WWE 2K22 for better or worse gives players tools to create the most detailed & diverse characters. Whether you want to recreate a star of the past/future, customize a current roster member, or create your own original characters. This gives the player the control to create the most unique character with the biggest limit being your imagination (And some game restrictions).

Even with all the custom features and even the ability to bring in your own images, sometimes you can get into a creative lull.

Below are the first Community Showcases, showing off the creativity of creators in the WWE2K Community. Also, we will have some tips to give inspiration to those who may be in a creative lull at the moment. Some of these suggestions may be super simple "Duh" ones, while others may be completely new to yourself or another player.

So, let's dive into the Community Showcase with our first Character and Tip.

1 - Ace "Rock Solid" Adams

ace adams2

Utilizing Custom images as Tattoos! A recurring mention in this article will be Community Creations (CC) and Custom images and for good reason. CC has thousands of images ranging from faces, brand logos, attire parts, tattoos, and even some unpleasant ones (2K has done a good job of filtering these in recent years).

These images can serve as inspiration when adding unique tattoos to your characters. Remember if you can't find what you're looking for in CC, a quick Google search, or even drawing something up yourself can help as well.

A great example above is Ace "Rock Solid" Adams. This CAW utilizes Custom Tattoos to give the character life and make the quality level closer to that of the in-game superstars. A simple small tattoo or the popular sleeve can make a world of difference when establishing the Character behind your created character. 

2 - Carol Diane Parks


Use Materials to give your character's gear some shine. Not everything has to come from Community Creations or the internet. 2K22 gives you over 5000 gear options to mix and match. With this comes the option in most cases to change the Material.

The game comes with 16 material options along with the original material for the item. Use the material to make gear shine, blend in, or glow if that's the look you're aiming for. Carol Diane Parks is a created character that uses material options to highlight the character's look.

3 - Ryan Bourne


No Community Creations? No problem. The WWE games are full of preset images and have been since the start. A lot of these images can seem boring or plain and mostly get avoided.

These images can be used in parts to add to an attire, whether a different color or some layering, images as simple as a rectangle can be used to spice up a gear or cover a logo (if you're using a preset character's gear). Ryan Bourne uses these simple images to give the gear some flash, giving a unique spin on the character.

4 - Lulu Moretti


Not happy with the preset faces? Use custom faces! WWE2K22 uses the same face presets from previous years, while this is good for recreating your CAW in newer games, it can become difficult to create a new character.

This is where CC can come in. Combing through CC or an online search (Google will give you A LOT of results) can give you a lot of inspiration for faces. Still not finding what you want? Many PC/mobile applications can help you create your own face to fit onto your character (We even have a tutorial right here).

Lulu Moretti uses custom faces to give their character a completely different look that not only gives life and can fit in with any default roster character in terms of quality, but this is also a look that's completely unique to the character.

5 - Jaycee Brite


Use & create your own patterns. Not liking the pattern on the attire you've chosen? Use the change mapping feature (Click the Right Stick down while placing an image for console/controller players) and cover most if not all of the attire pieces in the custom image.

This even works for default images. The results can lead to unique attires that set your character apart. Jaycee Brite is a character that uses this perfectly to create unique gear that compliments the uniqueness of the character. 

WWE 2K22 Creators Corner Overview

What did you think of the characters above? Hopefully, some of these highlights will help you when creating your next CAW. Want to see more of each character? Check out some social links below

  • Check out more of Ace Rock Solid Adams on Twitter right here
  • See more pictures & the CC information for Carol Diane Parks here!
  • The creator or Ryan Bourne doesn't use CC but helps with an Efed right here
  • The creator of Lulu Moretti is constantly putting out updates for the CAW on Twitter here.
  • Jaycee Brite is an active member of the Wrestling games community. Check twitter out here

Did you enjoy this highlight? Should we do more of these and feature more of the community? Sound off below with your thoughts.

Want to have your character possibly featured in a future article? Reach out & make sure to follow TheSDHotel on Twitter, you can also find me on Twitter right here

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