Just yesterday, WWE has finally released the WWE 2K22 Ratings Reveal hosted by King Xavier Woods, Bayley, Goldenboy, The Completionist, and Ronnie 2K.

During the show, they showed over the ratings of 24 superstars in a 90-minute show, which included many different types of stars from the current roster to Hall of Famers and Legends of the squared circle.

To many people only showing off 24 superstars over a 90-minute show didn't seem like enough, especially since we are less than 3 weeks from WWE 2K22 for early access players of the Deluxe and NWO 4-Life Game Editions and coming out on March 11th for Standard Edition players.

However, they may have been forced to show off only 24 superstars, because some of the other superstars on the game's roster may have been released from their contact and couldn't be shown off in any promotion for the game.

But on the other side of the coin, people may ask why any new superstars making their debut in this year's game didn't make at least an appearance during the show, as all the superstars who had their ratings revealed were superstars that many people guessed were already going to be included in the game so hopefully, the full roster will be shown off soon.

The way that these superstars' ratings would be shown off is by Xavier Woods, Bayley, Goldenboy, and The Completionist playing several minigames during the show where they would guess the overalls of the superstars in question followed by Ronnie asking the superstar what they think their overall is, before telling them their actual game rating and getting their live reaction to it.

So in this article, we will be going over all of the rounds played and what superstars and overalls were revealed during those rounds in the WWE 2K22 Ratings Reveal.

WWE 2K22 Ratings Reveal: Round 1

The first of these minigame rounds were played by Xavier Woods, Bayley, and The Completionist and was a version of The Price Is Right where they would be shown a superstar in-game and need to guess the superstar's rating and the person will the closest guess to the actual rating without going over would win a point.

Here are all of the superstar overalls revealed during this round:

  • Seth "Freaking" Rollins (rated 91 overall in 2K22, 1 point less than 2K20)
  • Cesaro (rated 84 overall in 2K22, 1 point higher than 2K20)
  • Liv Morgan (rated 77 in 2K22, 7 points higher than 2K20)
  • Riddle (rated 85 in 2K22,  5 points higher than 2K20)
  • Beth Phoenix (rated 87 in 2K22, 2 points higher than 2K20)
  • Edge (rated 90 originally but raised to 91 by royal degree from King Woods, 2 points higher than 2K20)

So far the superstar ratings do look accurate on the year the superstars have had, the only one that is quite surprising is Liv Morgan's rating is still low at a 77 despite the year she has had on TV. 

Also, a new superstar was shown off during the gameplay segment with Cesaro, the superstar in question would be one-half of the NXT Tag Team Champions and a member of the NXT Faction Imperium, Fabian Aichner so maybe the other members of Imperium may appear as well.

WWE 2K22 Ratings Reveal

WWE 2K22 Ratings Reveal: Round 2

The second minigame round would have Bayley have to guess the ratings of her fellow Four HorseWomen (Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks, and Charlotte Flair) and was given 3 ratings (88,90,92) which she had to match to the Four Horsewomen member she believed each rating belonged to.

Here are the members of the Four Horsewomen next to their in-game rating:

The ratings aren't surprised when thinking about the year that all 3 of these women have had, despite the fact, Becky only came back to in-ring competition at SummerSlam last year. 

WWE 2K22 Ratings Reveal: Round 3

The third minigame round would again involve Xavier Woods, Bayley, and Goldenboy hosted by The Completionist, the gang would be given a rating for a superstar and would have to guess whether the superstar rating on the screen was either higher or lower than the superstar's actual rating.

Here are the superstars' ratings that were revealed during the round:

  • Naomi (rated 79 in 2K22, 2 points higher than 2K20)
  • Angelo Dawkins (rated 80 in 2K22, 1 point higher than 2K20)
  • Montez Ford (rated 82 in 2K22, 3 points higher than 2K20)
  • AJ Styles (rated 91 in 2K22, the same rating as 2K20)
  • Shayna Baszler (rated 84 in 2K22, 1 point higher than 2K20)
  • Happy Corbin (rated 81 in 2K22, 6 points lower than 2K20)

During both Naomi and Happy Corbin's gameplay segments, we saw 2 new superstars not yet officially revealed by 2K. Naomi's opponent would be NXT star, Candice Lerae while Corbin would be the former WWE United Kingdom Champion Walter/Gunther. 

WWE 2K22 Ratings Reveal


WWE 2K22 Ratings Reveal

WWE 2K22 Ratings Reveal: Round 4

The fourth round would only have two superstars overall rating reveals but they would focus around "The Most Must-See WWE Superstar Of All Time" The Miz as in 2K22 he has two versions of himself since he has his current-day version and one from 2011 as a part of the Rey Mysterio 2K Showcase.

Xavier Woods and Bayley would be put to the test as they would need to decide which version of The Miz is rated the highest out of the two.

Here are the ratings of both playable versions of The Miz:

  • The Miz (Current Day) (rated 86 in 2K22, same rating as in 2K20)
  • The Miz (2011) (rated 90 in 2K22, hasn't got a rating in 2K20)

Seeing that The Miz has a 2011 version of himself in the game along with his current day version, it is expected that the match between him and Rey Mysterio on Raw in 2011 during a tournament to crown a new WWE Champion after Money In The Bank 2011.

WWE 2K22 Ratings Reveal

WWE 2K22 Ratings Reveal: Round 5

The fifth minigame round would have Xavier Woods and Bayley guessing which out of the 5 superstars on signs they have had the overall rating that was on the screen in front of them.

The 5 superstars they had were Ricochet, Kofi Kingston, Natalya, The Usos, and Sami Zayn.

Here are all of their official ratings in-game:

  • Ricochet (first rated 81 before was made an 82 by Royal Decree from King Woods, 3 points lower than 2K20)
  • Kofi Kingston (rated 88 in 2K22, 2 points lower than 2K20)
  • Jey Uso (rated 85 in 2K22, 1 point higher than 2K20)
  • Jimmy Uso (rated 85 in 2K22, 1 point higher than 2K20)
  • Natalya (rated 84 in 2K22, 8 points higher than 2K20)
  • Sami Zayn (rated 80 in 2K22, the same rating as 2K20)

During the gameplay segment with The Usos, another superstar making their video game debut would be seen briefly, this was Former NXT Champion Karrion Kross.

WWE 2K22 Ratings Reveal

WWE 2K22 Ratings Reveal: Round 6

The sixth round would once again involve Xavier Woods and Bayley working together in what would be the final minigame of the show.

This time the minigame revolved around the many versions of Rey Mysterio included in the 2K Showcase where Woods and Bayley were given the 2005 version of Rey Mysterio and then have to guess if the next version of Mysterio was rated higher or lower than the previous version.

Here are all of the Rey Mysterio variations and their in-game ratings along with his son Dominik:

From all these versions of Rey Mysterio, it does like more matches are soon to be announced for the 2K Showcase, as when looking at the 2009 variation, Rey would not only talk about his battle against JBL for the IC Title at Wrestlemania 25 but also in December his match against former tag team partner Batista so maybe these matches will be a part of the mode.

WWE 2K22 Ratings Reveal


Finally, The Completionist and Goldenboy would give Xavier Woods and Bayley gifts to thank them for appearing in the Ratings Reveal video.

The gifts they would receive would be number balloons which were arranged into their WWE 2K22's in-game ratings:

  • Bayley (rated 88 in 2K22, 2 points higher than 2K20)
  • Xavier Woods (rated 86 in 2K20, 1 point higher than 2K20)

WWE 2K22 Ratings Reveal Video

Here is the WWE 2K22 Ratings Reveal Video for anyone interested in taking a look for themselves.

What do you guys think about the WWE 2K22 Ratings Reveal Video?

Leave your comments down below and thanks for checking into The Smackdown Hotel.

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