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WWE 2K16 Full Roster


Non Playable


Other NPCs

Albert (Matt Bloom)
(MyCareer Performance Center / NXT Trainer)

Michael Cole

 Jerry Lawler


Jim Ross
(Commentator - 2K Showcase)

Lilian Garcia
(Ring Announcer)

Howard Finkel
(Ring Announcer - 2K Showcase)

Renee Young
(MyCareer Backstage Interviewer)

Michael Hayes
(2K Showcase Interviewer)

The Rosebuds
(Adam Rose Entrance)




WWE 2K16 Full Roster - WWE 2K16 has the "largest roster ever" with an excess of 120+ unique playable characters lined up in the roster, all shipping with the game. It contains an unprecedented combination of current WWE Superstars and Divas, emerging NXT talent, WWE Hall of Famers and WWE alumni from multiple eras.

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