The WWE 2K22 HUD features various "meters" mechanics: a Health Bar (Vitality Meter), a Special Meter, and a Finisher Meter. Also, when a Superstar is stunned, you might see a "Stunned" indicator pop up above their head.

With so many things to keep track of, it can be confusing to understand them at first. What does each of these bars represent? What is the difference between the Special Meter and the Finisher Meter in WWE 2K22?

In this article, we will go through each of these mechanics in WWE 2K22 and explain what purpose they serve and how they work.

You can also check out the full WWE 2K22 Controls Tutorial for other helpful gameplay guidance and combat information.

1. WWE 2K22 Vitality (Health Bar)

The first bar you see at the top of the WWE 2K22 HUD, under the Superstar's name, is the Vitality Meter.

This is the Health Bar that we've become familiar with in previous WWE 2K Games, which will decrease when you take damage. In WWE 2K22, there are two levels of health: the first is green, the second is red.

The green meter of Vitality will regenerate if you avoid damage for a few seconds. But when the green portion of Vitality drains, you'll go into the red level and start taking permanent damage.

The lower your health, the harder it will be for you to kick out of a pinfall attempt, or to escape a submission hold. It will also take you longer to get back up when your health is depleted. The screen will flash red when you are in danger of being pinned by your opponent.

Body Damage

On the right of the HUD, there is also a Body Limb Damage indicator that shows damage to each specific body part (Head, Torso, Arms, and Legs). As your limbs take damage, they'll turn from yellow, to orange, to red.

Limbs can also be injured if they take enough damage. Superstars will be more likely to tap out if a submission targets a damaged body part.

    2. WWE 2K22 Special Meter

    The second HUD bar in WWE 2K22 is the Special Meter. This is a segmented blue bar that allows you to perform Signature Moves, Paybacks, and special defensive actions. On the other hand, there is a separate meter for Finishers (see below).

    As shown in the WWE 2K22 Controls Guide, for the first time in the series, Signatures and Finishers have two distinct meters, and are mapped to different buttons so that they can be executed independently.

    The Special Meter fills up over time when you give or receive damage. You can store up to 3 special moves, and you can spend them in different ways:

    1. Spend one bar to perform an Instant Recovery or Possum Pin when you're supine on the ground. Press R1 / RB to get back on your feet quickly, or R-down to surprise the opponent with a possum pin.
    2. Spend two bars for situational Paybacks, by pressing R2 + Triangle on PlayStation, or RT + Y on Xbox. Paybacks are unique moves that can only be used once per match. For example, you can use the Resiliency Payback to immediately kick out of pinfalls.
    3. Spend three bars to perform Signature Moves, by pressing R2 + Square on PlayStation, or RT + X on Xbox. If you successfully land a Signature move, you'll earn a Finisher immediately.

    3. WWE 2K22 Finisher Meter

    The bottom bar in the WWE 2K22 HUD is the Finisher Meter - essentially the equivalent of the "Momentum" bar we've come to know from previous games.

    The Finisher Meter fills when you perform moves, taunt, or simply deal damage to your opponent. The more spectacular a move is, the more momentum you get. You can also earn a Finisher immediately if you land a Signature.

    When you fill the Finisher Meter, you earn the ability to perform a Finishing Move. You can store up to 3 Finishers, and the number of earned finishers is indicated on the right of the meter.

    In WWE 2K22, finishers are performed with R2 + X on PlayStation, and RT + A on Xbox. Check your Superstar's move list to see from which position their Finisher is performed.

    Make sure to go for the pin if you successfully land a Finisher! Superstars are most vulnerable to pins after being with a Finisher.

    4. WWE 2K22 Stun Meter

    wwe 2k22 stun meter - WWE 2K22 HUD

    WWE 2K22 also introduces a new "Stun Meter".

    If you keep hitting your opponent with light and heavy strikes, you will fill up their stun meter, which will appear above the Superstar's head when it's close to being filled.

    When a Superstar's Stun meter is filled, a "Stunned" indicator will appear, and they won't be able to perform counters or defend themselves for a few seconds.

    5. WWE 2K22 Stamina Meter

    Previous entries in the WWE 2K Series featured a Stamina Bar, representing the Superstar's fatigue. Being low on Stamina would slow down the Superstar's movement speed, and you would need to wait for the Stamina bar to refill to be able to perform special moves.

    Stamina plays a smaller role in WWE 2K22: it now only affects Running and Dodging attacks, and appears in gameplay as a blue circular meter above the Superstar's head, but only when Stamina is low.

    To recharge Stamina, refrain from running or dodging until the meter disappears.

    WWE 2K22 HUD: Removed Reversal Stock

    The reversal system has been completely revamped in WWE 2K22 compared to previous years.

    A big change that has been made in WWE 2K22 is the removal of limited reversal slots. There is no longer a limit on how many reversals you can perform.

    Now, there are unlimited reversals, but they are a little bit more difficult to execute, with different types of reversals and blocks.

    For more details about the new WWE 2K22 reversals system check out this complete guide about Controls.

    We hope this guide helps you understand the WWE 2K22 HUD and the purpose of each meter in the game. If you're confused, don't worry, we understand! Keep playing and you'll surely understand the mechanics better.

    For all the information on WWE 2K22 check out the WWE 2K22 Main Section, and the full WWE 2K22 Controls Guide.

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