Create your own Custom Superstar, Move-Sets and Entrances and, for the first time, fully customize WWE Superstars and Divas through the brand new "Superstar Studio", although with the transition to Next Gen, many game features were removed. Directly import photos and logos to create everything from T-Shirts to your own likeness. Shape your WWE Universe with storylines, schedule, rivalries, alliances and more.


While created wrestlers on the current generation version nearly perfectly matching the in-game models as opposed to previous years, wrestler edit options (hair styles, beard, face morphing and body morphing) have been scaled way, way back, not to the point where it’s impossible to make interesting-looking characters, but still a far cry from what you could do in the past. Also, as a result of the higher resolution models, there are only 25 Create-A-Superstar slots for PS4 and Xbox One versus the 100 available last year, and only male wrestlers can be made in this edition.

On the positive side, on PS4 & Xbox One not only will you be able to edit the color threads on the Superstars and Divas, but you can also fully edit all the in-game models (except for the head) for the first time since WWE RAW 2, in order to keep attires up-to-date or create brand new ones. That said, doing so requires you to use one of the 25 create-a-superstar slots.

In addition, on PS4 & Xbox One the paint tool has been replaced with a new feature that allows players to directly import custom logos, which you can use to upload your own designs, tattoos, and even custom face textures.

You can also download the Superstars and Logos created by other players through Community Creations, though you can only have 20 custom logos stored at a time. You can sort through the logos and custom creations in-game by changing the filters between Superstars, Move-Sets and Logos, or by sorting the list according to What's Hot, Most Downloaded, Most Recent and Highest Rated. You can also search for specific keywords using the search bar. The more players who download your Superstars and Logos, your community rank increases, allowing an additional five upload slots per rank.

Every attire part is given a value in the form of points, and a Superstar can use up to 128 points or 64 layers worth of attire parts. These points are shared between in-ring and entrance attires. Editing both the in-ring and entrance attires has never been easier thanks to a new user interface that allows players to seamlessly switch between them by pressing the trigger buttons. Being able to see both the in-ring and entrance models on the screen at the same time expedites the entire process.


Unfortunately, with the transition to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, many features were removed from the game's Creation Suite: players can no longer create Divas, Finishers, Stories, or give Custom Theme Music to wrestlers, and all Preset Entrances from previous games have been removed. Create-An-Arena & Create-A-Championship are available only on last-gen consoles. The Replay and Match Creator (customizing match rules) features are also gone.

2K declared: "Our goal for the Creation Suite was to attain a higher level of quality across the board. The amount of customization options available in previous years was huge, but in order to improve the franchise now and into the future, we had to scale back in order to focus on quality rather than quantity".

The missing match types in WWE 2K15 are also very bewildering: there are no Handicap, Inferno, I Quit, Backstage Brawl or Special Referee Matches featured in the game, and Ladder Match can only be done in 6-man. Also all other match types including 2 vs 2, Triple Threat, Fatal 4 Way/4-Man, and 6-Man are quite scaled down from what the game had in the previous years, with several popular stipulations like Steel Cage, Hell In A Cell, Table, and many more missing.

You can still create wrestlers, entrances, and move-sets, but only the move-set editor feels as complete as last year’s game. Entrances have been reduced to exclusively offering entrances for existing wrestlers, and only a handful of those can be edited using the “advanced” editor.


WWE Universe mode remains largely unchanged from past entries. You can play matches, skip forward to a certain event, create and see rivalries are on each show, check your ranking on, or customize your universe. You can edit the calendar and add or remove shows, edit superstars, edit rosters, edit teams, and edit titles. The options also remain the same for each superstar – choose what show they’re on, skills, crowd reaction, allies and enemies, etc.

In addition, WWE 2K15 introduces "Story Collection" to the WWE Universe Mode. This new feature gives players the option to view and select all the storylines that can happen during rivalries. In total, there are 861 different storylines available, divided in 6 Story Categories. Read here for all the details.

However, the option to interfere in a match and help someone out to create a rivalry has been removed. You can also not select a manager to come out with you by default.


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