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What is the difference between a Branching Story and a Linear Story?

In the Create a Story mode, Scenes and Matches can be selected to create Moments. By default, a Story is treated as linear and every Scene/Match Moment will be played in the order they are placed on the Show Calendar.

However if a Branching animation is chosen with multiple Answer selections for a Scene Moment, or a Match Moment is created with multiple win condition possibilities, the Story will automatically be taken to the Branch Flow Screen. In this scenario, individual Moments are played based on the branch path selections that are made for each preceding Moment.

How can I string together Scene and Match Moments on the Branch Flow Screen?

In order to make sure Moment Groups are linked together, paths must be created from the Answers of one Moment to following Moments. This can be done by selecting the created Moment and selecting Change Path, then selecting an Answer/Result to assign a path to the next Moment. Any Moment that is not linked to another Moment will be considered an Orphaned Moment, which will never be played in the Story. [An Orphaned Moment is depicted as a half-filled rectangle.]

Example: For the first of the following Story, there is a branching Scene with three answers.  If Answer 1 is selected when the Story is played, a path to another Scene Moment is assigned to be the next Moment.  If Answer 2 is selected, a path to a Match Moment is assigned.  If Answer 3 is selected, a third Moment will be the following Moment and so forth.

What is a Starting Group in a Branching Story?

The Starting Group is the Moment Group which begins the Story. Every other linked Moment will follow this Moment. The Starting Group can be changed by selecting a Moment for the desired starting point and selecting Starting Group. 

Why am I being asked, “Are you sure you want to overwrite this Custom Story? The previous data will be deleted.”?

When playing a Created Story, progress can be saved upon exiting. When returning to the Created Story, the Continue selection is enabled and may be selected to return to the latest point played.


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