ECW Hardcore Revolution
Game Series ECW
Release Date February 1, 2000
Platforms PlayStation 1Game Boy ColorDreamcastNintendo 64
Publisher Asmik Ace Entertainment
Developer Sculptured Software

ECW Hardcore Revolution is a wrestling video game released by Acclaim Entertainment, based on the professional wrestling promotion Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW). The game was released for the Nintendo 64, PlayStation, Game Boy Color, and Dreamcast in 2000. Acclaim released the sequel, ECW Anarchy Rulz, in August 2000.

Official Game Description:

All of the barbed wire and blood from Extreme Championship Wrestling comes to the PlayStation with ECW: Hardcore Revolution. Choose from 40 wrestlers and square off in the ring with 20 different match types: Three Way Dance, Death Match, Tornado, Lumberjack, and Battle Royal to name just a few. Commentary from Joey Styles will make you think you are watching a live match. ECW: Hardcore Revolution lets you wrestle without the fear of injury.

Ready for some extreme wrestling? ECW: Hardcore Revolution features three all-new ECW arenas, including ECW: The Madhouse of Extreme (NYC), The ECW Arena (Philly), and Pay-Per-View Events. Experience over 20 game modes that push the extreme, including the first ever "Barbed-Wire Match." ("Ouch!" is an understatement). Customize your Pay-Per-View mode using a selection of eight wrestler matches. The Career mode allows you to follow in the footsteps of the infamous ECW TV schedule (including "Hardcore House," "Friday Night Thrill Zone," and "Anarchy Rulz!").

Ready for a change? ECW: Hardcore Revolution invites you to create your own wrestler. Customizable features include move sets, costumes, facial characteristics, entrance themes, and strength. Throw down over 400 punishing moves--including signature moves for each wrestler. Listen to real commentary from announcer Joey Styles while you annihilate your opponents. Among the hardcore weapons, you can choose are cheese graders, kendo-sticks, baseball bats, shovels, and ladders.


1) Amish Roadkill
2) Angel
3) Axl Rotten
4) Balls Mahoney
5) Big Sal
6) Bill Alfonso
7) C.W. Anderson
8) Chris Chetti
9) Cyrus the Virus
10) Danny Doring
11) Jack Victory
12) Jason
13) Jerry Lynn
14) Joel Gertner
15) Joey Styles
16) Judge Jeff Jones
17) Justin Credible
18) Lance Storm
19) Little Guido
20) Louie Spicolli
21) Mike Awesome
22) New Jack
23) Nova
24) Raven
25) Rhino
26) Rob Van Dam
27) Sabu
28) The Sheik
29) Simon Diamond
30) Sound Guy
31) Spike Dudley
32) Steve Corino
33) Super Crazy
34) Taz
35) Tommy Dreamer
36) Tommy Rich
37) Tony Devito
38) Tracy Smothers
39) Wild Bill
40) Yoshihiro Tajiri

1) Beulah McGillicutty
2) Dawn Marie
3) Francine
4) Jazz
5) Nurse

1) A Master
2) Bruzzese
3) Buffone
4) Excel
5) H Slash
6) Mack Daddy
7) Mad Goat
8) Santoro
9) Skull
10) Trainer

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