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WWE Immortals: Game Modes Breakdown and "How To Play"

WWE Immortals is a fighting game that brings a fantasy element to the WWE wrestling franchise by turning the wrestlers into superheroes, with multiple variations for each one. The game borrows many elements from the earlier mobile game Injustice: Gods Among Us by the same developer. The story tells how Bray Wyatt's lantern is stolen by The Authority. The lantern accidentally creates parallel universes with superhero versions of the WWE wrestlers.


  • Matches are played with three wrestlers per team and it is possible to quickly swap team members by tapping a character portrait in the top left corner.
  • Taps are used for light attacks and swiping left or right triggers a slow, but heavy attack.
  • Blocking is done by holding two fingers and it reduces the incoming damage.
  • By fighting, an adrenaline bar in the bottom left corner is filled. It is split up in three sections that can be used to perform signature attacks unique for each character, usually combined with quick taps or swipes to deal more damage. Tier two and three signature moves need to be unlocked through cards.
  • Sometimes prompts appear on the screen for quick swipes that lead to powerful combos when performed successfully.

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Play Mode (Battle Matches)

  • The main mode of the game is a series of battles against the AI, consisting of 7 sections of progressive difficulty, with 8 series of battles in each section. the final series of battles only appears once the player has beaten the previous seven in the section and rewards a high amount of credits and a new character.
  • The game uses a stamina system that requires an amount for each fight. Stamina can be recharged by waiting a while or buying a recharge. Each character has a stamina meter, so it is possible to continue with a different team when certain characters are temporarily unavailable.


  • Wrestlers are represented as cards that can be won and are added to a collection so players can create a custom team.
  • Cards often come in bronze, silver and gold variations. Their two main statistics are based on health and damage, which increase by playing
  • Immortals can go up to level 50, and duplicate cards can be combined to make them Legendary (up to Legendary VII)
  • Certain characters are natural allies or rivals and that influences their statistics when they fight in the same team.

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  • Through fights the player earns experience for the individual wrestlers to level up and a number of credits.
  • The game is free-to-play and credits are used to buy additional characters, special moves upgrades, booster packs, talent cards and gear cards.
  • The various characters cost differing amounts of credits with Bronze characters usually costing around 11,000 credits, silver at around 40,000 credits and gold at 200,000 credits. Booster packs can also be bought that cost a bit less, but provide a random character.
  • Certain items can also be sold and additional credits or specific items and characters can be bought through in-app purchases with real money.

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Challenge Mode

  • Challenge mode is a time limited feature that changes every two weeks or so where 5 series of battles that get incrementally more difficult are introduced. Finishing all of these in the time limit earns the player an exclusive gold character, usually a newly introduced one.
  • An additional cost as well as the energy of each superstar or diva is a "Challenge Token" which can be bought from the store for credits, or earned by playing the normal play mode.

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Online Multiplayer Mode

  • The game supports online multiplayer matches as well, but as asynchronous games where the opponent is the A.I. using real players decks.
  • Online prizes include Immortal Credits, special Gear cards (along with regular Gear cards) and exclusive renditions of characters offered in these online tournaments (such as gold Animal Batista, Voodoo Bray Wyatt, Sharpshooter Bret Hart, etc.).
  • Players earn Battle Points (BP) to increase their tournament ranking by competing in three types of matches: Singles Match (one opponent), Show Match (3 opponents), and Main Event (5 opponents). Extra BP can also be earned by completing Daily Quest requirements. These matches also may reward players with Stamina cards (to reenergize their Immortals to fight again) and even Gear cards.

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