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(NOTE: R1 / L1 = PS3 and RB/LB = XBOX 360)

  • Blocking

    Blocking is essential for success in this game.
    A defensive strategy can bring you honor and fame.
    Hold down the RB/R1 to block quick attacks,
    Be forewarned: no effect on grabs or aerial acts.
  • Counter (Strike)

    Press RB/R1 before you are hit,
    Unless it's a strong or charged, for you'll get lit.
  • Counter (Grab)

    Press LB/L1 before a grapple,
    But not when they're charged, else you'll be made into a new Snapple.
  • Counter (Aerial Attacks)

    Press RB/R1 or LB/L1 when your opponent is in the air,
    If pressed before he connects, you'll make him wish he never dared.
  • Mid-Move Reversals

    When you see the icon, press LB/L1 or RB/R1.
    You'll gaze in amazement when you witness what you've done.
  • Reversals off of Reversals

    Reversals off of reversals are tricky to do,
    But if you hit LB/L1 or RB/R1, you've mastered it, dude.
    Just press the button when you see the icon prompt,
    And you'll see a hole in the body you just stomped!
  • Reversal Blockers

    You can block a reversal attempt by paying close attention,
    Just hit the correct button when the icon on the screen is mentioned.
    Press LB/L1 or RB/R1 at the right time to show
    That you're the best All Star that you'll ever know!

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