Define your legacy in MyCAREER competing in epic matches and making critical choices while rising through the ranks from NXT to WWE, to earn a spot in the WWE Hall of Fame. Train, compete against others, and now define your character in personality-driven interviews and through the forging of alliances and rivalries.

The WWE 2K16 MyCareer Mode

The franchise's career-driven mode, now in its second year, lets players create a custom Superstar and guide them through a career in the WWE. You will dive into the rankings of NXT to learn the ropes from your trainer, Jason Albert, and progress to earning a spot on the main roster. Delivering great matches allows you to upgrade your Superstar’s attributes, abilities, and skills, while you’re able to spend your salary for learning new moves, hiring managers, and other boosts.

You can create your own rivalries against other WWE superstars, as well as choose other matches to run in on. The run-ins will let you establish/cement rivalries, as well as gain new tag team partners. As you pass through the WWE ranks from NXT to Raw, with the ultimate goal of getting into the WWE Hall of Fame, you’ll not only go up against top WWE Superstars, but you’ll also be able to square off against those custom characters created by your friends through the Career Invasion feature.

You’ll be able to shape your character’s personality via post-match interviews (conducted by Renee Young) that factor your answers into your Face/Heel status and your Personality Traits.

Finally, you’ll have encounters with The Authority; your storyline will vary, based on whether or not you choose to cooperate with The Authority’s directives.

More Details

  • The MyCareer in WWE 2K16 mode will last up to 15 years with the goal of reaching the WWE Hall of Fame. Winning the WWE Championship will not skip to the end of your career like it did in WWE 2K15. You will be able to win the WWE Championship multiple times.
  • You can stay on NXT as long as you want in WWE 2K16 MyCareer.
  • The 5-Star Match Rating system will be shown on the top left corner during MyCareer matches, allowing you to see the rating as it fills in real time based on factors such as move variety, match drama, etc.
  • You will be able to see the Match Cards for each show you partecipate in, as well as the Champions and Title Rankings for each title in WWE 2K16 MyCareer, with the freedom of joining in a certain title conterdership.

Allies & Rivals

  • There is an allies/rivals system in WWE2K16 MyCareer which features an intensity meter. When the rival meter with a certain superstar reaches maximum level, a rivalry with him is triggered.
  • In this year's MyCareer you will also be able to form Tag Teams and go for the Tag Team Titles.
  • In addition to the face/heel alignment, there are also more specific personality traits (click here for the full list) attached to your character and to each WWE Superstar in MyCareer, which will be impacted by your choices.

Run-In Feature

In WWE 2K16 MyCareer you will be able to interfere in matches via the "Run-In" feature, which lets you choose:

  • Timing (Entrance, beginning of the match, end of the match)
  • Location of your attack (Stage, Ramp, Barricade, Ring etc.)
  • Target: the targeted superstar

There is a new Manager system for the players. When at ringside, you will be presented with a unique camera angle and several options to impact the outcome of the match, like distracting a competitor, the Referee, break-up a pin or taking direct control of your character. There is an exit gauge that limits the amount of actions you can perform at ringside before getting ejected.

Hall of Fame

You can reach the Hall of Fame in WWE 2K16 MyCareer by clearing one primary goal or three secondary goals:

Main Goals (5)

  • Hold any title for 365 days
  • Hold every championship at least once
  • Be a 10 time title holder
  • Win every WrestleMania match in your career (Must be 12 or more wins)
  • Lose every match in your career for 3 years (once reaching NXT)

Sub Goals (7)

  • Be a 3 time Royal Rumble winner
  • Main event WrestleMania 3 times in your career
  • Main event SummerSlam 3 times in your career
  • Be a 3 time WWE Champion
  • Be a 5 time Intercontinental Champion
  • Be a 3 time Tag Team Champion with the same tag partner
  • Beat a WWE Alumni (The Rock, Sting, Brock Lesnar, Triple H)


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