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I'm really happy to finally make public a project that have been worked on for quite some time. If you're looking for accurate and realistic attributes to assign to the in-game superstars or to your CAWs of real-life wrestlers, well, this is the right place to find them: the largest and most accurate attributes guide EVER created is here, and that includes:


 ..making it in 4 different pages filled with accurate attributes, for a total of 301 names!

Too bad this year we can assign attributes only by 5 and not by 1, otherwise it would have been even better! For the guide to be as realistic as possible, some strick criterias have been used and the stats of every single wrestler went through a changing and comparing process multiple times. I have also added an epic sorting functionality to the tables that allow to sort them by any column you want in both ascendent and descendent order, and that's pretty important and unique in my opinion. The only thing I'm disappointed with, is that due to the in-game weight class restrictions, some attributes can't be assigned (for example a Light Heavyweight can't have more than 80 in durability), but that's not our fault. You will see an asterisk near the number in this occurrence.

Also, the guide is going to be constantly updated (until the end of 2011), if a wrestler changes brand or if he improves/becomes worse in a certain category along the way. Of course we are opened to suggestions and corrections, but make sure, if you have one, to explain exactly why you feel a certain stat is wrong and why you think it should be changed to something else. And even though the guide features an uncountable amount of names, we are also opened to adding new wrestlers under user suggestions.

I want to personally thank Vee Is Me for helping me with this guide, especially with the "Other Wrestlers & Legends" page which has been the hardest and the longest to do.

That's all, now.. enjoy!

Andy Badwool

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