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MyFACTION returns for its 3rd year in WWE 2K24, with many new changes, features, rewards, and a new card type, this guide explains everything you need to know about MyFACTION in WWE 2K24. Throughout the guide, here's what you can expect to learn about WWE 2K24's MyFACTION:

WWE 2K24 MyFACTION Game Modes

The Game Modes in WWE 2K24's MyFACTION will provide you with Rewards such as MyFaction Points, Superstar & Manager Cards, and Sideplates. There’s a total of 5 Game Modes within MyFACTION. In this section, you will learn about the types of game modes, objectives, and rewards upon playing them.

WWE 2K24 Match Objectives 

 wwe2k24 myfaction match actions

Single-player game modes within MyFACTION (except for Faction Wars) require you to reach a specific amount of "Match Action MFP" before winning the match, these can be obtained by completing "Match Actions" in the match. If you win the match by Pinfall, Submission, or DQ before reaching the target MFP, you will have to restart the match. 

Every Superstar on your team can do each match action once. You can view the possible match actions by accessing the "Match Actions" tab in the pause menu. Here are some examples of Match Actions you can complete:

  • Succeed at 1 Crowd Taunt 
  • Taunt Opponent 1 Time
  • Land 1 Finisher
  • Land 1 Signature Move
  • Perform 5 Reversals
  • Damage 1 Opponent's Arms (Red)
  • Damage 1 Opponent's Legs (Red)

WWE 2K24 Live Events

wwe2k24 myfaction live events

Live Events are limited-time in-game occasions where you can earn unique and common rewards such as "Oddities" (Pieces needed to unlock a Persona Card) or MyFACTION Points. Just like other objectives in MyFACTION matches, you need a certain amount of "MFP" (MyFACTION Points) before winning the match by pinfall or submission.

WWE 2K24 Ranked Play

 wwe2k24 myfaction ranked play 1

A new game mode in MyFACTION for WWE 2K24 is “Ranked Play”, an online-based game mode. The first 5 matches (win or lose) you play in a “Quarter” which changes every “Season” will leave you as “unranked”, after the first 5 matches, winning is a must if you wish to climb the online leaderboards. 

Similar to tier/gem levels of Cards within MyFACTION, the same applies for ranks in Ranked Play ranging from Bronze to Galaxy Opal. Depending on the place you hold in the leaderboards, the better rewards you’ll receive, however losing matches will lower your place on the leaderboards. Compared to other online modes in WWE 2K24, this is definitely one of the most competitive and challenging ones.

WWE 2K24 Online Quick Play

In Online Quick Play, Players will have the opportunity to go against other online players using their MyFACTION Cards. There are different types of Events that will last typically a week, examples of events would be playing matches locked to one match type such as a Ladder match.

WWE 2K24 Weekly Towers

 wwe2k24 myfaction weekly towers

Weekly Towers are composed of 5 matches per “tower” with different types of matches and objectives. You must complete the previous Tower to progress to the next one. Upon completing a tower, you will receive a reward, for example using the screenshot above after completing all the matches in "Week 1", you'll earn Sapphire Dakota Kai. The Towers will reset and change weekly (7 days).

WWE 2K24 Faction Wars

 wwe2k24 myfaction faction wars

Faction Wars received a huge revamp in WWE 2K24, taking on a whole new objective; start a run, fight your way through several matches, and make your way to the "Boss Battle". There are 5 total stages and one boss battle per stage, after winning a boss battle, you’ll be able to unlock the boss for purchase in the "Faction Wars Exchange". Along the way, you will have the opportunity to make choices to give yourself an advantage and earn rewards and boosts such as "Armor Boosts", "Faction War Credits", attribute boosts, and limb health parts for your Superstars within a run. 

You can only use one lineup per run without the ability to switch out your Superstars with the exception of the ones you earn in a run. Any damage taken in a match transferring to the next, you’ll have to play it safe until you’re able to reach a "Choice Node" or a "Mystery Node" for the possibility of an Armor boost to give you extra protection in a match.

For how everything works in the newly revamped Faction Wars, you can read the full guide.

WWE 2K24 Proving Grounds

wwe2k24 myfaction proving grounds

As you play each chapter, you'll have to win 7 matches of all sorts of different match types and objectives. (Learn all about the different match types in WWE 2K24), each match has 3 different difficulty levels, each one rewarding a different number of medals which are needed to unlock rewards in a chapter.

Here are all the difficulties and medal amounts before you start a match:

  • Normal: 1 Medal
  • Hard: 2 Medals
  • Legendary: 3 Medals

If you want to earn all the rewards each chapter has to offer, winning every match in a chapter on Legendary difficulty will be the most ideal option to earn the full 90 medals needed, otherwise, you can choose to play on the difficulty you’re most skilled on if you don’t care much for the extra rewards. 

WWE 2K24 MyFaction: Managing Lineups

 wwe2k24 myfaction lineup

How you manage your Lineups in WWE 2K24 is completely up to you, by creating and editing a lineup, the Superstars you have in a lineup will be the ones you control and play as in matches. You must select up to 4 Male Superstars to the "Men's Division" section and 4 Women Superstars to the "Women's Division" section in each lineup.

Manager Effects

wwe2k24 myfaction manager effects

Choosing a Manager is required for a lineup and can give a boost to certain attributes to Superstars in your lineup depending on their compatibility match, however not everyone in your lineup will be eligible for any type of attribute boosts. The 4 types of compatibility match from best to worst are:

  • Excellent 
  • Good
  • Average
  • Bad

Every Manager has a “Style” that focuses on a certain type of Superstar rather than others. Depending on what type of Superstars you have in your lineup, choosing the right manager can be rewarding. Just like Superstars, Managers have tier levels ranging from Bronze to Galaxy Opal. The full list of Manager Styles can be found below: 

  • Aggressive: Works best with Strikers, and is also good with Powerhouses and High Fliers.
  • Cunning: Works best with Technicians, and is also good with High Fliers and Strikers.
  • Flashy: Works best with High Fliers, and is also good with Technicians and Powerhouses.
  • Ruthless: Works best with Powerhouses, and is also good with Strikers and Technicians. 

It should be noted that even if Manager's compatibility doesn’t fit a specific Superstar, their attributes will either receive a small boost or remain the same as before. There will never be a penalty or deduction of attributes if a Manager doesn’t fit every Superstar in your lineup. 

WWE 2K24 MyCOLLECTION & Collector Level

wwe2k24 myfaction collector level

The Collector Level keeps track of the total amount of cards that you collect in MyFACTION. The more cards you collect, the closer you’ll be to receiving a unique reward via the collector level including Superstar and Manager cards. These are all the "tiers" (also called "gems") for Superstar and Manager Cards in MyFACTION:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Emerald
  • Sapphire
  • Ruby
  • Amethyst
  • Diamond
  • Pink Diamond
  • Galaxy Opal

You can collect cards by earning them from packs, challenges, match rewards, or locker codes, but there’s other ways to earn cards outside of the MyFACTION game mode. Let’s dig deep into the ways you can earn and collect cards without lifting a finger in MyFACTION:

WWE 2K24 Pre-Order Bonuses

If you pre-ordered the Deluxe or the “40 years of WrestleMania” edition of WWE 2K24 before March 7, 2024, you’ll receive bonus MyFACTION content such as:


Throughout both MyRISE storylines (Women's: Unleashed & Men's: Undisputed) certain quests will have MyFACTION Cards as rewards upon completion. Even if you're not a huge MyFACTION or MyRISE player, you can certainly capitalize on the rewards while playing MyRISE.

These are the known rewards cards you can receive from the MyRISE storylines:

Unleashed (Order of Unlock, Start to Finish):

  • Emerald Odyssey Rift (73 Overall)
  • Sapphire Ava Moreno (76 Overall)
  • Gold Meilee "Fanny" Fan (66 Overall)
  • Emerald Justine (72 Overall)
  • Emerald Carly Prime (74 Overall)
  • Ruby Asuka (81 Overall)
  • Ruby The Manifestation (82 Overall)
  • Ruby John Cena (82 Overall)
  • Ruby Batista (82 Overall)
  • Gold Psycho Sally (67 Overall) 
  • Gold Geneva Rose (68 Overall)

Undisputed (Order of Unlock, Start to Finish):

  • Gold Gabriel Slade (69 Overall)
  • Sapphire Slade (79 Overall)
  • Sapphire Zero (78 Overall)
  • Ruby Gigi Dolan (80 Overall)
  • Sapphire Chosen (75 Overall)
  • Gold Cole Quinn (65 Overall)
  • Ruby El Ordinario (81 Overall) 

It should be noted that all MyRISE rewards cards are only playable in the MyFACTION game mode.

WWE 2K24 Showcase MyFACTION Rewards

MyFACTION Rewards also makes its debut in WWE 2K24's Showcase mode, upon completing the "Bonus" match, you will unlock Sapphire and Ruby showcase cards. 

The full list of MyFACTION rewards earned from Showcase can be found below (Highest to Lowest by overall):

WWE 2K24 MyFACTION Persona Cards

wwe 2k24 myfaction persona mark

Making Its debut in WWE 2K24, Persona Cards are a new type of card you can earn in MyFACTION. You can identify a Persona Card by looking for a “Persona” marker located on the right side of the card (refer to the screenshot above), once these types of cards are unlocked, they become playable in all game modes within WWE 2K24!

Another way to obtain Persona Cards is to collect "oddities" by participating in Live Events. Oddities are pieces needed to complete a Persona collection and unlock a Persona Card. Be sure to check the Live Events tab often to see if there are any oddities available to collect.

Check out the full list of Persona Cards in WWE 2K24! (Subject to Change, so check the page often!).

Evolution Cards

wwe2k24 myfaction evolution cards

Evolution Cards are special cards that allow you to "evolve" an eligible Superstar card into a higher rarity. Evolving a card requires you complete all 3 of the evolution challenges assigned to the card. Evolution cards can be obtained by purchasing "special packs" or earning them as rewards in MyFACTION game modes.

Evolution Cards are a great addition to your collection, you can complete the evolution challenges while playing other game modes or completing other challenges. That’s what you call knocking out 2 birds with one stone.

Card Market 

wwe2k24 myfaction card market

The Card Market is another way to add to your collection by purchasing Superstar cards directly from the Card Market. You can purchase Cards using MyFaction Points (MFP) or VC (Virtual Currency), although cards may be pricey, if you’re someone who wants to become a top collector, this is one of the ways to do so.

Token Market

wwe2k24 myfaction token market 1

Similar to the Card Market, Cards can also be purchased from the Token Market. Tokens will be displayed on the upper right corner of your screen next to your MFP and VC with a WWE symbol. There are several tiers of cards you can purchase using tokens and each tier requires a different amount of tokens to purchase each card, you'll have to purchase a certain number of cards from the previous tier to unlock the next. At the time of writing this guide, this is the list of tiers that are currently available to purchase from (subject to change as WWE 2K24 progresses):

  • Emerald Card Rewards (25 Tokens per Card)
  • Sapphire Card Rewards (50 Tokens per Card)

WWE 2K24 Daily Login Rewards

wwe2k24 myfaction daily login

Logging in daily in MyFACTION in WWE 2K24 will provide you currency and cosmetics such as MyFACTION Points, Tokens, Sideplates, and "Faction War Tickets" which are required to play the brand new Faction Wars. If you login any 5 days in a week, you'll earn a "Loyalty Reward" that often includes a Pack, so be sure to log in at least once a day to claim your reward. Earning a Loyalty Reward will grant the "Loyalty Confirmed" trophy.

Completing the WWE 2K24 Tutorial 

Upon completing all 13 tutorial courses in the Performance Center (Main Menu --> Options --> Performance Center), you will receive a "Superstars Series I" Pack. This is a great way to both start your collection in MyFACTION and possibly learn something new! 

WWE 2K24 MyFACTION Challenges

wwe2k24 myfaction daily challenges

In MyFACTION, there are 3 types of challenges; Daily, Intro, and Lifetime challenges. Completing these challenges will give you rewards such as MyFACTION Points, Tokens, Cards, Sideplates, and even Superstar or Manager cards. These are the 3 types of challenges in MyFACTION:

  • Daily Challenges: 3 challenges that reset every 24 hours.
  • Intro Challenges: The "basics" or an introduction to the MyFACTION mode.
  • Lifetime Challenges: Permanent challenges, however, they're typically longer and more difficult to complete challenges with higher rewards.

WWE 2K24 Locker Codes

Locker Codes are promotional codes created and released by 2K, they provide the player with in-game content such as bonus MyFACTION cards, MyFACTION Points (MFP), and Packs used to grow your collection. Some Locker Codes are timed and have an expiration date while others have a lifetime span of being redeemed. You can redeem a locker code via the "Locker Code" section within the MyFACTION home section.

View the complete active WWE 2K24 Locker Code list (Note: This list is subject to change and updates throughout the tenure of WWE 2K24, so be sure to check in on it often!). 

WWE 2K24 MyFACTION Trophies

If you're not the usual MyFACTION or WWE 2K player, but someone enjoys "Trophy Hunting", we'll explain the trophies that can be obtained in MyFACTION in WWE 2K24. 

  • Faction Wars Champion: Defeat 30 Faction Wars Bosses in MyFACTION.
  • Rise Through the Ranks: Earn a Leaderboard Reward from a Ranked Play Season in MyFACTION.
  • Loyalty Confirmed: Earn a Loyalty Reward in MyFACTION.
  • Taste of Victory: Win a match in MyFACTION.
  • A Promising Start: Complete a Lifetime Challenge in MyFACTION.
  • Journey of a Lifetime: Complete 15 Lifetime Challenges in MyFACTION.
  • A Good Start: Complete a Proving Grounds Tower in MyFACTION.
  • Weekly Winner: Complete a Weekly Tower in MyFACTION.
  • Daily Progress: Complete a Daily Challenge in MyFACTION.
  • Chapter and Verse: Complete a Proving Grounds Chapter in MyFACTION.
  • Champion For A Day: Complete all 3 of a day's Daily Challenges in MyFACTION.
  • Never Felt More A-LIVE: Complete 10 LIVE Events in MyFACTION.
  • Beginner's Luck: Complete ALL Intro Challenges in MyFACTION.

Final Notes

Compared to previous titles in the WWE 2K franchise, MyFACTION has received a lot of attention and revamps. The new features and reworks to existing MyFACTION game modes, the new unlockable persona cards, and the consistent events should increase the longevity of MyFACTION in WWE 2K24. This year, there's something for everybody.

Hope this MyFACTION Beginner's guide makes an impact on how you play MyFACTION in WWE 2K24. Have any questions or any other tips and tricks? Feel free to share them in the comment section below!

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