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SvR 2009 Xbox 360 Achievements Full List
  1. Congrats are in order - 10G
    Win an Exhibition match.
  2. Smokin' - 20G
    Defeat Kane in an Inferno Match.
  3. Create A Finisher - 10G
    Defeat an opponent using a Created Finisher in a match.
  4. A brawl to end them all - 30G
    Win in both a Locker Room Brawl and Backstage Brawl.
  5. Cena Story - 20G
    Complete Cena's story in Road to WrestleMania mode.
  6. Triple H Story - 40G
    Complete Triple H's DX and Evolution route in Road to WrestleMania mode.
  7. Undertaker Story - 20G
    Complete Undertaker's story in Road to WrestleMania mode.
  8. Chris Jericho Story - 20G
    Complete Chris Jericho's story in Road to WrestleMania mode.
  9. Mysterio & Batista Story - 40G
    Complete Mysterio & Batista's story in Road to WrestleMania mode using both Superstars.
  10. Bonus Collector - 150G
    Obtain all bonuses in Road to WrestleMania mode.
  11. Gold Rush - 60G
    In Career mode, win every WWE Championship at least once.
  12. A year in the life - 100G
    Complete 1 year of Career Mode playing each match.
  13. Unstoppable - 60G
    Use a created Superstar and obtain 6 abilities in Career Mode.
  14. 5 Hall of Famers - 100G
    In Career mode, induct 5 Superstars to the Hall of Fame.
  15. Lights, Camera, Action! - 30G
    Create at least 1 original WWE highlight reel.
  16. Hot Tag - 30G
    Perform a hot tag in a tag team match and win.
  17. The end of the road - 200G
    Complete Road to WrestleMania mode using each selectable Superstar.
  18. 5 Stars - 60G
    In Career mode, Obtain a 5-Star match rating.


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