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The WWE Immortals staff has posted an announcement regarding the presence of Hulk Hogan in the game after he was fired by WWE for racist remarks.

The update reads:

"We are discontinuing the promotion and sale of all Hulk Hogan items in-game; we apologize for any inconvenience this causes and we will be providing compensation credit to our loyal customers who have purchased the Hulk Hogan Early Access Pack. Please contact our customer support group with any and all questions."

What happens since I purchased the Hulk Hogan Early Access Pack?

  • If you have purchased the Hulk Hogan pack and are no longer satisfied with your purchase given the information above, please contact our Customer Service team about the situation. You can reach customer service by visiting http://support.wbgames.com and clicking “Ask for Help” at the top. Please include a screenshot or photo of your purchase receipt for the Hulk Hogan pack using the “Attach a file” button at the bottom of the Help Request form for faster assistance. Instructions for locating these receipts can be found here:

Hulk Hogan was just recently added to WWE Immortals as part of a "Early Access Pack", but this sudden removal will prevent him from ever being available as a Challenge or to be acquired in the game store.


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