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"Oh WWE Universe, we had such a love/hate relationship last year. On one hand, you did so many things right. The cutscenes that trigger events, Superstars/Divas changing shows or developing feuds and alliances with others, and most of all, the ability to follow along with the real WWE calendar. Ultimately, we gave you the choice to do whatever you wanted.
On the other hand, it didn't quite work out that way. Like most new features built in this business, year one was a foundation for a brighter future, not a one-off for SVR '11. WWE '12 is that next step. Our development team really has a gem this year with this mode. Why? Because YOUR feedback directly influenced the direction it took. Those surveys that we released last year 100% played a part in what we did with this feature moving forward. We knew what the general evolution of the mode would be after SVR '11, but you guys helped us fill in the cracks with details. Thanks for that. 

(YOU MUST READ THIS) This is just Part 1 of a two-part series, as we take you inside WWE '12's Universe mode. If after you've read this, and you still have a detailed question about Universe mode this year that you'd like answered, then follow @WWEgames on Twitter, and submit a question FOR UNIVERSE MODE ONLY with the hashtag "#WWE12Universe." We'll then take all of the questions submitted, and answer them in Part 2 on THURSDAY. Ok, you can read on now.

So, where do we begin to talk about WWE '12's Universe mode this year? I think I'll start with the most highly requested feature from any community that I've ever worked with. Seriously, you guys shouted from the rooftops on this one. When we first revealed Universe mode last year, this may have been the first question you had asked. It's safe to say that we got the message loud and clear...

Championship Match Control

In SVR '11, the monthly pay-per-view was the designated championship day on your Universe calendar. In WWE '12, that's no longer the case. Not only can you have championship matches on Raw, SmackDown, PPVs, or hell, even Superstars, but you can have one whenever you see fit. Want to make Zack Ryder vs Ziggler on Raw a U.S. title match? Do it, broski! You asked for it, and we delivered. Community feedback towards development at it's best. 

Posted Image

Another one of our most requested features for Universe mode this year, was the inclusion of the annual WWE Draft. Well, here it is:

WWE Draft

After WrestleMania in your WWE Universe, you'll now have the opportunity to experience the excitement of the WWE Draft in all it's glory. If you're like me, then you could use the shakeup of your roster after year's end in Universe. Sure, we give you the ability to switch brands on your own, but let us give it a spin for a nice change-up. Plus, it's the WWE DRAFT!

Posted Image
Posted Image

We said it last year, and we meant it, but like most evolved features, it really rings true with Universe mode in WWE '12. You really feel like there is a living, breathing world around you this year. Don't believe me? Keep reading.


A lot of the storylines in your Universe mode last year mostly relied on your own imagination. If there wasn't a cutscene for a situation, you depended on the news feed. This year, though, storylines will spawn from multiple areas. Relationships that you develop throughout your Universe, new Superstars or Divas entering, and other decisions that you're able to make will directly dictate the direction of your storylines. Replicate current programming, or branch off from reality. The choice is yours this year, but be careful, there are consequences for your actions.

Did I mention you can interfere in matches? Check these screens out:

Posted Image
Posted Image

I personally always like to match programming in my Universe, so the in-mode presentation is crucial for me to truly get sucked in. 

Streamlined Match-Flow TV-Style Presentation

This year in WWE '12's Universe mode, you're really going to get a true sense of what it's like to play through a seamlessly integrated show. Instead of forcing you out to the Universe hub after every match like we did last year, you'll now have the option to continue on to the next match on the card after you've completed your current one. The in-mode presentation will then display the matchup overlay like they do on TV, and the entrances will commence.

Furthermore, if you're at a show's end, you'll have the option to continue to the next show. What's cool though, is that you'll see the show's opening pyro and hear the music. And what's even COOLER than that, is the opening pyro and music will transition into the first participant in the initial match on the card's entrance music. No loading, it just happens. Dope, I know. 

Posted Image


We had the cutscenes that implicated that a Superstar or Diva was injured in last year's game, but this year they mean something. Yes, we have injuries in Universe mode (Heaven voice: AHHHHHHH). We're also giving you the power to produce injuries, by hitting numerous finishers on an opponent, or devastating weapon strikes. But that would mean that you're a sick individual, right? Celebrate! You can now "Nash" Triple H with... Kevin Nash!

Posted Image


In SVR '11, we wanted each show on your calendar to have a backstory, or a sense of buildup to them. This year, though, we come that much closer to fully realizing that vision. Momentum from wins or losses will now be carried over from show to show for a Superstar or Diva. If John Morrison is on a big losing streak in your Universe like he is on Raw, his attributes will drop. A Superstar's or Diva's results in the ring over time, will add up and impact their performance in the present. Pretty cool, eh? 

We know that most of you are very creative in what you do with these games. We also heard that feedback loud and clear last year with how you wanted to control your own Universe mode. Check this out.


I'll jump right into this one. This year, you can replace any existing show on your WWE Universe calendar with one of your own. Using our new Create-An-Arena feature, you can now create your own show. To round out this experience, you can also designate your own titles and Superstars/Divas for your created show (including CAS). AWA, WCW, and ECW? The possibilities are endless. You're welcome.

I'm out of breath. Do you like what you see? I know, you want more details. I'll tell you what, consider this my bone to all of you. Ask detailed, specific WWE '12 Universe mode questions through our Twitter account, @WWEgames, and I'll devote THURSDAY's Part 2 of Inside WWE '12 Universe mode, entirely to answering your questions. 

What are you waiting for? Start asking, and I'll see you back here on Thursday.

- Marcus "The Hammer" Stephenson (@stephensonmc)" 

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