By John Wayman on September 12, 2014,

Every WWE gaming fan around the world is waiting impatiently for the highly anticipated release of WWE’s next big game from 2K, WWE 2K15. As time passes on, more and more news is revealed about what will be included in this year’s installment and gamers find out more information on what could be the best WWE game of all time. But how great could this game actually be?

Over the years WWE games have added a lot of great content into their games that have kept fans playing religiously every year but at the same time they have also taken away many of the options and modes that gamers loved about the WWE gaming experience. Moving forward with the next gen consoles it might be time to look back at past successes and apply it to upcoming games.

If WWE 2K15 was to bring back features that they disposed of in previous games, what would they be and why would they bring them back? There are many options to choose from and many would like choose some features over others, but looking at all the previous SmackDown games here are some great options that WWE 2K15 needs to bring back.

10. Training Facility



Taking a page out of Madden 15’s playbook with the “Game Prep” mode, Training Facility could be brought back to help hone ones in ring abilities and skills. This mode could emulate what they already have with the WWE Performance Center and this mode is where you could test out and help tweak your wrestlers move set and custom finisher.

Have you ever created a wrestler and/or finisher and went through a whole match to find that your move set and/or finisher is not what you want it to be? That’s a whole lot of wasting time only to find out there was something wrong with your finisher you did not catch before. Well Training Facility would be the perfect remedy for these types of situations.

This mode could feature a normal standard practice ring with a trainer/character of some sort that you can practice and preform any move you want to them for as long as you want. No need to build up finishers as you will have an unlimited amount to make sure your custom finisher and wrestler is perfect before you throw them into Career mode or Universe mode.


9. Create A Taunt



WWE 2K14 had plenty of customization such as create a wrestler, move set, finisher,  entrance, championship and the creation of your very own arena. While we can venture to guess that all these modes will be back in WWE 2K15, create a taunt should be brought back and added to that list.

As a player you have the ability to create everything about your created wrestler from scratch, so why not give the players the ability to create their very own taunt as seen in earlier games? This feature would give your wrestler a unique overall personality set apart from every other wrestler in the game. After all the creation suite is where a lot of time is spent playing this game so adding another feature to make your wrestler stand out can only help the cause.

Imagine your finisher is stored, your opponent groggy, flat on the mat and you use your very own custom made taunt to wake up your opponent and set them up for your very own unique finisher to end the match. Adding your own ideas to the WWE Universe is what WWE games have been all about so it is no surprise that WWE 2K15 could definitely use this addition to its creation suite.

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