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WWE Immortals FAQ: Characters, Levels, Stats

The following are the WWE Immortals Frequently Asked Questions specifically related to Characters. For all the WWE Immortals Guides, FAQs and Walkthroughs, click here.

Q: What is the MAX level of a character that can be achieved?

  • The MAXIMUM level that can be achieved by a character is 50.

Q: What is the 'Legendary' status and what does it do?

  • The 'Legendary' status is an option that BOOSTS your character's STATS. This increases the DAMAGE and HEALTH of your character depending on their 'Legendary' status level.

Q: What is the MAX 'Legendary' status that can be achieved? How do I BOOST my character's 'Legendary' status?

  • The MAXIMUM 'Legendary' status that can be achieved by a character is Legendary VII. You can BOOST a character if you've got a duplicate card of that character. For example, if you've got TWO 'Daniel Bryan (Evolved)'; you can click on his character card and you can BOOST him to Legendary I.

Q: What is the 'ALLIES and RIVALS' (Chemistry Buff) feature? What does it do?

  • The 'ALLIES and RIVALS' is a feature that can help obtain a higher chance of winning. This can ALSO boost your character's STATS depending on who is in your team. ALLIES give you +5% HEALTH/DAMAGE while RIVALS give you +10% ADRENALINE REGEN and -10% DEFENSE.

Q: What is the 'Talent Enhancements' feature? What does it do?

  • The 'Talent Enhancements' is a feature that BOOSTS your character's STATS. There are 3 'Talent Enhancements', each of them gives you a different STAT increase; +10% HEALTH, +10% DMG and +10% ADRENALINE REGEN. For example, when you buy a 'Talent Enhancement' (Team HELL NO) for 'Daniel Bryan', this will be applied to all of your 'Daniel Bryan' cards. Therefore, you don't have to buy that enhancement anymore.

Q: What do PASSIVEs do?

  • Basically, every CHARACTER has their own PASSIVE (Special Ability). This is a feature that gives your character their own unique ABILITY. For example, 'Daniel Bryan (Evolved)'s PASSIVE is 'Power of the People'; he will Power Up by successfully completing Combo Attacks or SIG Attacks. There are five power levels DB(E) can achieve, allowing him to deal up to 100% more DMG.

Credits: WWE_Zero | WB Games Community



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