WWE 2K22 MyGM Compared to GM Mode in SVR 2006, 2007 & 2008 (All Pros & Cons)

The GM Mode is finally making its long-anticipated return to WWE 2K22, now called MyGM. As one of the most beloved and requested modes by the fans, GM mode hasn't appeared in the main series since SmackDown vs. Raw 2008 after debuting in SVR2006.

As we've detailed in our in-depth guide to MyGM, the mode has a lot of new interesting features, but also comes short in some key aspects such as Match Types and Titles.

So you might be wondering: how does the new iteration of WWE 2K22's MyGM stack up against the GM Mode from classic SmackDown vs. Raw games? What's better? What's worse?

We wondered as well, so we decided to create this ultimate comparison between MyGM and GM Mode. We spent days analyzing every single feature and minute detail of all appearances of GM Mode in SVR2006, SVR2007, and SVR2008, and we put together this side-by-side comparison table to see what are the difference and similarities with WWE 2K22's MyGM.

We studied and compared all features and options across all 4 games, including Setup of the GM mode, available Superstars, Draft, Roster Management & Stats, Titles & Rivalries, Show Booking & Playing, Reports & Ratings, and more. Enjoy, and let us know what you think!

Note: After patch 1.09 in WWE 2K22, playing in Normal or Hard difficulties expands the match card to 4 matches instead of 3, and adds the ability to use Tag Team Titles and Women's Tag Titles.

GM Mode Setup

FeatureWWE 2K22SVR 2008SVR 2007SVR 2006
Brand Choice between... 4 brands (Raw / SD / NXT / NXT UK) 3 brands (Raw / SD / ECW) 2 brands (Raw / SD) 2 brands (Raw / SD)
N. of Brands going Head to Head 2 (you can select rival) 3 2 2
Choose Your General Manager * * *
Created Superstar as your GM
GM Mode Duration 15 / 25 / 50 weeks Unlimited* Unlimited* Unlimited*
AI Difficulty Setting
Co-Op Play (Local Only) 2 Players 3 Players 2 Players 2 Players
Multiple Save Slots

*Duration: In SVR games each year ends at WrestleMania, but mode can be continued

*General Managers:

  • SVR2006: GM is not shown
  • SVR2007: Raw has Shane, SD has Teddy Long
  • SVR2008: Raw has The Coach, SD has Teddy Long, ECW has Tommy Dreamer
  • WWE 2K22: Custom Selection between 5 GMs + Created Superstar

Superstars & Draft

FeatureWWE 2K22SVR 2008SVR 2007SVR 2006
Choose Available Superstars
Set characters as Legends
Use Created Superstars Yes, custom popularity Yes, but low popularity Yes, but low popularity Yes, but low popularity
Customizable Superstars Stats All Stats Face/Heel Roles Only Face/Heel Roles Only
Customizable Superstars Attributes ??? Only Created Superstars
Import Created Stables
Starting Budget $2,750,000 $10,000,000 $10,000,000 $10,000,000
Starting Draft
Draft Rounds 8-15 12-20 12-20 12-20
Skip Draft (Use Pre-Assigned Rosters)

Roster Management & Stats

FeatureWWE 2K22SVR 2008SVR 2007SVR 2006
Contract Cost
Contract Duration Choice *
Roles (Face / Heel)
Superstar Classes
Stamina / Fatigue
Morale Level / Requests
Superstars with Match Specialty
Mic Skill / Promo Skill
Training Skills ???
Sign Free Agents
Sign Legends
Sign Enhancement Talent
Release Superstars
Trade Superstars with other GM
Draft After WrestleMania

*WWE 2K22 MyGM doesn't allow you to pick a duration for the contract of Drafted Superstars (they're Permanent), and Free Agents/Legends come with preset contract durations.

Titles & Rivalries

FeatureWWE 2K22SVR 2008SVR 2007SVR 2006
Championship Titles per brand 4* 4 4 4
Main Title (WWE/World)
Midcard Title (IC/US)
Women Title
Tag Team Titles *
Women's Tag Team Titles *
Choose Champions
Vacate Titles
Power 25 Ranking
Number of possible Rivalries ??? 8 10 10
Max Superstars per Rivalry 4 4 4 2
Rivalry Fan Reaction ???
Choose Storylines for Rivalries
Set Rivalry Length

*The Tag Team Titles and Women's Tag Team Titles have been added to the game with Patch 1.09 when playing on Medium & Hard difficulties. To put them on the line, you can simply create a Tag Team Match in your match card, and activate the "Title Match" option.

Show Booking & Playing

FeatureWWE 2K22SVR 2008SVR 2007SVR 2006
Pay Per Views 10 (All Crossbrand) 5 Monobrand + 4 Crossbrand 5 Monobrand + 4 Crossbrand 5 Monobrand + 4 Crossbrand
Weekly Shows Card Easy: 3 matches + 2 promos
Medium/Hard: 4 matches + 3 promos
5 matches + 2 promos Raw/SD: 6 matches + 2 promos
Heat/Velocity: 3 matches
6 matches + 2 promos
Pay Per View Card Each brand has 4 Matches + 3 Promos 5 matches in total Monobrand: 6 matches
Crossbrand: Each brand has 3 matches
Monobrand: 6 matches
Crossbrand: Each brand has 3 matches
WrestleMania Card Each brand has 5 Matches + 4 Promos 5 matches in total 5 matches in total 5 matches in total
Run B-Show (Heat / Velocity)
Match Types Only 1v1 & 2v2 All Match Types All Match Types All Match Types
Match Rules / Stipulations Normal / Tables / Extreme Rules / TLC / HIAC All Stipulations All Stipulations All Stipulations
Title Match
Promo Types 5 types 15 types 15 types 11 types
Cost per Match & Promo
Auto-Book Show
PPV Specific Matches* ???
Match Playing Play / Simulate / Spectate Play / Simulate / Spectate Play / Simulate / Spectate Play / Simulate / Spectate
Choose Attires ???
Choose Winner Only with Power Card
Spectator Camera Angles
Watch Promos
Simulate Entire Show

*PPV Specific Matches: eg. Royal Rumble, Elimination Chamber

Logistics & Side Activities

FeatureWWE 2K22SVR 2008SVR 2007SVR 2006
Cities / Locations
Choose Arena Venue / Size
Choose Crew
Choose Special Effects
Advertising / Promotional Activities
Hire Storyline Writers
Training Exercises

Reports & Ratings

FeatureWWE 2K22SVR 2008SVR 2007SVR 2006
Match Rating
Show Rating
Revenue Tracking
Fans Tracking
Fans Progression Graph
Total Available Fans Unlimited 9,000,000 10,000,000 10,000,000
Merchandise Revenue
News Feed / Journal
Social Media Feed
Statistics: Win/Loss Records ???
Statistics: Superstars Status ???
View Rival Show's Ratings
View Calendar / Schedule
View Previous Shows Cards
Simulate Days in Calendar

Other Features

FeatureWWE 2K22SVR 2008SVR 2007SVR 2006
Superstar Stats visible in Matchmaking
Superstar Messages Yes, with Replies Yes, Read-only Yes, Read-only Yes, Read-only
Commissioner Messages Yes, with Replies
(Triple H)
Yes, Read-only
(JR / JBL / Tazz)
Yes, Read-only
(JR / Tazz)
Yes, Read-only
(JR / Tazz)
Goals To Complete
Power Cards
Affect Rival Show*
Reward ??? GM of the Year Award + Extra Options GM of the Year Award + Extra Options GM of the Year Award
Starting Cutscene
Award Ceremony Cutscene ???

*Affect Rival Show:

  • SVR2006/2007: Slander Promo
  • SVR2008: Brand Invasion Promo
  • WWE 2K22: Power Cards

WWE 2K22 MyGM vs. GM Mode Verdict

So what mode is better between WWE 2K22 MyGM and GM Mode from SmackDown vs. Raw? It's hard to tell.

The new 2K rendition of the mode does many things right and introduces a lot of interesting mechanics. However, there are some glaring omissions as well. Here is a recap of the main Pros and Cons of WWE 2K22's MyGM compared to the original GM Mode:

WWE 2K22 MyGM vs GM Mode: Pros (New Features)

  1. Ability to choose General Manager (+ Created Superstar as GM)
  2. Created Superstars can start with custom Popularity
  3. Ability to choose the Arena Venue / Size in which each show takes place in
  4. Ability to choose other Show Logistics such as Crew, Special Effects, and Advertising
  5. Ability to sign Enhancement Talent and set characters as Legends
  6. New Superstars Class system
  7. All Superstar Stats can be customized prior to the mode
  8. Social Media Feed with fans feedback
  9. Some PPV cards can actually have more matches than in the past
  10. Can set up Interference in matches with Superstars or with GM
  11. You can reply to messages from Superstars and Commissioner
  12. Power Cards with various effects on the show ratings or rival show
  13. You can now choose the winner of the match in some cases if you have the Power Card
  14. Ability to control camera angles when spectating/watching a match
  15. AI Difficulty Setting

WWE 2K22 MyGM vs GM Mode: Cons (Missing Features)

  1. Match Types are limited to 1v1 & 2v2
  2. Match Rules are also limited to just 5 stipulations
  3. No Midcard Titles (IC / US) - however, Tag Team Titles and Women's Tag Titles were added with Patch 1.09
  4. It's not possible to vacate titles
  5. Weekly Shows cards are limited to just 3 Matches and 2 Promos
  6. There are fewer Promo Types available
  7. Duration of the mode is limited to a max of 1 year (50 weeks)
  8. Contract Duration options are only available for Free Agents/Legends, not for Drafted Superstar
  9. Can't Trade Superstars with other GM
  10. You can't choose Storylines for Rivalries, or decide Rivarly Length
  11. You can't hire Storyline writers
  12. There is no Power 25 Ranking
  13. There is no Calendar/Schedule to view
  14. It's not possible to view the cards and results of previous shows
  15. There are no Training Exercises for superstars (although this was seen as a tedious aspect in SVR2008)

What do you think about 2K's rendition of GM Mode? Do the Pros outweigh the Cons? Are you excited to play the mode or disappointed? Let us know in the comments below!

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