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WWE Immortals FAQ: Booster Packs

The following are the WWE Immortals Frequently Asked Questions specifically related to Booster Packs. For all the WWE Immortals Guides, FAQs and Walkthroughs, click here.

Q: Where can I buy a 'Booster Pack'? What are the prices for each of them?

  • Go to 'STORE' and click 'Booster Packs'. There are 6 'Booster Packs' (ICs = Immortals Credits); 'Starter Pack' (prices differ depending on the country you live in), 'Bronze Pack' (8,000 ICs), 'Gear Pack' (25,000 ICs), 'Silver Pack' (35,000 ICs), 'Special Gold Pack' (75,000 ICs) and 'Gold Pack' (100,000 ICs).

Q: How often can I buy a 'Special Gold Pack'?

  • Players can buy this pack ONCE a day. For example, if you buy this pack on a 'Monday' (7.00 am); you can buy it AGAIN on 'Tuesday' (7.00am). Just a reminder, DO NOT change your device time at the same time you want to get the 'Special Gold Pack', as it will mess up your DAILY resetting time.

Q: How many 'Booster Packs' can I buy each day?

  • You can buy 1,000 'Booster Packs' a day if you want to. As long as you've got ENOUGH credits, there are no limits in buying a 'Booster Pack'. The ONLY one that has a DAILY limit is the 'Special Gold Pack', which is ONLY available once a day.

Q: How many 'Starter Packs' can I buy? Does it unlock 'Randy Orton (Evolved) if I buy it?

  • You can ONLY buy the 'Starter Pack' ONCE. And NO, even if you buy the 'Starter Pack', you still won't UNLOCK 'Randy Orton (Evolved) in the STORE. The ONLY way to obtain him is to buy the 'Special Gold Packs' and 'Gold Packs'.

Credits: WWE_Zero | WB Games Community



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