WWE 2K23 has received some major patch updates over the last few weeks, and as if the game was not already very well-rounded, these patches have made the game even better. The developers of the game recently put up another patch update, Title Update 1.10, for the folks. And, it seems like the WWE 2K team is actively listening to the community this time around, as one of the most wanted features, Tired Finishers and Fatigued Animations, are officially back after WWE 2K20.

Tired Finishers and Fatigued Animations were first introduced in WWE 2K15, and as the name suggests, they are animations of moves that showcase the fatigue a match has caused to a wrestler in the game. This means, that if a wrestler is fresh and has not endured much damage in a match, they will perform their moves and finishers in the normal, energetic way, but, if they have endured heavy damage in a match, they will perform their moves in a much more tired manner.

wwe 2k23 tired finishers


Below is a list of the moves that are confirmed to have tired animations in WWE 2K23:

  1. Attitude Adjustment 1
  2. Batista Bomb
  3. Double Knee Facebreaker 1
  4. F-5 4
  5. Front Slam 3
  6. Sweet Chin Music 2
  7. Tombstone Piledriver 1

These moves are sure to be working fine after the latest patch. We will keep you in the loop as we discover more of them!

How To Perform Tired Finishers in WWE 2K23

To be able to perform Tired Finishers, you will have to take "Heavy Damage" and you must be almost out of stamina. Once the requirements are met, your superstar will perform a tired version of the move and there will be a delay after the move has been executed before the superstar gets back up or goes for the pin.

However, the crawling-pin animations, that used to be in the game, working along with the fatigue animations and tired moves till WWE 2K20, are still not working as one would want them to, in WWE 2K23. The wrestlers crawl but don't go for the cover. But, this seems to be a minor issue that, as per what we have noticed about the developers of the game this year, we can expect to see get rectified.


wwe 2k23 crawling pin

Also, some much-wanted removed features remain unavailable in the game still. Moves like Rob Van Dam's Van Daminator, animations like Triple-H and Shawn Michaels' turnbuckle flip, the ability to pull down the straps, Chain Wrestling, Squash Matches, along with the new WWE World Heavyweight Championship title belt, are being demanded heavily by the fans of the game.

wwe 2k19 shawn michaels turnbuckle flip

We sure hope that the WWE 2K team comes up with a way to add at least some of these features back, as they would add to the game's already flawless build, which is being recognized by the world.

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