Following the success of Combination Tag, Fire Pro Wrestling returns for a 2nd Bout! More wrestlers, more moves, more modes, more action, it's all here on your TurboGrafx-16 system! Do you have what it takes to be World Champion? Play as 20 top wrestling stars in Singles & Tag competition; go for glory by competing in the World Championship Series and defeat the very best; prove your worth in the Super Tournament; and dare you face the Elimination challenge with formidable allies & foes? It's all here in 2nd Bout!

Modes of Play

Excite Series (Exhibition)

Compete in either a Singles match, or a Tag match. After selecting your wrestlers, you'll have 3 options: A Lumberjack option which basically means you can choose to allow out-of-the-ring action or not like in Combination Tag; a Time Limit option which you can set how long the match can go on for until it runs out; and a Rounds option, which allows you to set how many rounds a wrestler must win to win a match.

At the Wrestler Select Screen, hold a directional button & SELECT whilst pressing Button I to select any of the four hidden bosses. Down for Carlos Crowther, Left for Great Panther, Up for R.J. Phase, and Right for Rikiouzan.

World Championship Series

Just like its prequel Combination Tag, you compete in 15 matches using a League-esque point system, with Pins & Submissions awarding you 5 points, and DQs & Countouts awarding you 4 points. To qualify, you must obtain enough points in order to proceed. If you don't have enough points to qualify, you lose. There's also a "Pro Mode" (accessable on the title screen by holding Button I, then pressing Right twice, Left, Down 5 times, and Up.), which you must fight against 15 opponents on a harder difficulty, and beating them will unlock the three hidden matches against R.J. Phase & Carlos Crowther in a "Lumberjack Death Match", and a new challenger in Rikiouzan. In Pro Mode, you don't have to worry about points...but should you defeat all 18 of your opponents, you'll unlock a Special Bout against the secret boss Great Panther after the credits have finished. Beat this boss to win the game. This applies to both Single & Tag matches, though in the Tag Match, should you make it to the Special Bout, you'll encounter Rikiouzan & Great Panther. Beat them to win the game.

Super Tournament

It's simple, you play a Tournament with up to 16 wrestlers.

Elimination Match

Returning from Combination Tag is the 5-on-5 Elimination Tag match and works as you would expect, you form a quintet of 5 wrestlers and have them face against another 5 wrestlers. You can play this against the computer, or with a second player.

At the Wrestler Select Screen, hold a directional button & Button II and press Button I to select any of the hidden bosses. Down for Crowther, Left for Panther, Up for Phase, and Right for Rikiouzan.


  1. Akira Maeda (Akira Saeha) [UWF]
  2. Antonio Inoki (Victory Musashi) [NJPW]
  3. Big Van Vader (Hitman Saber) [NJPW]
  4. Genichiro Tenryu (Thunder Ryu) [SWS]
  5. The Great Muta (Blade Musha) [NJPW]
  6. Hulk Hogan (Axe Morgan) [WWF]
  7. Jumbo Tsuruta (Tommy Bomber) [AJPW]
  8. Jushin Thunder Liger (Super Kaiser) [NJPW]
  9. Karl Gotch (Carlos Crowther) [NJPW]
  10. Koji Kitao (Mr. K) [SWS]
  11. Lou Thesz (R.J. Phase) [NJPW]
  12. Masakatsu Funaki (Knack Masakatsu) [UWF]
  13. Pegasus Kid (Masked Unicorn) [NJPW]
  14. Riki Choshu (Hurricane Rikimaru) [NJPW]
  15. Rikidozan (Rikiouzan) [JWA]
  16. Shinya Hashimoto (Crusher Hatamoto) [NJPW]
  17. Stan Hansen (Star Bison) [AJPW]
  18. Tiger Mask (Great Panther) [NJPW]
  19. The Ultimate Warrior (Atomic Blaster) [WWF]
  20. Yoshiaki Fujiwara (Black Kajiwara) [UWF]
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