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Q: Am I playing against real people in Exhibition Games?

  • Yes and no. You’re playing against a real person’s deck, but the AI controls it. This allows you to have quick uninterrupted gameplay. Perhaps support for actual one-on-one gameplay will arrive in the future, but for now it's all AI.

Q: Am I playing against real people in King of the Ring?

  • Yes and no. You’re playing against a real person’s deck and the decisions they make to energize and play boosts. In the actual match the AI will choose which cards are played for each round. Although unlike Exhibition Games when Tag Team rounds occur the players you set for your Tag Team in KotR will always be played. This ensures you’ll get any bonuses/penalties for compatibility of the two Superstars.

Q: Do my Wins and Losses affect my rewards? Are they tracked for the opponent?

  • No, your Wins/Loss tracker is simply there for fun so you know how well you’ve been doing in your own battles. They do not affect your rewards or the opponents you’re matched with.

Q: How am I matched with opponents?

  • The computer will match you both in Exhibition and King of the Ring based on your Deck Tier (look in the top left for your current tier). Some tiers do have a wide range of opponents to keep it challenging, so when you first enter a new tier you may end up losing a bit more until you’re able to beef your cards up in the new tier. However, playing in higher tiers will net you higher rewards, so the risk is usually worth the reward.

Q: What are Deck Tiers and what do they do?

  • Deck tier is determined by what Superstar and Diva cards are being used in Exhibition mode. Players are matched up against other players of a similar Deck Tier. Additionally, a player’s Deck Tier determines how rare of a card they can win from Exhibition matches. For example, a player with an ‘Epic’ Deck Tier can earn up to an Epic card from Exhibition, while a ‘Super Rare’ Deck Tier can only earn up to a Super Rare card.

Q: How do I earn Credits in the game?

  • Credits can be acquired by purchasing them from the In-App purchase menu. The player will automatically be sent to this menu when attempting to spend more Credits than they currently have.

Q: Why is the King of the Ring Tournament so long?

  • The KotR is a game mode that gives you great rewards for becoming the Champion of the ring. To win those rewards requires dedication and good management of your superstars, time, boosts, and energy. If the game were shorter then the rewards would not be as good, and you’d lose a lot more sleep trying to manage your team constantly.

Q: When should I start a King of the Ring game?

  • It all depends on your strategy. If you want to start earning rewards for a higher tier then hold off starting a KotR right away while you acquire better cards and level up your Superstars. If you want to use KotR to always be delivering free rewards to you then join them as fast as possible. Remember Pro cards of a tier will typically beat non-Pro cards of a higher tier, so getting Pro rewards of a lower tier is not a bad thing at all.

Q: My Tag Team colors match for both players, but I am still not getting a bonus. Why not?

  • To get the bonus in tag team matches you have to match the color, and you have to match the two halves so a diamond is formed (left and right sections for blue, top and bottom for yellow). Matching both with give you a +10% to all your stats for the tag team match.

Q: How do I get a better Diva card?

  • Divas will drop from the Exhibition Rewards Board just like Superstars. They will also drop from purchased packs.

Q: What is the drop percentage of players from the Rewards Board?

  • Although we will not disclose specific percentages, the first time you reach a new major rewards tier (e.g. Super Rare, Ultra Rare, Epic, Legendary) you will be guaranteed to win a card from the tier on your current Rewards Board. After that the percentage chance of getting the highest tier reward in your rewards tier varies by the tier of rewards. Epics and Legendary cards will be difficult to acquire once you reach the Epic and Legendary reward tiers, but there is always a chance your next pull from the board could contain one of those cards. When you’re in the “+” stages of the reward tiers you will have a higher chance of gaining those top rewards.

Q: Why can’t I use my card to Train or Combine? It says it’s “In Use” or “In King of the Ring”.

  • Cards that are in King of the Ring cannot be used to train other cards, or used to Combine until the KotR is over. You’re prevented from doing any action with a card which would result in leaving a blank spot in one of your decks. You will need to swap the card out before you are able to use it to train another card, or combine with a duplicate card.
  • Cards that are in your Exhibition Deck can be Combined but cannot be used to train other cards. This prevents you from accidentally training away cards you’re using in Exhibition games. When you Combine a card that is in use in Exhibition it will be replaced by the resulting Pro card.

Q: I combined two cards to make a Pro card, but after I leveled it the stats are lower than my friend who has the same Pro card. What did I do wrong?

  • The maximum stats possible on a Pro card are based on the level of the two cards used to create it. Always fully level cards before combining them to create the best possible Pro card.
  • When you have 2 of the same card (same rarity, same Superstar) you can Pro them to make them even better. However, to get the most potential out of a Pro card you will want to level up both single cards before you combine them into the Pro card. This maximizes the stats of the resulting Pro card. When you level up the Pro card to max then it's stats will typically be better than the tier above it then. This will increase your wins and the ability to move up the leveling tiers.

Q: Can I change my in game name?

  • No, you’re not able to change your name once you have created your account. This is for security purposes to ensure your account remains tied to your proper login.

Q: What triggers my Superstar's Special Abilities / Signature Moves?

  • Abilities are triggered randomly when the Superstar is played. The chance for the ability to trigger is based on the rarity of the Superstar. Here's the current trigger percentages:
    • Uncommon - 15%
    • Rare - 17.5%
    • Super Rare - 20%
    • Ultra Rare - 25%
    • Epic - 30%
    • Legendary - 33%
    • Survivor - 36%
    • WrestleMania - 40%


Q: How do I send in a feedback ticket?

  • You can send in a Feedback ticket by going to Options from the Main Screen and tapping Feedback.

Q: Should two junk cards be combined before using them to train another card?

  • The answer is, yes. For example (not real numbers), if you take 2 Common cards and train them into a card it may raise xp 20 points. If you take the same 2 Common cards though that are capable of being Combined and Combine them first then train the resulting Pro card into another card the XP will go up to 25 points. It is better to Combine cards you plan to train away if you can.

Q: Can I log in from more than one device?

  • Yes. If you use the same login across multiple devices then you will have the same deck of cards on each device. So logging with the same Game Center account on your iPad and your iPhone will give you the same account and cards.

Q: Are all of the superstars pulled evenly? Like is a SR John Cena any more or less hard to pull than a SR Darren Young?

  • They are all pulled evenly. Essentially when a card is pulled there are two "rolls" that occur. First a roll is done to determine the rarity (Common, Uncommon, Rare, etc.). That roll is weighted towards certain rarities based on your deck tier. Once the rarity of the card pulled is determined a second roll is done to determine the player. That roll is a straight up non-weighted roll of all players in that rarity. For example, if there are a 100 players in a rarity then the odds are 1 in 100 to get a particular player.

Q: I went from Super Rare to Super Rare+ tier. Don't I get a freebie?

  • You do not. You only get the guaranteed drop when entering a new rarity (Super Rare, Ultra Rare, etc.). The plus tiers do not guarantee a drop but increase your percentage of getting that rarity off the board.

Q: But I've been at Super Rare+ for ages and haven't drawn anything from that tier yet. What am I doing wrong?

  • You're not doing anything wrong, it is just luck. Super Rare++ has a better shot at a Super Rare card than Super Rare+, or just Super Rare, but it is still random.

Q: Some cards aren't displaying properly. I'm getting just a silhouette with three red arrows pointing down. Why is this happening?

  • That is our generic image when your app hasn't finished downloading new images yet. If you go to the Main screen and look for a green download arrow in the bottom left you will see how much longer to download the new data. Sometimes if there is a network issue during the download the data may not integrate properly. You can fix that by simply going to the Main screen and waiting for a minute or so, or sometimes you have force close the app and restart it to initiate the download again. We will release new cards frequently so you will have to download those new card images frequently. We don't stop you from playing though waiting on the download so sometimes you will see that generic image.

Q: I have two cards of the same rarity and same superstar, but I cannot combine them. Why is this?

  • Chances are that one of them has been acquired in a different method to the other, for example cards from the Ladder Rewards are not the same as cards picked from the board. These cannot be combined as they are not identical.

Q: I've somehow got two accounts on my devices. Is there a way to merge two accounts?

  • Unfortunately, you can't merge two accounts.

Q: What does it mean to "Set as Champ"?

  • Setting as champ doesn't really change much except for which card will basically be your avatar in the game. When you choose to play other players, you can see which card they've chosen as their champ, but it doesn't have any bearing on stats or influence on the game, so whoever you want can be your champ.

Q: What are the maximum cards I can have?

  • You can have up to 130 cards at a time. Unlocking a card will unlock it in your catalog, so don't worry about keeping them all.

Q: Why do I see people with so few wins in Survivor or higher tiers?

  • Players can easily make purchases of Survivor cards from the main menu, tying in to the "Pay to get farther, faster" style of gameplay that some people choose to use. It doesn't imply cheating or anything, just that they paid to get to that point.

Q: Is this a pay to win game?

  • Not really. You can pay to unlock rarer and more powerful cards, but it will immediately put you into higher ranking levels against stiffer competition, and having a rarer card doesn't automatically mean you can win. Good training and Pro cards go a long way. Paying will make it faster to advance, but you can unlock lots of cards and have just as much fun for no money at all.

Q: I want to play WWE SuperCard, but I don't have a smartphone!

  • If you have a Windows computer, you're in luck! Just go to www.bluestacks.com and you can download the BlueStacks App Player, which will let you connect to the Google Play Store and download WWE SuperCard and play it right from your PC!

Q: Do I have to spend my picks when I earn them?

  • No. In fact, despite earning 2 picks for every win and 1 pick for every loss, you can hold onto your picks for as long as you'd like, especially if you're looking to spend them at a higher ranking.

Q: Ladder award isn't showing up, help!

  • If your ladder reward isn't showing up, play a single match then restart the app, it'll show up in the collection after that.

Q: I hate waiting for the matches, is there a way to make them go faster?

  • There is! When playing a match tap the screen and watch it fly!

Q: I'd like to restart my progress, how do I start over?

  • You go to the main menu, then options and log out. click play and login to another service. If you're using Google or Facebook for a login, you can delete your data from here for Google and here for Facebook

Q: What is the reset counter? How does it work?

  • There is a counter that keeps track of how many reset cards you have pulled since you received a card equal to the tier you're currently playing in. When that counter reaches a certain value (higher for higher tiers) then the next reset card you pull will guarantee you a card in your current tier. Then the counter resets back to zero and you start building it back up. If you move down tiers where the reset value is lower, and you draw a card equal to that tier, then your counter will reset to zero. So play "down" at your own risk per se. It's best to always play in your tier.

Q: How are competitor tiebreakers dealt with in KotR for qualifiers? For example, if you have 4 players in 8th spot with the same record.

  • It's a coin flip.

Q: How are the brackets set up in the King of the Ring tournament?

  • They're the same as nearly every seeded single elimination tournament setup around the world.
    • 1 v 8
    • 4 v 5
    • 3 v 6
    • 2 v 7

Q: Can you get a People's Champion Challenge or Road to Glory card from the board?

  • No, you can't. The cards are specific to their events, however there may be chances to acquire losing PPC cards in the future.

Sources: Cat Daddy Games / 2K Forums | Reddit

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