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Before WWE 2K19 hits stores everywhere in a few weeks, check out the hits coming to the game's soundtrack as picked by your favorite WWE Superstars and introduced to the world by Grammy-nominated hip-hop artist Wale, reigning SmackDown Tag Team Champions The New Day and the one-and-only resident WWE rockstar, Elias!

WWE 2K19’s soundtrack features 12 unique songs across hip-hop, hard rock, heavy metal and alternative/indie rock that represent many of the Superstars’ favorites when preparing for a match, on the road, in the gym or relaxing at home.

The WWE 2K19 in-game soundtrack will include the following artists and songs - as selected by WWE Superstars:

  • “Ungrateful & Thankful” by Wale (New Day’s Choice)
  • “Passion” by Awolnation (Daniel Bryan’s Choice)
  • “Skin” by Bullet For My Valentine (The Miz’s Choice)
  • “Survival” by Eminem (AJ Styles’ Choice)
  • “Spit Out The Bone” by Metallica (Triple H’s Choice)
  • “Champion” by Fall Out Boy (Alexa Bliss’ Choice)
  • “Work Hard” by Migos (Samoa Joe’s Choice)
  • “Ric Flair Drop” by Offset & Metro Boomin (Flair Family Choice)
  • “The 11th Hour” by Rancid (Sami Zayn’s Choice)
  • “Rockstar” by Post Malone ft. 21 Savage (Elias’ Choice)
  • “Override” by Slipknot (Seth Rollins’ Choice)
  • “Devil” by Shinedown (Baron Corbin’s Choice)


For more info on WWE 2K19 check out the News Section, and the WWE 2K19 Roster Page to see all the Superstars confirmed! 


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