Superstar, Divas & Legends Cards

  • Every Superstar Card in WWE SuperCard has four different statistics: Power (POW), Toughness (TGH), Speed (SPD), and Charisma (CHA). These numbers are based upon their real-life counterparts. So someone like Rey Mysterio Jr. will use his quickness to beat down a tougher foe like Mark Henry.
  • Cards come in different Rarity Tiers. The higher a card’s rarity tier is, the higher their stat threshold will be. Some wrestlers may appear in Common slots, while others may only appear in higher card tiers.
  • Cards of the same Superstar and of the same Rarity Tier can be combined to form a more powerful Pro Card. You can also set one of your cards as your Champion Card which represents your profile when people play against you.
  • Fusion Cards: Special Superstar Cards created by combining certain cards according to a 'recipe' that is defined in the "Fusion Chamber". They are are amongst the highest rated cards in each tier. [Read: Fusion Chamber Guide]
  • Throwback Cards: Cards featuring legendary characters that can only be acquired by purchasing the in-game Throwback Packs.
  • Event Exclusive Cards: Special, more powerful cards, only available as rewards for partecipating and winning in Road To Glory, People's Champion Challenge and Ring Domination events. These cards are only featured in the highest Rarity tier available at the moment of release.

Cards Rarity Tiers

Season 1 & 2:

  1. Common: Grey cards
  2. Uncommon: Green cards
  3. Rare: Blue cards
  4. Super Rare: Dark Blue cards
  5. Ultra Rare: Purple cards
  6. Epic: Orange cards
  7. Legendary: Yellow cards
  8. Survivor: Red cards
  9. Wrestlemania: Black cards (in Season 1); Dark Blue cards (in Season 2)
  10. SummerSlam: Summer themed cards

Season 3:

  1. Hardened: Featuring promising Superstars from WWE and NXT
  2. Elite: Featuring WWE’s veteran Superstars and WWE Legends
  3. Ultimate: Featuring the current “best of the best” from the WWE Universe
  4. WrestleMania 33
  5. SummerSlam '17

Season 4:

  1. Beast
  2. Monster
  3. Titan

Other Types of Cards

  • Support Cards: Support cards consist in managers, weapons, objects, taunts, or other WWE-related items, and can affect you or your opponent’s stats during the match type they are used in. These are also available in multiple Rarity Tiers. [Read: More details on Support Cards]
  • Enhancement Cards: You can equip up to five, temporary, multi-charge statistics enhancements on Season 2 cards, one for each ratings slot and one for a card’s special ability.
  • Energy Cards: Energy cards will replenish the entire stamina bar of the chosen Superstar or Diva during a King of The Ring Tournament. [Read: King of the Ring Guide]
  • Title Match Cards: Cards that double the possible points won for the next match in People's Champion Challenge and Road To Glory modes
  • Pick Doubler Cards: Cards that double the amount of picks won for the next match in the Ring Domination mode.

Cards Training

Every Superstar or Diva card can be trained by discarding your unwanted cards of any rarity tier to be converted into XP to help level up the Superstar or Diva card of your choice. The card levels can be seen in the lower left corner of each card, represented by a vertical bar. The bar indicates your current level (top number) as well as the card's max level (bottom number), and a visual representation of the current amount of XP in that level. A card's max level can increase depending on rarity and Pro level.

Gaining levels will increase the card's base stats making it more and more powerful, which will also increase your rank level. You cannot use cards to train other cards if they're currently "In Use" in any of the modes. If a card is listed as In Use, you may need to remove it from your decks before it will allow you to train with it.

Cards Combining: Pro Cards

Another method that allows you to upgrade your cards is called combining. If you own any two of the exact same cards (name and rarity), you can combine them into a more powerful card which will then become a Pro version of that card. Cards of any rarity level can be combined, and both of the combined cards are lost and replaced by the Pro version.

The ultimate aim of creating a Pro version of a card, is to make it as strong as it can possibly be, and you can only achieve this by first fully-training the two cards which you are combining to create it. Once these two fully-trained cards are combined it creates a Perfect Pro. Pro cards that have been maxed out will have a golden star, while Pro cards that haven't been maxed out before combining will have a silver star.

Once you have a Perfect Pro, you’ll find it being just as capable as a card one rarity tier above, perhaps even better. So your Perfect Rare could beat a Super Rare, your Perfect Super Rare could topple an Ultra Rare, so on and so forth.

References: Reddit | Giant Bomb

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