The Game Controls in WWE 2K20 have been revamped, to allow new players to jump into the game more easily, while still offering experienced players full control over the attacks they want to initiate. 2K has stated that the new Control Scheme in WWE 2K20 reduces the likelihood that a player will perform the wrong action.

One of the biggest changes in the control system revolves around Reversals. The Reversal button is now triangle / Y, while performing Signature / Finishers now requires to press the Strike + Grapple buttons at the same time.

Interaction with weapons and climbing are now on separate buttons in WWE 2K20, making it easier to perform the intended action. In another change to the controller layout, you no longer need to grab opponents in a Front Facelock to do a standing Submission - you can walk right up to them and apply the hold.

In this page you can find the complete guide on all the new WWE 2K20 Controls for PlayStation 4 & Xbox One Game Pads, including how to perform Finishers & Signatures, Reversals, OMG Moments, Strikes, Grapples, Submissions, Taunts, Carry & Drag Moves, Weapon Interaction and the full WWE 2K20 Control Scheme!

WWE 2K20 Standard Controls

ActionPS4Xbox One
Control Superstar L-direction L-direction
Run Hold L2 + L-direction Hold LTL-direction
Strike / Diving Attack Square (+ L-direction) X (+ L-direction)
Strong Strike Hold Square (+ L-direction) Hold X (+ L-direction)
Medium Grapple X (+ L-direction) a (+ L-direction)
Strong Grapple Hold X (+ L-direction) Hold a (+ L-direction)
Submission Hold R2 + Hold X Hold RT + Hold A
Drag Opponent Hold R2 + Tap X Hold RT + Tap A
Lift into Carry Position Hold R2 + R-direction Hold RT + R-direction
Signature / Finisher Square + X Xa
Irish Whip (Standing) O + L-direction B + L-direction
Strong Irish Whip Hold O + L-direction Hold B + L-direction
Pin (Grounded Opp.) O B
Reversal Triangle Y
Payback Hold R2 + Triangle Hold RT + Y
Pick Up Object L1 LB
Climb Apron / Middle Rope Tap R1 + L-direction Tap RB + L-direction
Exit / Enter Ring / Climb Top Rope Hold R1 + L-direction Hold RB + L-direction
Pause Game options menu

WWE 2K20 Advanced Controls

ActionPS4Xbox One
Wake Up Taunt up up
Taunt Crowd left left
Taunt Opponent right right
Toggle Signature / Finisher down down
Grab Opp. in Front Facelock R-up R-up
Working Hold (Front Facelock) Hold X Hold A
Limb Target (Front Facelock) Hold R2 + Square + L-direction Hold RT + X + L-direction
Limb Target (Grounded Opp.) Hold R2 + Square Hold RT + X
OMG! Moment Triangle + O Y + B
Leverage Pin Hold R2 + O Hold RT + B
Alternate Signature / Finisher Hold R2 + Square + X Hold RT + X + a
Reposition Opponent / Turn Opponent R-direction R-direction
Lift Opponent Up R-up R-up
Snapmare to Seated Position R-down R-down
Climb Top Rope Facing Crowd Hold R1 + R2 + L-direction Hold RB + RT + L-direction
Initiate Chain Wrestling R2 + Square RT + X
Release Hold / Pin L1 LB
Tag In / Tag Out Partner L1 LB
Switch Control to Tag Partner touch-pad view
Display Current Target touch-pad view
Change Target Click R Click R
Toggle Payback Click L Click L

WWE 2K20 Carry & Dragging Controls

ActionPS4Xbox One
Drag Opponent Hold R2 + Tap X Hold RT + Tap A
Lift into Carry Position Hold R2 + R-direction Hold RT + R-direction
Carry / Drag: Move Around L-direction L-direction
Carry: Change Position R-direction R-direction
Drag: Switch to Front Facelock X A
Drag: Throw Over Ropes X + L-direction A + L-direction
Carry: Finish Grapple X A
Carry / Drag: Environmental Attack Square + L-direction X + L-direction
Release Carry / Drag L1 LB
Escape from Carry / Drag O B

WWE 2K20 Object / Weapons Controls

ActionPS4Xbox One
Pick Up Object L1 LB
Grab Object under the Ring Hold L1 Hold LB
Object Attack Square X
Alternate Object Attack Hold R2 + Square Hold RT + X
Drop Object O B
Throw Object Into / Out of Ring OL-direction BL-direction
Climb Ladder / Cage / Cell R1 RB
Set up Ladder / Table X A
Lean / Wedge Object in Corner XL-direction AL-direction
Carry Ladder Horizontally Hold R2 Hold RT
Rotate Standing Ladder Hold L1R-direction Hold LBR-direction
Set up Ladder Bridge (near Apron) Hold R2 + L1 Hold RT + LB

WWE 2K20 Submissions Controls

How do you perform Submissions in WWE 2K20?

While in a Submission, rotate the Right Stick in a circular motion (r-rotate) to move your slider around the submission mini-game.

The attacker controls the red slider, the defender controls the blue slider. The attacker must overlap with the defender's slider to fill the circle with red, while the defender must avoid the attacker to fill the circle with blue.

Grab the glowing orb to help put your opponent away or escape!

An alternate submission mechanic option is also available in WWE 2K20. If selected in the options, the attacker and defender must compete to rapidly press the displayed buttons during submissions. Pay attention because the button to press will keep changing over the course of the submission attempt.

WWE 2K20 Pinfall & Kick Out Controls

How to kick out from pins in WWE 2K20?

While getting pinned, press the X/A button when the blue meter lands in the red target zone to kick out from a pinfall attempt.

The brighter red section in the target zone shows the bonus given by the "Pin Escape" attribute.

If you have the Resiliency Ability, you can immediately kick out of a pinfall attempt by pressing R2 + Triangle / RT + Y.

If you have the Rope Break ability, and you're near the ropes, you can press the O / B button when prompted to grab the ropes and obtain a rope break.

On the other hand, as the attacker, if you have the Dirty Pin ability and your opponent is lying parallel near the ropes, you can hold O / B to perform a dirty pin with your feet on the ropes!

WWE 2K20 Reversals System & Controls

How to Reverse moves in WWE 2K20? How do Reversals work in WWE 2K20?

The reversal system in WWE 2K20 is similar to previous years, however the reversal button has been now changed from R2 / RT, to WWE 2K20's triangle / Y.

Also, reversal windows and animations are now a lot more smoother and responsive in WWE 2K20. As always, a reversal icon will appear over the Superstar's head when it's the proper timing to reverse.

As in the latest games of the series, each Superstar has a limited number of reversals to perform, and the reversal stocks recharge over time. This means players might not want to try and reverse every move, but rather should apply a certain level of strategy to consider when is the best time to reverse.

Also, several moves feature a second opportunity to reverse, called Major Reversal.

  • Minor Reversals are the regular reversals and are easier to perform. They only require a single reversal stock.
  • Major Reversals are offered in the middle of a move while it's being executed, thus are more challenging to perform. They require two reversal stocks, however, successful Major Reversals will temporarily weaken the opponent, providing a way to swing the momentum of the match.

WWE 2K20 Assist Mode

What is Assist Mode in WWE 2K20?

Assist Mode is a new optional feature that can be enabled in the Options for a simpler gameplay experience.

When performing Grapples and Strong Strikes, an A.I. system will automatically select an appropriate attack for you, sometimes using a re-position motion to get you there.

This new "Assist Mode" allows new players to experience a wide variety of attacks while you're still learning the controls.

WWE 2K20 Xbox One Basic Controls Infographic

WWE 2K20 Controls Scheme Game Pad for Xbox One

WWE 2K20 PS4 Basic Controls Infographic

WWE 2K20 Controls Scheme Game Pad for PlayStation 4

For all the information on WWE 2K20 check out the WWE 2K20 Main Section, and the full WWE 2K20 Roster Page.

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