On this page, you find the ultimate guide to the WWE 2K23 MyGM Mode, with all the features explained, tips and tricks, and everything you need to know to win the battle of the brands.

After GM Mode finally made its long-anticipated return to the series last year in WWE 2K22, it's now still present in WWE 2K23 - further expanded with several new and upgraded features.

In last year's game, MyGM was added back into the game after last appearing in SVR2008 - and while it was a feature-rich mode, it lacked in some aspects, with limitations on the amount of match types, championships, and overall duration of the mode.

MyGM in WWE 2K23 rectifies a lot of these omissions from last year, making it a fantastic experience for the fans of the mode.

We'll go through all details and available options, including how to start the mode, the MyGM Draft, how to manage your Budget, Roster, and Show Logistics, how to book your Shows, Commissioner Goals, Power Cards, Ratings, and much more.

What is MyGM Mode in WWE 2K23?

MyGM immerses players in the role of a WWE General Manager, allowing them to draft a roster, manage budgets, sign free agents book matches and rivalries, choose arena locations, production elements, and more, with the goal of beating a rival GM in weekly rating battles.

To win GM Mode, your goal is to have the best brand by the time of Wrestlemania, whether you're competing against the AI or a friend in co-op mode. Whoever has the most popular show with the most revenue at the end, wins the mode.

Plus, in WWE 2K23, the final goal of MyGM Mode is not only to win the battle of the brands, but also to be eventually inducted into the Hall of Fame. The best GMs who earn 10 Hall of Fame trophies by completing Seasonal Challenges will secure their place in the Hall of Fame, along with bragging rights.

If you're curious to know how WWE 2K23's MyGM stacks up against the GM Mode from classic SmackDown vs. Raw games, check out our Side-by-side table comparing MyGM and GM Mode, with all pros and cons.

wwe 2k23 mygm ratings 2

WWE 2K23 MyGM: How To Play

Choose Your General Manager(s)

The first big choice will be deciding which GM you'll play during the course of the mode. As a new feature in WWE 2K23, up to 4 players can join the mode, each controlling a different GM and different brand.

Below you find the General Managers available for selection in WWE 2K23's MyGM.

Each GM gives you access from the start to an Exclusive Power Card, a special boost that you can use to gain advantages in your season.

General ManagerPower CardPower Card Effect
Adam Pearce Instigator Increases the levels of all active Rivalries by 1
Sonya Deville Power Up Power Cards in the store are free this week
Stephanie McMahon The McMahon Presence Earn twice as much money from arena attendance this week
Xavier Woods NEW Cheat Code Select a Superstar from an opposing brand. They will permanently join your roster next week (cannot be a title holder)
Tyler Breeze NEW Quick Recovery All your Superstars immediately recover 20 stamina
Kurt Angle NEW Heart of Gold All Charity Promos are free to book and have their results doubled this week
Eric Bischoff NEW Backstage Booking Booking costs for all show logistics are free this week
Mick Foley NEW Cactus Jacked Select an opposing brand, and 2 random Superstars from their show will be injured next week
Custom Superstar* Legend Whisperer The first Legend you sign this week will be free

*Since you can use a custom GM, that means you can use a custom character downloaded from Community Creations (Teddy Long anyone?), or even use any of the in-game superstars in the WWE 2K23 Roster if you edit them and save them as custom character slots.

Choose Your Brand(s)

After choosing a GM, it's time to select which brand you want to manage. Just like your GM choice, the brand you select will also have a unique power card specific to that brand. Create a combination that will take your brand to the top!

WWE 2K23 sees the welcome addition of WCW to the list of playable brands for MyGM! Here are the available brands and their starting power cards:

BrandPower CardPower Card Effect
Raw This is War Select an opposing brand to have 3 randomly selected Superstars that cannot be booked in matches next week (cannot be used before a PPV/PLE)
SmackDown Birth of Legends 6 random Superstars on your roster will have their popularity increased by +6
NXT Fighting Champion Title matches booked for this week will receive a large match rating boost
NXT 2.0 NEW Fresh Meat Reduce the price of the next 3 Free Agents you purchase this week by 50%
WCW NEW Classically Trained Extend the duration of all your current Legends contracts by 5 weeks.

It is not possible to create your custom brand in MyGM mode. However, that remains of course possible in WWE Universe mode, where you have full control over the shows.

Once you select your brand, you can then decide how many human or CPU opponents you will be competing against. You can choose to go head to head against 1 to 3 other brands, and you can select which brands and the GM for each.

wwe 2k23 mygm mode 4 players brands

MyGM Setup Options

When setting up your MyGM in WWE 2K23, you can tweak various options.

The AI comes in three difficulty settings: Easy, Normal, or Hard. The AI will make more intelligent choices the higher the difficulty setting.

There is also a separate "Game Difficulty" option, that affects the number of matches on your cards, constraints during the season, average superstar morale, and injury chances.

Unlike WWE 2K22, there are no fixed duration options for the MyGM Mode, as WWE 2K23 allows for unlimited seasons. Each season has 25 weeks, with the final show of a season being WrestleMania, and it's possible to continue playing for the subsequent years.

It's possible to adjust the starting budget for the Draft (from $2,750,000 to $3,250,000), the player order, and whether or not you want Shake Ups to occur during your playthrough (you can find more on Shake Ups later in this guide)

Note: You can also have multiple MyGM save slots running, up to 10 at the same time.

Draft Pool Customization

Before you draft your Rosters, you also can edit the superstars that are available in the Draft Pool, by toggling anyone in the WWE 2K23 Roster, and also including your Created Superstars.

You can also customize the stats of each superstar before beginning, such as their starting Popularity, Role, Class, and Stamina - so you're not restricted to using the default settings for the roster. You can even determine which characters are set as Legends.

You can even save the list of selected superstars so that you can use it again for later playthroughs of MyGM mode.

How To Play WWE 2K23 MyGM Co-Op

The WWE 2K23 MyGM Mode offers the ability to play against the AI, or up to 4 human players in co-op mode, with friends controlling the rival shows.

Playing with friends in MyGM is only available via local couch co-op. There is no actual online multiplayer for MyGM Mode.

However, you can take advantage of the Steam Remote Play / PlayStation Share Play, to invite an online friend into your game and give them a virtual controller.

he share-play feature is not available on Xbox, though, meaning only local co-op is possible there.

WWE 2K23 MyGM: The Draft

wwe 2k23 mygm draft rules

Draft Rules

After selecting your GM and your brand, and setting up the superstars available in the Draft Pool, it's time to draft your starting roster. The WWE 2K23 MyGM Draft has the following rules:

  • Each GM will start with the budget you previously set
  • GMs will take turns drafting one after the other
  • There are at least 9 rounds of drafting: after the 9th round, drafting becomes optional. GMs can opt-out, or continue drafting until they're out of cash.

Note: If you want to randomize things, you can also set it to "Auto Draft" in the initial settings, and let the game automatically assign superstars to the two brands.

Draft Your Roster

For each round of the draft, you can see a list of the superstars you can select, which can be sorted by highest or lower Popularity, the superstar's Cost to draft, their Class, Gender (male or female), Role (face or heel) and their Stamina. All this information is visible to help you with your choices.

You can also press the R3 button to get recommendations on who to draft or press the square / X button to get more information about a superstar. When you're selecting a Superstar, the top of the screen gives you an indication of what classes they pair well with.

Drafting a variety of different classes is important because booking matches between wrestlers of different classes will lead to higher-rated matches. The same goes for having a mix of "Fan Favorites" and "Rule Breakers" to put against each other. So keep an eye on this, and don't blindly focus just on picking top stars.

Also, managing your budget is important, as you'll need to have enough budget not only to sign Superstars and Legends but also to book Arenas and more exciting match types. You should try to draft a balanced roster without spending all your budget - or you'll risk only being able to book standard matches until you make more money.

However, you won't need to worry about choosing a contract duration for drafted superstars or deal with contract expirations - they will be permanently on your Roster.

After the 9th round of drafting, you'll enter the optional rounds, where you have the option to stop drafting and complete your draft if you want to save some money.

Once you and your rival have selected all the Superstars, a recap screen will show the starting rosters for both brands.

wwe 2k23 mygm draft

Selecting Your Champions

After drafting your initial roster, you can select the starting Champions for your brand. Choose carefully, because title matches get a match rating boost, and champions get a +10 popularity.

In this starting screen, you can initially assign only your main Men's Championship (eg. WWE Title / Universal Title), and the main Women's Championship.

Mid-card titles have been included in WWE 2K23 MyGM (such as the US Championship, Intercontinental Championship, and North American Championship), but they start out as vacant and can be put on the line during your shows. The same goes for the men's and women's Tag Team Championships.

Note: To put titles on the line, you can activate the "Title Match" option when booking a match on your card.

WWE 2K23 MyGM: Book Show

Amount of Matches & Promos

When booking a show in WWE 2K23's MyGM, these are the number of matches and segments you can add to the card of each show:

  • Weekly shows:
    • Easy Difficulty: 3 matches and 2 promos
    • Normal / Hard Difficulty: 4 matches and 3 promos
  • Pay Per Views / Premium Live Events:
    • Easy Difficulty: Each brand gets 4 matches and 3 promos
    • Normal / Hard Difficulty: Each brand gets 5 matches and 4 promos
  • WrestleMania: Each brand gets 5 matches and 4 promos

The Pay Per Views are inter-brand and take place every five weeks, with brands being able to host 4 matches each. WrestleMania is the end-game and last show of the season.

Weirdly, PPV/PLEs still play out as the "5th week" on their own, instead of being treated as Sunday events. So PPV/PLEs play out exactly like weekly shows, with each brand potentially selecting a different arena for the same event.

Note: If you want to speed things up, you can also use the "Auto-Book Show" option by pressing R, which will fill up the match card automatically for you (but no promos will be auto-booked).

Available Match Types

While the WWE 2K22 MyGM Mode only featured the ability to create 1v1 or 2v2 match types, WWE 2K23 greatly expands on the variety of match types available.

You can now choose between 1-on-1, Tag Team, Triple Threat, and Fatal 4-Way match rules, for both men and women, with many additional stipulations as well.

However, it's still not possible to book 5-man, 6-man, or Handicap Matches. These were all possible in older iterations of the mode in SvR games, so it's still a shortcoming of the 2K version of MyGM.

Below you find the full list of match types that can be booked in WWE 2K23's MyGM:

Match TypeCost1v1Tag TeamTriple Threat4-Way
Normal $0
Tables $5,000
Extreme Rules $20,000
TLC $30,000
Hell in A Cell
Steel Cage $45,000
Falls Count Anywhere
Backstage Brawl $90,000
Submission $35,000
Iron Man
Last Man Standing
Tornado Tag $35,000

Note: While regular Ladder Matches are not available to be selected in MyGM mode, it's not a big issue, as TLC matches are present - and equally require grabbing the object hanging above the ring to win the match - with the additions of tables and chairs in the mayhem.

When choosing your match type, pay attention to the money, stamina costs, and benefits. For example, Steel Cage matches grant a +50% chance of increasing rivalry level - while Submissions matches immediately resolve any rivalry. While special matches provide better ratings, they also cost more in terms of budget and stamina of the involved Superstars.

You can also decide whether or not to put a Title on the line, and if you want to book an Interference from a certain superstar (Run-In) or interfere directly with your GM - which also costs some money. Interferences are a good way to level up rivalries.

Using a Run-In interference will result in the match ending in a DQ, and will limit your options to only simulating that match. GM Interferences provide a nice bonus but cause the interfered superstar to be quite upset - so book carefully!

wwe 2k23 mygm mode match types

Available Titles

There are 5 titles available for each brand in WWE 2K23's MyGM Mode: a main Men's Championship, a main Women's Championship, a Mid-Card title, the Men's Tag Team Championship, and the Women's Tag Team Championship.

The exact available titles are different based on the brand that you're controlling:

WWE Title Universal Title NXT Title WCW World Title
Raw Women Title SD Women Title NXT Women Title WCW Women Title
United States Title Intercontinental Title North American Title WCW Hardcore Title
Raw Tag Team Titles SD Tag Team Titles NXT Tag Titles WCW Tag Titles
WWE Women's Tag Titles WWE Women's Tag Titles NXT Women's Tag Titles

Superstars gain a +10 bonus popularity while holding a title. Title matches will cost your superstars more stamina but also put on a bigger show!

Match Booking Tips

As mentioned before, Classes and Roles play a factor when it comes to the quality of the matches and the overall show.

Superstars that mix well together and will have better matches when put against each other are:

  • Giants vs. Cruiserweights
  • Fighters vs. Bruisers
  • Specialists work well with anyone
  • In general, Faces (Fan Favorites) against Heels (Rule Breakers)

You can also stack these for even better results, for example by putting a Fan Favorite Cruiserweight against a Rule Breaker Giant.

A Superstar's star power and popularity will also determine how well they draw crowds and viewers. Through a season you can raise your Superstar's popularity by putting them in matches, doing promos, or using Power Cards. The higher their popularity, the better their matches will be rated.

And of course, booking more exciting match types such as Hell in A Cell, TLC, Extreme Rules, etc. will lead to higher show quality and better ratings - but you need to have enough budget to book them.

To get the best match card quality score, you'll want your matches to try and follow the expected drama curve as closely as possible. The drama curve consists of a strong opener, a weaker second match, then an increase in performance for the subsequent matches, with the highest point reached in the main event.

wwe 2k23 mygm book show

Booking Promos

Promos are a nice way to get more exposure to your Superstars. You can set up a range of promo types, each with a different cost.

The available promo types and respective costs in WWE 2K23 MyGM mode are the same as last year:

Self-Promo $2,500 Features only 1 superstar, and can increase or lower their popularity based on performance
Call-Out $3,000 Involves 2 superstars, and can begin a rivalry or increase its level
Role Change $10,000 Allows you to turn a superstar from face to heel, or vice-versa
Advertising $0 Generates extra revenue, but could decrease a superstar's popularity in case of poor performance
Charity $10,000 Generates a small bonus of fans for the week, and can increase the superstar's popularity

You can of course determine the superstars involved in promos. However, superstars that are already involved in a match won't be able to be booked for a promo.

Superstars involved in promos will only recover half the stamina that they would, had they rested that week.

Note: Promos will always be simulated - you won't be able to watch them when running the show.

Commissioner Goals & Challenges

Before booking a show, it's recommended to check the weekly Journal and Commissioner Goals from Triple H. which can be found on the Home screen.

These provide you with guidance to book your show, such as tips on how to improve an active rivalry or suggestions to avoid booking a certain talent so they can rest up from injuries.

You can choose to follow these objectives or not - but Triple H will reward you with unique and rare Power Cards if you complete the goals.

In your Home screen, you'll also find Promises you've made to your Superstars, Free Agent Statuses, Show Notes, and your overall Career Progress.

wwe 2k23 mygm journal

WWE 2K23 MyGM: Show Logistics

As mentioned, budget is very important in WWE 2K23 MyGM. Not only you will need it to sign Superstars and book various match types, but also to manage show logistics.

Each week, you have the choice to pick what Arena you want to host your show, the kind of Crew you want for your show, the show's used Special Effects, and the method of Advertising you use to let your virtual fans know about your show.

The better option you use in each category, the more money you need to spend on producing the show, but the better improvement you'll see in the Show Quality for that week. You unlock more arenas and options as you progress through the weeks.

Each of the four categories has six different options: the free option will be selected by default until you change it. Not all options are available from the start - more will unlock as the season progresses. And most of the time, you'll need to pay a 1-time fee to unlock that option for the first time.

When selecting an option, pay attention to the costs and descriptions! You'll get bonuses and benefits if you book correctly for your option.

wwe 2k23 mygm mode show logistics

Available Arena Venues

Below you find all the available MyGM arena venues known so far, along with their Cost, Capacity, and Benefits.

You can save money by booking your show to take place in small arenas, such as a high school gym - however, this will result in lower revenue due to less capacity and lower ticket prices.

On the other hand, while bigger arenas cost more, they lead to more revenue via ticket sales, and also give a bigger boost to show quality.

High School Gym $0 Capacity: 2,000
Ticket Price: $5
Show Quality: +5%
Concert Hall
(Available Week 2)
$5,000 Capacity: 3,750
Ticket Price: $6
Show Quality: +5% (+4% reward)
Capitol Wrestling Center
(Available Week 3)
$10,000 Capacity: 7,500
Ticket Price: $7
Show Quality: +6% (+7% reward)
Fleet Center
(Available Week 5)
$20,000 Capacity: 12,500
Ticket Price: $7
Show Quality: +8% (+9% reward)
Big Stadium
(Available Week 20)
$200,000 Capacity: 42,500
Ticket Price: $8
Show Quality: +10% (+11% reward)
Big Open Stadium
(Available Season 4 - Week 5)
$350,000 Capacity: 100,000
Ticket Price: $10
Show Quality: +12% (+13% reward)

WWE 2K23 MyGM: Manage Roster

Superstar Status

When playing through MyGM Mode, you can manage your current roster at any time via the "Manage Roster" tab.

In the Manage Roster section, you can see everything you need to know about your Superstars. If you select a Superstar, you can get more in-depth information about them, including current morale, their match specialty, and mic skill.

This section also allows you to release superstars from your current roster, which gives you a bit of a refund on their contract.

Unfortunately, just like WWE 2K22, there is no option to trade superstars with your opposing brand(s).

Sign Free Agents & Legends

There is a section dedicated to hiring any available Free Agents, Enhancement Talents, and Legends.

Undrafted superstars that are later signed as Free Agents are on contract for a set amount of weeks. Once their contract expires, you'll need to renew it if you want to keep them.

You can also sign any Legends to a contract for a certain amount of time - which are much more expensive than Free Agents.

Legends have a unique icon for star power: they have Legend Power. No matter their popularity, they'll always give you the highest star power bonus whenever booked, resulting in a big boost to your show ratings.


As superstars interact with each other on your show, they'll start to build a rivalry. The more these superstars interact with each other, the stronger their rivalry will become.

Rivalries can be started and advanced with run-ins, call-out promos, and by putting rival superstars in the same match. Having strong rivalries on your show will improve match rating, show quality, and lead to better fan reactions and revenue.

You can see which wrestlers are in a rivalry when selecting people for a match, as each rivalry is shown on the character's card.

Rivalries start at Level 1 and max out at Level 4. The higher the rivalry level, the higher your match will be rated, but be aware that Level 4 rivalries can only end at a PPV/PLE. So try to book your big concluding match at the next PPV/PLE when you reach that point. If you let a Level 4 Rivalry carry on for too long, the fans may get tired and the match ratings will reflect that.

Morale, Injuries, and Messages

In MyGM mode, there is also an in-game messaging system called WWENet, which allows you to interact with Superstars, as well as with commissioner Triple H, and you can reply using multiple-choice answers.

Superstars can message you with requests, such as asking you to book them on shows, or demanding a title shot.

A Superstar's morale can be affected by how they're booked, how you treat them, and whether you agree to their requests and keep any promises you made. It's your responsibility to keep Superstars happy and their morale high - if you don't want them to jump to the rival show.

If a Superstar's stamina gets too low, they may also get injured, so be on the lookout for that as well.

WWE 2K23 MyGM: Power Cards & Shake Ups

In MyGM Mode, Power Cards are gameplay boosts that can be used to increase the ratings of your matches - or even to affect the rival show.

You can buy Power Cards by spending money from your budget or obtain them by completing Commissioner Goals. The store will include 3 random power cards every week, so keep an eye out for anything that could help you.

These can also include things like Fixing a Match so a certain superstar wins, or giving them some rest time in a Health Spa to recover their stamina. You can have multiple of the same power card in your inventory.

A new addition to WWE 2K23 are Shake Ups: after some Pay Per Views / Premium Live Events (PLE), you'll be asked to choose a Shake Up. These modify your season in new and exciting ways.

Shake Ups come in bronze, silver, and gold tiers. Gold tier Shake Ups don't appear often, but they'll impact your season the most! Shake Up effects can activate instantly, last for a set number of shows, or even the rest of the season!

wwe 2k23 mygm mode power cards

WWE 2K23 MyGM: Running Your Show

After finalizing and confirming the booking of your show, you have the option to Play, Simulate or Spectate the matches you set up each week.

If you enter Spectator Mode, you can watch the match live, with the game giving you the option to cycle between unique camera angles. On the other hand, if you're in a rush, you can even simulate the entire show by pressing Triangle / Y.

It's important to note that playing the matches won't make much difference in the match quality rating, compared to simulating the match. The match rating is not much affected by the actions that occur in the ring, but more by various factors such as the Popularity, Classes, and Roles of the superstars involved, as well as the Match Type.

Unlike WWE Universe Mode, you can't choose the winner when simulating a match - unless you have the "Fix Match" power card. Regarding Promos, these will always be simulated, there is no way to spectate or play the promos in MyGM Mode.

WWE 2K23 MyGM: Reports & Ratings

Match Report & Post-Show Breakdown

After each match, you will be taken to a Post-Match Report Screen, which gives details on how the match went down, the Viewer's Match Rating, and notes whether or not a rivalry has started, or the level that the rivalry is at.

Once your show has finished, you will also see your rival show get simulated, and you will then be presented with a "Drama Curve" Breakdown, indicating how both shows performed alongside each other.

The Pay Per Views / Premium Live Events are, unfortunately, still treated the same as weekly shows: meaning that all matches for one brand will be played/simulated first, and then all matches from the other brand will take place. It would have been nicer if PPV matches alternated between brands so that both main events would be at the end.

Week Report

At the end of the week, you are given an End of Week Report where you can see the overall Show Quality and Rating Score, how it was received by the fans, and how it impacted your Viewership and Revenue compared to previous weeks, as well the Fan Retention Rate.

Not all new fans gained will stick around: the retention rate will vary from week to week and that will determine how many fans you'll carry over from the previous week.

You can gain fans and revenue from promos and advertisements, shake-ups, specific match types, and power cards. Keep an eye out for messages from the commissioner, he'll let you know if the retention rate is going to rise or drop in the coming weeks.

On the right side of the screen, you will see a Social Media feed with feedback from Superstars and Fans, either talking about what was great about the show, or what could be improved next week.

Fan feedback can reveal a lot of useful information to you, such as a superstar's match specialty, or a tag team's chemistry! If you miss these, you can find them in your journal.

wwe 2k23 mygm post match

Ratings & Fans

Finally, on the next screen, you're presented with a ranking screen that shows which brand is currently on top, along with the amount of cash and fans each brand has.

Your current rank, revenue, and the number of fans can also be seen at any time from the Home Screen and the "Season" tab of the Main Menu.

Keep in mind that you don't have to outdo the other brand every single week. A big part of this job is building towards a killer PPV/PLE - those are where the biggest wins can be made. So pace yourself, build rivalries, and make sure your top stars can take part in your most important shows.

Your goal to win MyGM Mode in WWE 2K23, is to be the brand with the most fans and revenue after the final show - WrestleMania.

Career Progress and WWE Hall of Fame

It's everyone's dream to someday make it into the WWE Hall of Fame. To get there, you'll need to prove that you have what it takes to manage your talent, money, and brand to the top.

Make sure to keep your eye on the prize by checking your Career Progress and what milestones you'll need to hit in order to make it into the WWE Hall of Fame.

To enter the Hall of Fame and prove you are the best, be the first GM to get 10 Hall of Fame Trophies, which are earned by completing Career Achievements and Seasonal Challenges over the course of your GM Career.

WWE 2K23 MyGM Career Achievements List

  • Revenue Tier 1: Earn $1.5m in Lifetime revenue
  • Revenue Tier 2: Earn $10m in Lifetime revenue
  • Revenue Tier 3: Earn $20m in Lifetime revenue
  • Revenue Tier 4: Earn $50m in Lifetime revenue
  • Revenue Tier 5: Earn $100m in Lifetime revenue
  • Fans Tier 1: Reach 4.000.000 total fans
  • Fans Tier 2: Reach 6.000.000 total fans
  • Fans Tier 3: Reach 8.000.000 total fans
  • Fans Tier 4: Reach 9.000.000 total fans
  • Fans Tier 5: Reach 10.000.000 total fans
  • Season Rank Tier 1: Finish 1 season ranked in 1st place
  • Season Rank Tier 2: Finish 3 seasons ranked in 1st place
  • Season Rank Tier 3: Finish 5 seasons ranked in 1st place
  • Season Rank Tier 4: Finish 7 seasons ranked in 2nd place or better
  • Season Rank Tier 5: Finish 10 seasons ranked in 2nd place or better

wwe 2k23 mygm mode hall of fame

This is everything you need to know about MyGM Mode in WWE 2K23 - good luck in your venture to become the best General Manager on your way to the Hall of Fame!

Do you have any more questions on WWE 2K23 My GM? Let us know in the comments below.

For more WWE 2K23 Guides check out the main WWE 2K23 section and the WWE 2K23 Roster Page!

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