The WWE 2K16 1.03 Patch is available on PS4 and Xbox One. Here's the full list of fixes and updates.

Notably, 2K Tonight now uses "Fair Fight" rules, meaning no created characters are allowed. Only default SuperStars and Divas can compete in this mode. You'll also notice that stamina now regenerates during submission attempts, and that submissions have also undergone balance tweaks overall. At the very end you'll see that the Legends Pack is the next DLC release. We'll have the launch date for that soon!


  • Stamina now regenerates during submission attempts. Balance improvements have also been made to the submission system in general.
  • The player can now set double title matches for Diva Championships
  • Improved the recovery time for a defender after performing a major reversal to better allow them to launch follow-up attacks
  • Fixed several issues where an incorrect reversal move was being performed
  • Addressed several warping and clipping issues that could occur on our around a ladder
  • Fixed several warping issues that could occur with certain moves performed near or involving the ropes or other environmental objects
  • Improved COM tag partner behavior when defending a pin against the illegal man in a tag team match
  • Addressed an issue where Superstars/Divas could perform Signatures, Finishers, and OMG! moves without having sufficient stamina
  • Addressed an issue where COM v. COM submission matches would not end within a reasonable time period
  • The AI will no longer attack teammates in a one-on-three handicap match
  • Addressed an issue where Hammerthrows couldn’t be performed during Hell in a Cell matches
  • Fixed an issue where the referee would attack Superstars with foreign objects during a Last Man Standing match
  • Addressed the inability to reverse certain OMG! moves
  • Fixed an issue where improper strikes and grapples were performed against opponents selling from a double corner grapple
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong move was performed when performing directional grapples against an opponent in the corner in a tag team match
  • Addressed an issue that could occur with performing Double Team moves in tag team matches
  • Superstars and Divas can no longer be placed against ring posts blocked by steel steps
  • Fixed an issue where a grounded COM Superstar would flip unnaturally if grappled while turning
  • Fixed an issue where a signature button prompt was appearing at an improper distance from the opponent
  • Fixed a title stability issue that could occur during submission moves in multi-man matches
  • Addressed an issue where a certain standing strike wasn’t consuming stamina properly
  • Addressed a hang that could occur when playing with custom entrances in tag team matches
  • Fixed an issue where Superstars were unable to kick out against a certain move combination
  • Addressed issues where reversing moves against a grounded opponent weren’t triggering properly in certain positions
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong animation reaction was triggered for certain moves
  • Fixed multiple issues where COM opponents would repeatedly attempt to perform strikes or other moves outside the range at which they could connect with an opponent
  • Addressed an animation defect that occurred when placing a Superstar into a seated top rope (front) position
  • Fixed an issue where the Knock Out mini-game UI appeared too early in a Last Man Standing match
  • Addressed an issue where a player couldn’t play as an assigned manager if skipping entrances at certain time intervals
  • Fixed an issue where a COM player wouldn’t attempt to interrupt a pin by an opponent if the COM player had just performed a Finisher in a Triple Threat Match
  • Fixed an issue where a player couldn’t perform the proper strike with a sledgehammer to break up a pin
  • Characters now only consume one reversal slot when reversing a leverage pin
  • COM players will now attempt to perform pin breaks on leverage pins in multi-man matches
  • Fixed an issue where the grapple button wasn’t performing properly at ringside in TLC matches
  • Addressed an issue where Kendo Stick strikes didn’t cause damage to an opponent recovering to their feet
  • Addressed a warping and clipping issue that occurred when trying to ignite a table near other environmental objects
  • Fixed clipping issues with the ropes when performing various running strikes toward opponents at ringside
  • Fixed an issue where a Superstar could land outside the barricade when performing a diving attack
  • Fixed an issue where front seated strong strikes couldn’t be performed properly
  • Fixed a control issue that could occur when performing a submission move against an opponent during an entrance break out
  • Fixed an issue where Andre the Giant could not climb down the cell in Hell in a Cell matches
  • Addressed an issue where a Superstar wouldn’t recover to their feet normally after being Irish whipped into a ring post
  • Fixed an exploit with the Heart Punch move
  • Fixed an AI issue where John Cena would not perform follow-up actions after delivering a 5 Knuckle Shuffle signature move
  • Addressed a clipping issue when performing a Corkscrew Legdrop OMG! move


  • 2K Tonight now uses “Fair Fight” rules, meaning no customization allowed. Players can only prevail over the competition using default Superstars or Divas.
  • The player can now manually select specific COM Superstars in private matches as intended
  • Addressed online issues with transitioning to the next match after Team Up and WWE Live matches
  • Addressed an issue where a character would appear to fall through the cell twice in Hell in a Cell matches
  • Fixed a hands shaking issue that could occur during the grounded headlock position of chain wrestling


  • Addressed a collision issue that could occur with the referee when fixing a turnbuckle from a manager distraction
  • Tyler Breeze’s Titantron movie now appears properly during his entrance
  • Smoothed the camera transition during break outs/run-ins for JBL’s entrance
  • Fixed several clipping and presentation issues that occurred when Superstars and Divas were propped against certain objects
  • Triple H will now use a more appropriate entrance motion when wearing his No Way Out ’01 or Backlash ’01 attire
  • Addressed various presentation issues related to the Wyatt Family’s entrance and victory scenes
  • Fixed multiple issues where a Superstar could appear unnaturally suspended or standing in mid-air
  • Addressed an issue where Roman Reigns would appear to float during his entrance in certain arenas
  • Fixed an issue where Superstars didn’t appear when assigned The Vaudevillains tag team entrance
  • Steels steps tossed into the ring near the end of an Iron Man match will no longer unnaturally fall from the air during victory scenes


  • Addressed an issue where the “Opacity” option for marks and scars wasn’t functioning as expected
  • Players can now change the face photo capture for downloaded characters
  • Addressed a title stability issue that could occur when editing pyro in Advanced Entrance creation
  • The first strike in a strike combo now appears correctly if set to mirror in Edit Move-set
  • Addressed issue where hair was clipping through several hats in Superstar creation
  • Addressed an issue where tops would appear improperly layered over other tops
  • Improved visibility for multiple stage elements in Custom Arena Creation and disabled animation on stage panels when placing designs
  • Distinguished sound effects for dying hair so that player will receive clearer feedback if they are attempting to dye a non-applicable area
  • Addressed an issue that affected changing the color of a previously selected top
  • Addressed an issue where logos didn’t appear properly for Custom Championships with only one side plate
  • Fixed an issue that could occur with color options for Custom Championships after adjusting the material


  • Fixed an issue where Mr. McMahon could get accidentally ejected in the Monday Night Raw 1998 match
  • Addressed multiple issues with the appearance of the announce tables and commentators in the Backlash 1999


  • Fixed a framerate issue that occurred when performing a run-in on Tyler Breeze
  • Addressed an issue where the player would overshoot an opponent during an entrance run-in if the opponent was already half-way to the ring WWE


  • Fixed a title stability issue that could occur when trying to make edits with an insufficiently sized roster


  • Custom Tag Team names now appear appropriately in Tournament match ups when selecting Superstars in the Tag Team Tournament match up screen and have display precedence over larger Custom Stable names featuring the same Superstars.
  • Addressed an issue where Superstars were appearing in an improper order on loading screens for title matches with managers assigned


  • Added support for the WWE 2K16 Legends Pack downloadable content ahead of release. Players who have not purchased the downloadable content will still be able to matchmake with and participate in matches against those who have the downloadable content installed.



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