try to defy the Authority, or you can work with them.
  • Jason Albert/Matt Bloom is the WWE Performance Center/NXT trainer in MyCareer, replacing Bill DeMott from WWE 2K15.

  • Renee Young is featured in the game as backstage interviewer for MyCareer.
  • In WWE 2K16 MyCareer there are backstage interviews that will give you the choice to respond in different ways and shape the way your characters acts and reacts. Your answer can impact things like being a face or a heel and whether a rivalry against certain superstars is created or not.

  • There is an allies/rivals system in WWE2K16 MyCareer which features an intensity meter. When the rival meter with a certain superstar reaches maximum level, a rivalry with him is triggered.
  • In this year's MyCareer you will also be able to form Tag Teams and go for the Tag Team Titles.
  • In addition to the face/heel alignment, there are also more specific personality traits assigned to your character and to each WWE Superstar in MyCareer (although it's not yet clear how these traits actually impact the way the characters act), such as Aggressive, Disciplined, Respectful, Egotistical, Loyal or Treacherous, Bold, etc.

  • The 5-Star Match Rating system will be shown on the top left corner during MyCareer matches, allowing you to see the rating as it fills in real time based on factors such as move variety, match drama, etc.
  • You can stay on NXT as long as you want in WWE 2K16 MyCareer.
  • You will be able to see Champions and Title Rankings for each title in WWE 2K16 MyCareer.

  • The MyCareer mode will last up to 15 years with the goal of reaching the WWE Hall of Fame. Winning the WWE Championship will NOT skip to the end of your career like it did in WWE 2K15. You will be able to win the WWE Championship multiple times.


In WWE 2K16 MyCareer you will be able to interfere in matches via the "Run-In" feature, which lets you choose:

  • Timing (Entrance, beginning of the match, end of the match)
  • Location of your attack (Stage, Ramp, Barricade, Ring etc.)
  • Target: the targeted superstar

There is a new Manager system for the players (it's currently unclear if it's exclusive to MyCareer Mode or if it's going to be available in other game modes such as WWE Universe).

When at ringside, you will be presented with a unique camera angle and several options to impact the outcome of the match:

  • Take control of your Superstar freely (X)
  • Distract Superstar #1 (Square)
  • Distract Superstar #2 (Triangle)
  • Distract Referee (R1/R2)
  • Cheer (D-Pad)
  • Foreign Object Distraction (L1)
  • Pin Break-Up (L2)
  • Leave match (O)

There is an exit gauge that limits the amount of actions you can perform at ringside before getting ejected.


To reach the Hall of Fame in WWE 2K16 MyCareer, there are several possible ways to go and goals you can work towards (most likely achieving just a few of them will grant you the induction), including milestones such as being a Grand Slam Winner:

Main Goals (5)

  • Hold any title for 365 days
  • Hold every championship at least once
  • Be a 10 time title holder
  • Win every WrestleMania match in your career (Must be 12 or more wins)
  • Lose every match in your career for 3 years (once reaching NXT)

Sub Goals (7)

  • Be a 3 time Royal Rumble winner
  • Main event WrestleMania 3 times in your career
  • Main event SummerSlam 3 times in your career
  • more to be revealed

More Screenshots:

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