The following are the WWE Immortals Frequently Asked Questions specifically related to Challenges. For all the WWE Immortals Guides, FAQs and Walkthroughs, click here.

What is the aim of a Challenge?

  • The aim of the challenge is to win an exclusive gold tier Character that is not available for purchase in the store.

How long does a Challenge last?

  • Challenges can run for approximately 2 - 3 weeks.  Earlier Challenges ran for close to 3 weeks.  Now, it is closer to 2 weeks per Challenge.

How often are Challenges added to the game?

  • At least 2 per month. There used to be a week or 2 gap between Challenges.  Now, new Challenges are expected to begin as soon as the previous one ends.

What does a Challenge consist of?

  • A Challenge consists of 3 Difficulty levels (Standard; Expert; Nightmare).
  • There are 5 Missions per Difficulty level.
  • Each Mission contains a number of Battles.
  • Missions 1-4 have 12 Battles.
  • Mission 5 has 15 battles.
  • Mission 5-Battle 15 is a Boss fight.

What are Challenge Tokens?

  • Each Battle in the Challenge has an entry cost of 1 Challenge Token.  You cannot begin a battle unless you have at least 1 Challenge Token.

How do I get Challenge Tokens?

  • You can get Challenge tokens by completing battles in the Main Story Mode, or by buying Token Bundles in the Store.
  • You are rewarded with 25 Challenge Tokens before your first Battle at each Difficulty level.

I've completed a Battle / Mission / Difficulty Level.  Can I play it again?

  • No, once a Battle / Mission / Difficulty Level is completed, you cannot replay it.

I've completed the entire Challenge.  Can I play it again?

  • No, a Challenge is designed to be completed once and once only.

Can Challenges be reset?

  • Yes, but those methods are considered to be Cheating and against the Spirit of the Game.
  • The consequences of resetting Challenges could include: a bugged game; removal of features; lack of official support; and account suspension (just to name a few).

Why should I bother completing a Challenge?

  • Successfully completing the Standard Difficulty level of a Challenge will award you with an exclusive Gold Tier Character. Once awarded this unique character, they also become available for purchase within the Store.
  • Completing the Challenge in it's entirety can award you with up to...
    • almost 250,000 Immortal Credits
    • almost 450,000 XP
    • 3 x Exclusive Gold Tier Characters
    • 3 x Silver Packs
    • 3 x Bronze Packs
    • 12 Stamina recharges
    • 1 x 3* gear (usually character specific)
    • 1 x 2* gear (uncommon)

What are the unique Gold-Tier "Challenge Characters"?

The following exclusive Gold-Tier "Challenge Characters" were rewards (in order of release) for successfully completing Challenges, or can be gained through Challenge Booster Packs:

[Read: WWE Immortals: Challenges List & Exclusive Characters]

Source: WWE Immortals Spreadsheet

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