Building on last year’s foundation, WWE 2K16’s Creation Suite deepens the player’s arsenal with new and returning features, including Create a Diva, Create a Championship, Create an Arena, and Create a Show. Key improvements have also been made to existing fan-favorite offerings, including Create a Superstar, Create an Entrance, Moveset, Superstar Studio and Community Creations.

Create A Superstar & Create A Diva

  • The mode is significantly more extensive than in last year's game, with many more options for morphing, hair, etc.
  • Create-A-Superstar Face Parts: 105 Hairstyles, 12 Eyebrows, 80 Facial Hair Styles, 9 Eye Makeups, 4 Lipsticks, 10 Marks and Scars
  • Create-A-Diva Face Parts: 35 Hairstyles, 6 Eyelashes, 15 Eyeshadows, 45 Piercings, 6 Lipsticks
  • A major advance has been the addition of face textures. This year you can individually map out the facial features to allow you to be much more precise and accurate. These options are available not only for the frontal view, but also for the side of the face, significantly improving the precision of the face texture.
  • The new hair dying option can be used for both male and female and it has no limitations, so if you wanted you could give a superstar rainbow hair à la Jeff Hardy.
  • However, much like last year, you won't be able to edit the face or the hair of in-game Superstars.
  • The game features around 10 different clothing templates such as a Referee outfits or Christmas Attires for Divas
  • As previously reported, WWE 2K16 will allow for 100 Create-A-Superstar Slots, of which 3 can be used in MyCareer.

Create An Arena (& Create A Show)

  • All features and options that were present in the Last Gen version of Create An Arena make a return in WWE 2K16, and thanks to the Next Gen power there are a lot more possibilities available.
  • You can freely move around and customize the elements of the stage
  • You can individually swap the Titantron type, it's not necessarily tied to the Preset Stage that you selected
  • You can place 3D objects and props on the stage, like LED Boards, cars, ambulances, ladders, etc. Similarly to "Create-a-Superstar" you can't use an unlimited amount of objects, but you have 128 points available.
  • There are 30 Preset Stage Designs to choose from (click here for the full list)
  • Some preset stage design will only work if you select the corresponding large arena size. For example, WrestleMania sets you will not be available to be used in NXT-sized Arena.
  • There will be 5 different sizes of arenas, ranging from a small NXT hall, all the way up to the huge WrestleMania arena style.
  • In addition, you have a choice between 6 different crowd types: 2015, 1996, 1997-1998, 1999-2003, WCW, ECW.
  • You can now also customize the Steel Steps
  • You can add LED Boards to the ring apron, selecting between the preset ones (like Raw or NXT) or making your custom ones with your own logos.
  • Logos on the apron can now be fully stretched again, as opposed to the last few years on last gen where an issue prevented this from being possible.
  • The mode also overalls loads much faster compared to Last Gen.
  • Create-A-Show is an supplement to Create An Arena and is similar to how you edited a show in WWE Universe: you select a show logo, nameplates, banners, match-up screen, etc, but with many more customization options added, not only selecting styles but also the ability to import and add your own logos to the graphics.

Create A Championship

  • The mode now allows to create fully customized championships, compared to the basic editor previously seen on last gen.
  • You can individually swap and add parts and plates to your custom Championship, and move them around and position them freely
  • You can also use design and upload your own images, allowing you to accurately create titles from any wrestling company
  • Presets include titles and belts elements from WWE 2K15, WWE, NXT, WCW and ECW

Create An Entrance & Create A Moveset

  • In "Create-an-Entrance" there are several additional motions available compared to WWE 2K15, including entrances for superstars that did not make it into the game such as AJ Lee and The Great Khali (but no sign of CM Punk)
  • However, all the legacy Preset Entrances from previous games in the series did not make a return.
  • Figthing Styles have been added as a Quick Edit tin Create-A-Moveset, in addition to the Preset Movesets: Aerialist, Brawler, Giant, Powerhouse, Showboat, Striker and Technician.

In addition, a new "Edit Logo" feature has been added, giving you the ability to customize the colors of any logo, either in-game logos or downloaded logos. It's possible to individually paint areas of a logo, or even delete areas to make the background transparent.

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