The theme song for the game is "Broke" by Sick Logic.

The Wrestling Revolution rumbles into a whole other dimension where it now reigns as the biggest 3D sim on mobiles & desktop - featuring 300 characters across 9 rosters, and up to 20 of them in the ring at once! This is also the first release to combine BOTH career modes in ONE shared universe.

A wrestling career challenges you to take shots in the ring, whereas a "booking" career allows you to call the shots backstage - promoting entertaining matches every week for ratings. Seeing each side of the curtain gives you an even better appreciation for the other, and ensures you'll never grow bored of wrestling again!

You can learn about controls and more here:


  • The biggest wrestling sim on mobiles is even BIGGER on your desktop!
  • Over 300 characters spread across 9 different promotions - and as many of them in the ring as you can handle!
  • Different arenas and ring shapes - including TWO rings side-by-side for the first ever playable "War Games"!
  • Unique animation system allows any move to transition into any other at any moment for chain wrestling.
  • Enjoy the action from dozens of different camera angles (including affectionate tributes to classic wrestling games!).
  • Gaming's most detailed simulation of life as a wrestler - from contract negotiations to an endless calendar of matches.
  • The industry's most playable management sim, where you must act out entertaining matches for ratings.
  • Mix & match dozens of different rules to create your own matches.
  • Interactive tutorial makes wrestling easy to play but difficult to master.
  • Fully playable by controller - which also allows for multi-player action on a shared screen!
  • Files are available to be replaced or expanded upon to make the world your own.



  • PRESET can be One on One, Best of Three, Iron Man, Last Laugh, Submission, Last Man Standing, To The Death, First Blood, Fist Fight, Shoot Fight, Triple Threat, Handicap, Tag Team, Tag Elimination, Simultaneous, War, Elimination, Battle Royal, Countdown Battle Royal, Countdown Elimination, Escape To Victory, Furniture Smash, Sumo Contest, No Disqualification, Training Session, or Confrontation.
  • FORMAT can be Individuals, Teams, Tag Teams, or Intervals.
  • WRESTLERS is basically, how many wrestlers will be in the match.
  • RULES can be Strict, Hardcore, or Inside Ring.
  • REFEREES is similar to Wrestlers, you decide how many Referees will be officiating the match.
  • AIM can be First Fall Wins, Best of Three, Most Falls Wins, Last Falls Wins, Elimination, or Aimless.
  • TIME is how long you want the match to go on can even turn it off. If Intervals is on, each entrant will enter after a selected time period expires. It's possible to make a Gauntlet match as well.
  • PINS can be turned on or off. Having them on allows pinfall wins.
  • SUBMISSIONS can be turned on or off. Having them on allows submission wins.
  • SMASHES can be turned on or off. Having them on lets you win when you send your opponent through something.
  • BLOOD can be turned on or off. Having this on lets you win by busting your opponent open.
  • COUNT OUTS can be Slow 10 Count, Ignore, Fast 10 Count, Elimination, or Victory.
  • KNOCK OUTS can be Ignore, 10 Count, or No Health.
  • REWARD can be Non-Title, Win any of the Titles in the game, Loser Leaves, or Hair vs Hair.


  • VENUE can be Stadium
  • DECOR can be Default
  • RING can be Square
  • SIZE lets you adjust the size of the ring. If it's small, the match will be a Claustrophobic match, but if it's large instead, it'll be a Giant Ring match.
  • ROPES can be Black
  • CAGE can be None
  • POSTS can be Black
  • PADS can be Black Logo
  • APRON can be Black
  • LOGO can be Promotion
  • TRIM can be turned on or off.
  • CANVAS can be White
  • MATTING can be Black
  • BARRIERS can be Metal
  • ATTENDANCE is basically, how much of the crowd you want to appear during the match. You can also fight in an Empty Arena if you prefer.
  • FURNITURE allows you to set how many furniture will appear and whether they'll be located Inside or Outside the ring.
  • WEAPONS works like Furniture, you set how many weapons appear, and whether they'll be Inside or Outside the ring.


All American Wrestling

  1. Lance Monaco: Vince McMahon
  2. Jim Sierra: John Cena
  3. Les Miserable: The Miz
  4. Nightshift: The Undertaker
  5. Trojan Force: Roman Reigns
  6. Brad White: Bray Wyatt
  7. Fanny Monaco: Stephanie McMahon
  8. Rory Awesome: Randy Orton
  9. Hardback: Ryback
  10. Mike Showshot: Shawn Michaels
  11. Ronan Raw: Seth Rollins
  12. Hairy Harass: Luke Harper
  13. Ripper Ace: Triple H
  14. Ralph Lipper: Dolph Ziggler
  15. Slow-Mo: Big Show
  16. Dragon Ryan: Daniel Bryan
  17. Amber Lance: Dean Ambrose
  18. Robin Nest: Erick Rowan
  19. Mr. Benjamins: “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase
  20. Paper Cut: Irwin R. Schyster
  21. Hanz Cuffs: Big Boss Man
  22. Splinter: Mankind
  23. General Genocide: Sgt. Slaughter
  24. Mustard Gas: Col. Mustafa
  25. Brother Sucka: Booker T.
  26. Geek Chic: AJ Lee
  27. Jessie Bell: Nikki Bella
  28. Jigsaw Jeremy: “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan
  29. Cabal: Kane
  30. Tom Stone: Paul Bearer
  31. Road Hog: Road Dogg Jesse James
  32. Stunner Stu: Bad Ass Billy Gunn
  33. Majesty: Jerry “The King” Lawler
  34. Bubby Cue: Jim Ross
  35. Sean Monaco: Shane McMahon
  36. Errol Hathaway: Earl Hebner

Rising Sun Puroresu

  1. Anton Chinoki: Antonio Inoki
  2. Machine Miuri: Mitsuharu Misawa
  3. Thunder Tiger: Jushin “Thunder” Liger
  4. Ken Ryu: Genichiro Tenryu
  5. Reign Maker: Kazuchika Okada
  6. Tower Misawa: Giant Baba
  7. Tanned Heihachi: Hiroshi Tanahashi
  8. Killer Karado: Toshiaki Kawada
  9. Snake Suzuki: The Great Sasuke
  10. Butter Monk: Riki Choshu
  11. Gree Ciabata: Katsuyori Shibata
  12. Ultra-Bull: Big Van Vader
  13. Nico Moron: Shinsuke Nakamura
  14. Bash Nagata: Kenta Kobashi
  15. Mutox: The Great Muta
  16. Master Chrome: Masahiro Chono
  17. High Yakuza: Hayabusa
  18. Canado: Tetsuya Naito
  19. Jumbo Akira: Jun Akiyama
  20. Gill Otine: Doc Gallows
  21. Andy Sun: Karl Anderson
  22. Sam Handsome: Stan Hansen
  23. Bobby Southside: Terry Funk
  24. Tug Jaffazero: Danny Spivey
  25. Sumorai: Yokozuna
  26. Chang Mynami: KENTA
  27. Tenryu Mist: Taka Michinoku
  28. Eugene Yamato: Yuji Nagata
  29. Uri Yakuza: Keiji Mutoh
  30. Zanzi Budokan: Hiroshi Tenzan
  31. Prince David: Finn Balor
  32. Motorola Chan: Red Shoes Unno

Maple Leaf Grappling

  1. Rusty Rose: Dusty Rhodes
  2. Brad Goodman: Bret Hart
  3. Perfect Sean: Curt Hennig
  4. Crispin Noir: Chris Benoit
  5. Aftershock: Earthquake
  6. Gabriel: Christian
  7. Perry Class; Ric Flair
  8. Ned Heart: Jim Neidhart
  9. Slick Dude: Rick Rude
  10. Dan Maverick: Dean Malenko
  11. Max Mullet: Lex Luger
  12. Union Jack: Davey Boy Smith
  13. Andy Aniston: Arn Anderson
  14. Oje Goodman: Owen Hart
  15. Obelisk: Andre The Giant
  16. Tidal Wave: Typhoon
  17. Enigma: Edge
  18. Super Stan: “Superstar” Billy Graham
  19. Luke Cannon: “Flyin” Brian Pillman
  20. Teddy Big: Big John Studd
  21. Manny Quinn: Rick “The Model” Martel
  22. High Note: Honky Tonk Man
  23. Low Road: Cody Rhodes
  24. David Hybrow: Damian Sandow
  25. Gorilla Grundy: King Kong Bundy
  26. Steve Engine: Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat
  27. Drew Durham: Lance Storm
  28. Duke Miniman: The Mountie
  29. Theo Sultana: Tito Santana
  30. Charlie Grace: Harley Race
  31. Sally Stride: Trish Stratus
  32. Gary Mallet: Greg “The Hammer” Valentine
  33. Vito Soprano: Dino Bravo
  34. Bubba Hyena: Bobby “The Brain” Heenan

United Kingdom Wrestling

  1. Hustle Hayes: Paul Heyman
  2. Vulture: Raven
  3. Jerry Buckler: Jeff Jarrett
  4. Meg Knight: Paige
  5. Wayne Barrage: Wade Barrett
  6. Anton Apex: Austin Aries
  7. Agent Kyle: AJ Styles
  8. Bloody Lee: Bubba Ray Dudley
  9. Buddy Brew: Bobby Roode
  10. Gravitas: PAC
  11. Shane Asterix: Sheamus
  12. Abysmal: Abyss
  13. Angel Dust: Christopher Daniels
  14. Blood Brother: D-Von Dudley
  15. Ethan McCloud: James Storm
  16. Dominator: Rob Van Dam
  17. Mac Donald: Drew McIntyre
  18. Chi Guy: CM Punk (ROH)
  19. Judgment Dave: Sid Justice
  20. Monty Python: Jake “The Snake” Roberts
  21. Demento: Sabu
  22. Tony Screamer: Tommy Dreamer
  23. Jake Obscene: Justin Credible
  24. Dean Cutlas: “The Franchise” Shane Douglas
  25. Mutha Forker: Abdullah The Butcher
  26. Prime Time: M.V.P.
  27. Brutus Long: Brodus Clay
  28. Ryan Hero: Rhyno
  29. Ghetto Child: Taz
  30. Bang-Bang: Cactus Jack
  31. Ian tense: Test
  32. Beckie Lane: Mickie James
  33. Keith Dewback: Jerry Lynn
  34. Silk Siren: Velvet Sky

Super Lucha Libre

  1. Dirk Switchoff: Eric Bischoff
  2. Venom: Sting (WCW)
  3. Bullfrog: Demolition Smash
  4. Joel Hardon: Jeff Hardy
  5. Emil Tequila: Konnan
  6. Machismo: Scott Hall
  7. Essa Carreera: Eddie Guerrero
  8. Red Eagle: Road Warrior Hawk
  9. Headsore: Demolition Ax
  10. Miles Hardon: Matt Hardy
  11. King Bombard: Rey Mysterio
  12. Heavy Snatch: Kevin Nash
  13. Pedro De Niro: Alberto Del Rio
  14. Red Gator: Road Warrior Animal
  15. Maskara: Sin Cara
  16. Lola: Lita
  17. Jordan Hangtime: Billy Kidman
  18. Helix: X-Pac
  19. Voodoo: Papa Shango
  20. Super Safari: “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka
  21. Zulu: Kamala
  22. Crash Cougar: Headbanger Thrasher
  23. Glittery Arty: Goldust
  24. Dream Hornet: Ultimo Dragon
  25. El Giantina: El Gigante
  26. Sam Mower: Rikishi
  27. False Hood: R-Truth
  28. Mick Marvel: “Marvelous” Marc Mero
  29. Lest At Macabre: Gangrel
  30. Lost Boy: Vampiro
  31. Hard Gainer: La Parka
  32. Joey Morrissey: John Morrison
  33. Cameron Cool: Kofi Kingston
  34. El Dorado: El Matador Tito Santana
  35. Grand Bhishma: The Great Khali

Strong Style Wrestling

  1. Danny Might: Dana White
  2. Hooker Hudson: Ken Shamrock
  3. Emma Roused: Ronda Rousey
  4. Tundra: Rusev
  5. Ryan Schneider: Rick Steiner
  6. Mo Qi: Low-Ki
  7. Brook Laser: Brock Lesnar
  8. Gold Boulder: Goldberg
  9. Ryan Pippin: “Rowdy” Roddy Piper
  10. Iguana: Lana
  11. Frank Incensed: Scott Steiner
  12. Bruiser O’Lay: Samoa Joe
  13. Armstrong: Mark Henry
  14. Boar Miller: Bob Sapp
  15. Ruthless Rufus: Bruiser Brody
  16. Ethan Asia: “Dr. Death” Steve Williams
  17. Bro Bones: Jon “Bones” Jones
  18. Al Pine: Cesaro
  19. Upside Frown: Bad News Allen
  20. Gross Antonio: Giant Antonio
  21. Outback: Bushwhacker Butch
  22. Julian Damn: Ron Simmons
  23. Paul Street: John “Bradshaw” Layfield
  24. Bud Harley: Bob Holly
  25. Ewan Trust: Steve Blackman
  26. Cracker: Dan Severn
  27. Minotaur Spuki: Minoru Suzuki
  28. Rick Dawson: Josh Barnett
  29. Gruesome Sharon: Luna Vachon


  1. Hank Slogan: Hulk Hogan
  2. Scarecrow: Sting (TNA)
  3. Li Xiao Long: Bruce Lee
  4. Slam Dunk: CM Punk (WWE)
  5. Block Buster: The Rock
  6. God of War: The Ultimate Warrior
  7. Libby Rator: Chyna
  8. Beast Eater: Batista
  9. Jay Enrico: Chris Jericho
  10. Redneck Rosteen: "Stone Cold" Steve Austin
  11. Mat Showman: "Macho Man" Randy Savage
  12. Mack Bison: Mike Tyson
  13. Yogi Beard: Diamond Dallas Page
  14. Hollywood Hank: "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan
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