One of the things you will notice when customizing Movesets or Superstars in WWE 2K22, is the absence of Abilities, Skills & OMG Moments, which played a big role in previous games.

Skills and OMG Moments had been introduced in WWE 2K15, and expanded with each subsequent entry in the series, while the debut of Abilities dates back to the SmackDown vs. Raw 2009 days, although they were also revamped from WWE 2K15 onwards.

However, when you customize a superstar in WWE 2K22, the only type of ability remaining is in the form of Paybacks - where each Superstar can only have one Payback ability assigned.

So what happened to Abilities, Skills & OMG Moments from previous games? Have they been removed from WWE 2K22? Yes, but actually no. The majority of them are now either available for all Superstars to use, or they can still be performed in other ways. However, some of them have actually been removed.

In this guide, we'll go through every single Ability, Skill & OMG Moments from previous games, and list whether they're still available in other forms, or if they've been removed.

Paybacks available in WWE 2K22

First of all, let's start with what's actually still in the game as Paybacks:

  1. Resiliency: Escape a Pin, Submission, or Elimination Mini-Game with ease.
  2. Low Blow: Slow your opponent down with a Low Blow. Be careful not to get disqualified!
  3. Poison Mist: Spray Poison Mist in your opponent's eyes. Be careful not to get disqualified!
  4. Power of The Punch: Hit your opponent with brass knuckles. Ouch! Be careful not to get disqualified!
  5. Run-In: Summon an ally to ringside to make the fight "fair". Only valid in 1 vs. 1 Matches.
  6. Move Thief: Show up the competition by stealing their Finisher!
  7. Blackout: Teleport behind your opponent to gain an advantage. Only valid in 1 vs. 1 Matches.
  8. Comeback (moved from Abilities to Paybacks): Perform a comeback sequence when significantly damaged to turn things around (can be assigned in Custom Move-Set).

You can see more details on how to perform these in our dedicated WWE 2K22 Paybacks Guide.

Abilities, Skills & OMG Moments now available to all Superstars

These former Abilities, Skills & OMG Moments can now be performed by all Superstars, without needing to assign them:

  1. Combo Striker: Perform a 4 strike combination (can be assigned in Custom Move-Set).
  2. Ring Escape: Allows Superstars to escape to ringside when they are down near the ropes.
  3. Fired Up: Store up to 3 Finishers.
  4. Top Rope Diver: Perform diving attacks from the top rope. (can be assigned in Custom Move-Set).
  5. Springboard Diver: Perform springboard attacks and outside dives (can be assigned in Custom Move-Set, unfitting wrestlers have it set to "None").
  6. Pin Combo: Allows Superstars to perform a pin immediately following certain attacks.
  7. Rope Break: Ability to manually grab the ropes during a pin attempt near the topes.
  8. Leverage Pin: Surprise your opponent and improve your chances of victory with a sudden leverage pin
  9. Dirty Pin: Pin your opponent with your feet on the ropes for added leverage.
  10. Possum Pin: Perform a possum pin while supine on the ground (this is now done by pressing R-down)
  11. Instant Recovery / Kip Up: Instantly get up after being knocked down. (this is now done by pressing R1 / RB)
  12. Hammer Throw: Perform a Strong Irish Whip to inflict extra damage or to whip your opponent over the top rope.
  13. Table Finisher: Perform an attack that puts your opponent through a table (can be assigned in Custom Move-Set).
  14. Ladder Finisher: Perform a Finisher from the top of the Ladder (can be assigned in Custom Move-Set). 
  15. Royal Rumble Finisher: Perform a Finisher to eliminate opponents from various positions (can be assigned in Custom Move-Set).
  16. Semi-Trailer Finisher: Throw an opponent off the semi-trailer (can be assigned in Custom Move-Set).
  17. Through the Table: Put your opponent through the Announce Table with a Finisher (can be assigned in Custom Move-Set). 
  18. Double Finisher: Finish two people at once (can be assigned in Custom Move-Set). Requires 2 Finishers stored.
  19. Catching Finisher: Catch your opponent in mid-air with a Finisher during his diving attack (can be assigned in Custom Move-Set).
  20. Escape Artist: Slam your opponent through the Hell In A Cell wall (can be assigned in Custom Move-Set).
  21. Pod People: Spear your opponent through the Elimination Chamber pod.
  22. Ladder Daredevil: Perform diving attacks from the top of the ladder.
  23. Ladder Jumper: Run up a ladder leaned against the ropes and perform a diving attack to an opponent at ringside.
  24. Ladder Bridge Powerbomb: Powerbomb your opponent through a ladder bridged between the apron and the barricade.
  25. Nosebleed Daredevil : Perform diving attacks from the top of the chamber pod, steel cage, semi-trailer, or cell.
  26. Truss Daredevil : Perform diving attacks from the top of a truss supporting structure.
  27. Equip Box Diver: Perform diving attacks from the top of the equipment boxes.
  28. Running Corner Attack: From Powerbomb or Shoulder Carry, slam your opponent in the corner (Carry System).
  29. Ring Toss Out: From a carry position, throw your opponent out of the ring (Carry System).
  30. Expose The Turnbuckle: Remove the turnbuckle pad, exposing the steel beneath to inflict more damage with Irish Whips.
  31. Barricade Breaker: Slam your opponent through the barricade. Now this is performed by simply doing a running attack towards the barricade.
  32. Ring Breaker: Only available to Super Heavyweights. A massive Superplex that causes the ring to break. This results in winning the match by KO. Requires the opponent to be very damaged, performed by pressing B/Circle with the opponent seated on the top rope.

Skills & OMG Moments now as regular Moves

The following former OMG Moments can now simply be performed as regular moves, assigned in Create-A-Moveset. We feel like this change makes sense, as most of these were just regular moves after all.

  1. Suicide Dive: Perform a Suicide Dive over or through the ropes (now can be simply set as standard Ropes Grapple in Custom Move-Set, with various types).
  2. Apron DDT: DDT your opponent onto the Apron.
  3. Apron Powerbomb (Kevin Owens): Perform a Powerbomb on the ring apron.
  4. Apron Superplex (Cesaro): Superplex an opponent who is on the Apron.
  5. Avalanche Spanish Fly: Perform a Spanish Fly from the top rope.
  6. Avalanche Poison Rana: Perform a Reverse Hurricanrana from the top rope.
  7. Coast To Coast: Perform the Coast to Coast dropkick to an opponent in the Tree of Woe position.
  8. Corner Post Baseball Slide (Bayley): Perform a Baseball Slide across the corner of the ring.
  9. King of Swing (Cesaro Swing): Perform a Giant Swing
  10. Top Rope Double Knee (Sasha Banks): Perform a double knee on an opponent that is lying on the top rope.
  11. Torpedo DDT (Sami Zayn): Perform a Torpedo DDT through the ropes.

Removed Skills, Abilities & Paybacks

Removed OMG Moments

All the Backstage OMG Moments from previous games are no longer present, as WWE 2K22 now features a completely new backstage area, with different elements compared to previous years.

  • Locker Powerbomb: Powerbomb your opponent into a locker located Backstage.
  • Locker Superkick Combo: Superkick your opponent into a locker located Backstage.
  • Office Table Powerbomb: Powerbomb your opponent onto the office desk located Backstage.
  • Office Table DDT: DDT your opponent on the office desk located Backstage.
  • Breaker Box Spear: Spear your opponent into the breaker box located Backstage.
  • TV Monitor Spear: Spear your opponent into the TV box located Backstage.
  • Car Finisher: Perform a Finisher on top of the Car in the Parking Lot

Plus, the following OMG Moments are also nowhere to be found in WWE 2K22, including many of the Superstar-Specific ones:

  • Skull Crushing Big Boot: Perform a Big Boot to an opponent leaning against the Ring Post. 
  • Outside Superplex: Superplex your opponent to the ringside area.
  • Break-Out Finisher: Finish your opponent by throwing him through the wall of the Steel Cage. This results in winning a Steel Cage Match.
  • Super Dropkick (Roman Reigns Dropkick): Dropkick an opponent draped across the bottom rope.
  • Multiple Attitude Adjustments (John Cena): Be like John Cena and perform two Attitude Adjustments in a row.
  • Powerbomb Into Boston Crab (Samoa Joe):  Powerbomb and pin combination that immediately transitions into a Boston Crab submission.
  • Corkscrew Leg Drop (RVD): Perform a corkscrew leg drop against an opponent draped over the barricade wall.
  • Chair Throw / Spinning Back Kick (Van Daminator - RVD): This was added back to the game with DLC as an exclusive move for Rob Van Dam.
  • Kendo-Assisted Yes! Lock (Daniel Bryan): Use the kendo stick to apply the Yes! Lock submission.
  • Unicorn Stampede (New Day): Continuously stomp your cornered opponent in a Tag Team Match. 
  • Triple Powerbomb 1 (The Shield): Powerbomb your opponent with the help of two allies.
  • Triple Powerbomb 2 (The Shield): Powerbomb your opponent from the top rope with the help of two allies.

Removed Abilities

The following is the list of Abilities & Paybacks that have actually been completely removed from the game. In most cases, this is because they're no longer relevant or compatible with the gameplay changes that have been made in WWE 2K22.

  1. Technician: An ability that lowered the Stamina cost for reversals. Stamina is no longer much prominent in the game.
  2. Teamwork: Damage inflicted by double team moves and Tag Team finishers is increased.
  3. Fan Favorite: Increased the time window to complete a Superstar's Comeback Sequence.
  4. Immovable Object: Decreased the chance that a Superstar will fall to his knees when hit by a strong or running strike. 
  5. Mouthpiece: A Superstar's manager will distract the referee and provide a Stamina Boost.
  6. Promo Abilities: The Promo Abilities have been removed, as Promos are no longer present in WWE Universe. These include: Brawl, Taunt and Stare Down.

Removed Paybacks

  1. Earn Finisher: This gave you a free Finisher.
  2. Earn Reversal: This gave you a free reversal stock. It's been removed, as limited reversal stocks are no longer in the game
  3. Auto-Reversal: This gave you an automatic reversal. It's been removed, as limited reversal stocks are no longer in the game
  4. Fists of Fury: A temporary buff that increased your striking power.
  5. Speed Buff: A temporary buff that enhanced your speed and agility.
  6. Adrenaline Buff: A temporary buff that allowed you to lift more weight
  7. Tank Buff: A temporary buff that increased Defense at the expense of mobility
  8. All the 2K Originals Paybacks: all the "supernatural" buffs from WWE 2K20 Originals have been removed. These include: Fortify, Beast Mode, Charged Fury, Electrifying, Rush, and Hands of Fate.

What do you guys think of these changes in WWE 2K22? Are you happy with Abilities and Skills now being mostly available to all Superstars? Do you miss any of the removed OMG Moments?

Leave your comments down below if you know about the unconfirmed former Skills & OMG moments. For additional Guides on WWE 2K22 check out our WWE 2K22 Guides and Walkthroughs section!

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