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WWE Mayhem
Promotion / Series WWE Games
Release Date December 14, 2017
Platforms Android, iOS (iPhone/iPad)
Publisher Reliance Games
Developer Reliance Games

WWE Mayhem is a mobile arcade-style action game featuring WWE Superstars and Legends. Available now, WWE Mayhem is free to download on iOS devices via the App Store, as well as Android smartphones and tablets through Google Play.

WWE Mayhem offers an enhanced gameplay experience, allowing players to unlock unique content when used in conjunction with Mattel’s WWE Retro Figures. Players who have the WWE Retro Figures will be able to scan their figure within the game to unlock WWE Superstars.

“With a spectacular roster of some of the best champions to ever enter the ring, WWE Mayhem lets fans decide which WWE Legends and Superstars are truly the greatest of all time,” said Amit Khanduja, CEO, Reliance Entertainment – Digital.

WWE Mayhem captures all the energy, excitement and emotion of WWE’s live action in a mobile experience that any fan can enjoy,” said Casey Collins, WWE Executive Vice President, Consumer Products. “This new mobile game provides us with another opportunity to engage a global fan base that consumes content across platforms.”

Prove your worth in epic matches with fan-favorites like John Cena, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Triple H, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns, AJ Styles, Undertaker, Seth Rollins, Goldberg, The New Day, Kalisto and many more. Each star features their own hard-hitting signature moves and game-changing reversals to unleash upon any challengers. There are six distinct classes from which to choose, including Brawler, Wildcard, Technician, Powerhouse, Highflyer or Showman.

WWE Mayhem delivers multiple ways to play: take on friends and rivals from around the world in one-versus-one matches, join weekly events and challenges pulled from real-world WWE shows, and enter tag-team match-ups with other champions to defeat all contenders.


  1. AJ Styles
  2. Andre the Giant
  3. Baron Corbin
  4. Batista
  5. Big Cass
  6. Big E
  7. Big Show
  8. Bobby Roode
  9. Braun Strowman
  10. Bray Wyatt
  11. Brock Lesnar
  12. Cesaro
  13. Chris Jericho
  14. Daniel Bryan
  15. Dean Ambrose
  16. Dolph Ziggler
  17. Elias
  18. Enzo Amore
  19. Finn Balor
  20. Goldberg
  21. Jeff Hardy
  22. Jey Uso
  23. Jimmy Uso
  24. Jinder Mahal
  25. John Cena
  26. Kalisto
  27. Kane
  28. Karl Anderson
  29. Kevin Owens
  30. Kofi Kingston
  31. Kurt Angle
  32. Luke Gallows
  33. "Macho Man" Randy Savage
  34. Mankind
  35. Matt Hardy
  36. The Miz
  37. Randy Orton
  38. Ric Flair
  39. The Rock
  40. Roman Reigns
  41. Rusev
  42. Sami Zayn
  43. Samoa Joe
  44. Seth Rollins
  45. Shawn Michaels
  46. Sheamus
  47. Shinsuke Nakamura
  48. Steve Austin
  49. Sting
  50. Triple H
  51. Ultimate Warrior
  52. Undertaker
  53. Xavier Woods

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