WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2010 features two new match types: the Championship Scramble and the Mixed (intergender) Tag Team Match. However, the big deal is the revamping of the Royal Rumble Match, with the inclusion of fitting mini-games and Royal Rumble Finishers, for a more realistic elimination system and a life-like experience.


Unlike previous versions of the Royal Rumble, ring-outs in SVR 2010 won't just be button-mashing minigames. Inspired but the system used in WWE Legends of WrestleMania game, SVR 2011 features several different types of ring-outs in the game, each with a slightly different control scheme:

Middle rope elimination: The most straightforward of the bunch, this ring-out is accomplished by rapidly pressing the button shown on screen. If you've got an AI wrestler or two helping out, the chance of eliminating your opponent increases. If you're on a defense and have a finisher stored up, you can instantly escape middle rope elimination by pressing the right bumper (R1 on PS3).

Bottom rope elimination: When attempting an elimination here, a meter will pop up; to ring-out your opponent, you'll need to stop a cursor in the meter's blue target zone by pressing the A button (X on PS3). If you've got a finisher on defense, you can escape by pressing the right bumper (R1).

Corner elimination: This one's all about timing. When attempting to eliminate an opponent in the corner, you'll see a button icon appear on screen; press it before your opponent and you'll gain an advantage--do it enough times and you'll eliminate him. Again, if you have a finisher stored you can escape a corner elimination by pressing the right bumper (R1).

Eliminations in the match are done either by mini-games in these areas or by the player using finishing moves to eliminate other wrestlers. Finishing moves can also save wrestlers from elimination. Double or triple eliminations are also supported.


In this brand new match type, two wrestlers start off the match and a new competitor enters at specific intervals during the timed match. Eventually, five wrestlers are in the ring at once and if any one of them scores a pinfall, he is declared the title holder. The last man holding the title once the timer runs out leaves as the championl. You have three match-length options in the Championship Scramble matches: five, ten, or twenty minutes and you can choose when your wrestler enters the ring or set it to random. Anything goes in this match, including the use of foreign objects like chairs, sledgehammers and two-by-fours, so you'll need to be on your toes at all times.


The only way to play intergender matches is now through the new Mixed Tag Team match (2 vs. 2), as WWE wanted to apply this restriction for Divas.

The number of different backstage areas in the Backstage Brawl match has been increased from two to five areas.

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