Everything about Gameplay improvements: http://www.thesmackd...?showtopic=5355
Everything about Grappling & Reversals: http://www.thesmackd...?showtopic=5356
Everything about Presentation & Graphics: http://www.thesmackd...?showtopic=5357
The new attributes: http://www.thesmackd...?showtopic=5358
Full Detailed Control Scheme: http://www.thesmackd...?showtopic=5359

*I got a note from the one that played it , that the shirts or signs are not all confirmation for a wrestler - at all!


- Moves that involve interacting with the rope (like the Five Knuckle Shuffle) still have a generic replacement when done outside the ring.
- Corner Shoulder Block Freeze it seems to be gone
- Cole & Lawler still the only commentator team
- Transparency is back in Create A Superstar
- Two new creations modes to be revealed, one of which fans have been asking for years (Arena?)
- Superstar Threads have been improved with a couple of new options
- Two Running Strikes are back
- From the top turnbuckle there will be two possible moves instead of one

(What most recent updated is above and what i updated a different day is in a spoiler bar )

FAN -''Seriously Marcus, If the locked moves were returned you'd probably increase your buyers by at least 50% ''
Marcus - ''that's just an impossibility this year. With our tech upgrade, it was hard enough to get our SvR 11 moves working with the new upgrade. We had no time to get to the others -- we barely made it. ''

Eye color feedback is complete 

Bigger,Badder,Better was also the tagline for Wrestlemania for NES
Randy orton beard attire comes also with long hair.
Some moves will go into submissions.(?) 


Diva's will NOT be in elimination chamber


Kharma is maybe DLC or Ingame
Pin Moves are still in
Everyone has a wake up taunt.
Cory Ledesma : ''If you could choose only one move u want us to reanimate, which one would it be? Have a video clip of what it would look like? Let me know.'' https://twitter.com/#!/RealCoryLedesma


THQ said they also want the sidetron and curvetron themself but the WWE is the only one who can make that happen. And its possible this year!
Goldberg comeback / wake up animation is maybe not in
Irish whip animation is fixed
''The road to wrestlemania is going to be much better'' - Cory ledesma
No selling animation on the ground is a bug. Should be fixed in the final version.
Its not possible to transfer caws from svr 11 
Randy Orton will have an ALT attire with him having a beard

There will be some legends in the game that never been in a game before (wow)

Alberto del rio said that he did voice overs...Road to wrestlemania?


Black car for albertio del rio entrance!
Comment by a wwe 12 player : ''most accurate movesets I've seen by THQ in years'' 
There is word that filming off screen at E3 WWE 12 is forbidden this year..(not 100% sure)
The Roster reveal will be a little later than summerslam (14 augustus)
Cory Ledesma : ''Our marketing folks tell me that they will be announcing the full roster much earlier this year. Prolly not til august tho. Long wait''
The CPU wont be doing Irish whip to regular moves (not 100% sure)
No cole mine or general manager podium
The "easy to pin cpu'' glitch is addressed 
Is the title size finally going to be fixed this year? ''are you guys finally gonna solve the issue of the size of championship belts this year?'' Marcus : ''Working on it!''
While on the top rope, you can punch an opponent that's near you without having to do a diving attack first.
You can use Wake Up taunts while on the top rope to set up top rope diving finishers like Steamboat's Diving Cross Body.
No new animation for climbing Turnbuckle
Going to the crowd glitch is maybe impossible
John Cena STF looks the same
John cena rating is a 93 (not 100% sure)
Punt has unusual timing for reversing
Soundtracks sounds like production / mortal kombat soundtrack
Reversals looks more generic than in SVR 11
Hud looks too big
Some wrestlers has a repeated regular taunt
The miz has a authentic wake up taunt
The character selection screen has the same layout as SVR 11 but with a different background
Model's look much better , thanks to the lightning there is more focus on the superstar you play
Albertio del rio has the scarf during his entrance
There is a decent amount of new/re-animated move
You cant attack opponent during entrance (not sure)
Weopens look the same , and no new 
Selling animations are much better in general
Its possible to make the CPU submit to a regular submission


Kelly kelly and albertio del rio will be at the E3 WWE 12 event
There will be a live stream from E3 with WWE 12
Core gameplay is the big focus this year.
Their are new reversals but they are still general and not moves bc moves dont work for Superstars who dont do those moves
System gives u the ability to reverse at the point of contact.
There will be no mid-move reversals like All-Stars
WWE 12 is live on E3 : This Wednesday 5:20pm 
Right away hitting finishers are more powerful than stored finishers
Story Designer is back
We will have both adrenaline and momentum meters in the final product, but their looks from E3 will be changed
To make it 100% clear , we get gameplay during E3 confirmed my marcus
There was a comment made if hogan leg drop is in ''we do have a leg drop, yes, but it isn't the traditional. Confirming if you can just run against ropes and activate yourself.''

Alberto del rio has 1 or 2 taunts (his cocky arms spread pose), a new kick to the leg, his double-knee arm breaker (codebreaker to the arm), his standing cross armbreaker (breaking point submission). There are others but I just don't know if they're new or not. He has a running corner enzuigiri and a ground cross armbreaker (breaking point submission).

John Cena has a new taunt, a new punch to the face, a new quick punch to the abdomen, a new diving Five Knuckle Fist Drop, a new running clothesline, a new Attitude Adjustment, a new diving fame-asser/leg drop (was glitchy in E3 build), and his Comeback Attack Series (Two running shoulders into his spinning out spowerbomb / Protoplex)

Music in menu has a mortal kombat feeling
grapples beat running grapples
Moves that involve interacting with the rope (like the Five Knuckle Shuffle) still have a generic replacement when done outside the ring.
There's only one announcer's table. 
Almost every match type has the weapon wheel now
Orton's punt for example is being mirrored depending on where he and the opponent are. 
You can’ t use finishers to break up moves.
We can't jump/throw opponents off the stage and fight in the lower stage area this year


still cannot climb onto a announce table
8-10 Comeback's
Bryan williams mentioned the Lebbel lock 
The word is that the new creation mode is something we have all been asked for many and a long time (Create a arena or create a taunt??)
Ultimate control grapples are gone
Most ''hot spots'' are gone
No more moves deleted (doubt)
50 - 60 new moves
2 Moves possible from Top TB
2 Running attacks is back
New creations modes
How many finishers you store lays on how high your attribute is
Ricardo recorded 30 lines
In Alberto entrance : Car on the ramp like JBL
The 4 revealed wrestlers has all a wakeup taunt
New rolling armbar 
Gameplay speed feels like SVR 2006
You can't reversal a reversal
There was comment made that targeting is fantastic this year
2 Different reversals for Cena Attitude Adjustment 
Randy Orton rope DDT still the same
Tag team hot tag is still in
Blur is not so intense ingame. 
CPU is more aggresive
No more themes as soundtrack
Entrance attire is still in
Legends are confirmed
Physics system is still in
Still no area interactivity 

The first Wrestler Rating is in from Alberto Del Rio : 89 
Titles are still small , There was also a comment made that they have time to fix that (THQ IS AWARE)
The game is faster 
Cattle Mutilation Move is in (submission hold)
Almost no old moves back in
Minitrons are in
Kip up ability is gone
Running attacks are much easier to reverse. 

You can control whats happening in WWE universe
Marcus said that the AI is really Better
CAFS (Created finishers) also can be interrupted
The focus was also on the Audio
The control is very similar to HCTP
One button reversal is still in
Blood is still in (off by default) 
Comment by marcus : ''Complete different that we played in the past 12 years''
Superstar threads is still in
Zack Ryder Internet Belt is not in 
WCW Nitro arena is maybe in (the fans loved it)
Macho Man Randy Ravage will not be in , He is only in games like WWE All stars
Cole and lawler are still the only commentator team 

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