WWE action is redefined with new Predator Technology! This new system delivers a fresh and strategic gameplay experience that looks, feels and plays better than ever before. The gameplay you have demanded is finally here with the most fluid WWE action and realistic animations to date in a WWE videogame, improved A.I. and an all-new Breaking Point submission system!

    When John Cena's suplexing an opponent, a third Superstar can punch Cena and break up the move. All moves in the game can be interrupted (even Finishers and mini-games like the Royal Rumble eliminations), but only at certain points in the animation: so if your performing a move it can be broken up at anytime except for the last quarter part of the animation, so you don’t run into unsightly looking animations.
    When you're slammed to the mat at the beginning of a bout, you're going to sell the move and get up at the same time so that the match keeps a fast-paced feel. When you're getting up from any move, you're going to have a window to strike before you're even to your feet. Animations change based on weight classes. There are new "attach points" for moves so that hands and legs lock to certain points in certain moves and don't clip through bodies. Also people don't warp to the center of the ring for a 5-Knuckle Shuffle and similar moves anymore; the move happens where it happens and adapts itself based on the position
    The new Submission system is called the Breaking Point Submission system and works very well. Once you slap on say Del Rio's Cross Arm Breaker a greyish text graphic pops on the screen that says Breakout and the object is to fill that graphic red or stop your opponent from fill it. This is done by mashing the face buttons and there is a failsafe is in place to punish people who use turbo controllers. Also for the player that is in the submission, they have the option while button mashing the face button to use the left stick to navigate to the ropes and get a rope break. THQ informed us that there will not be an animation of the superstar actually reaching out an grabbing on to the ropes though (because of technical reasons) and they are working to get this in future games.
    To do a perform a Wake Up Taunt you press up on the D-pad when your opponent is down on the mat and you have a signature or a finisher. Basically, you know how Randy Orton pounds the ground before he goes to hit his Finisher on TV? That can happen in the game now.
    This replaces the Kip Up ability. Every time we see Cena do his same three moves to the 5 Knuckle Shuffle or Randy Orton get on his crazy streak of clotheslines with a powerslam at the end; well all this will be possible in WWE’12. So, they way it works is…. Essentially after you have the crap kicked out of you for awhile you have the chance to trigger this ability by running at your opponent and pressing the Y button. If you are successful this puts you in a mini game where you have to press the Y button before each move before your opponent does to initiate the next move. If completed, you will have gained a signature and the ability to get a finisher completely getting you back into the match. If you don’t complete it though and fail to comeback, you will not get that opportunity again. It is a one-time only feature in each match. There will be 8-10 comebacks to choose from.
  • AI:
    This year that the goal is to make this years normal difficulty the legend difficulty from previous years. But its more than just an increase of reversals, the AI is much more intelligent this year. It remembers the moves that not only you are doing, but the moves its doing as well. One example that was explained to us was that in previous games you would see the computer AI pick up a chair and instead of using it, just throw it down. This year...if the AI picks up a chair or another weapon, you're going to get clobbered with it. The AI is much more aggressive and can have you reeling at certain points in the match.
    There is no more mashing buttons to escape a pin. It is now exclusively about stopping the moving line in the "blue zone" (a hold and release system.) As the match progresses, it gets harder and harder to time the meter. This pinning system also encourages players to try to win with a finisher, as it gives the pinned opponent less attempts to try to kick out. They might have one chance to kick out instead of two or three. Other changes to this meter system is the fact that the location of the "blue zone" is in a different spot every time.
    You have an adrenaline meter that pops up and starts to drain as you run. When the Adrenaline meter has been depleted you have to execute more offense on your opponent to build some of it back up to run again. Oh, and that horrible falling animation when stamina ran out in past games has been removed. When you do, you just walk slowly.
    The momentum meter and finishers have seen a change in WWE’12. The little halo underneath your character is gone and is replaced with a meter. That meter will fill up throughout the match the more you beat down your opponent. Once it starts flashing, you will be able to perform your signature and once completed you will be given a flaming F (for finisher) which will provide you with a more powerful finisher then one you get if the game auto stores it for you. With that said, finisher storing has returned. You can’t manually do it, for now, but it’s worth mentioning as it automatically stores it after a certain amount of time.
    With default controls grappling is now tied to the A button. Pressing A puts you in the chain grapple system that you have seen in past games. Once you have grapple with A you can hit the Right Analog Stick in a direction to change to a different grapple position just like previous years. Or you can from the start hit the direction of the grapple position you want to be in with A to grab your opponent right in that grapple position. Your four strong moves are done with a direction and grapple button while the opponent is groggy. There are no Ultimate Control Grapples anymore.
    When in grapple, you can hold RB and press one of the face buttons. Each button will represent a part of the body you attack; Y for the head, X or B for the arms, and A for the legs. The more damage you do on each limb, specific attributes or abilities will be affected depending on the area. Example: if you focus on the head, the opponent will be groggy longer and will have a hard time getting up. Or if you focus on the arms, when you lock in a submission, the percentage of your opponent giving up goes higher (especially when using Alberto’s Cross-Arm Breaker finisher).
    Reversals have been totally retooled this year, which means no more spamming R Trigger and getting a reversal. If you reverse a finisher you get one of your own. THQ pointed out the the Rock, Paper, Scissors system that they still have in place: strikes beat grapples, and the big addition is standard grapples/strikes beat running grapples/strikes. This is another way to stop the running spammers. Reversal is still with one button.
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