The multi-part WWE 2K19 Features Round-up rolls on! Today 2K details everything about MyPLAYER in WWE 2K19, including the new progression system, prestige unlocks, Overcharges, Road To Glory, Towers, and more! Creation Modes details will be covered in an upcoming post.


MyPLAYER characters are customized to your specifications to play through MyCAREER, Road to Glory mode, and special MyPLAYER Towers.

The MyPLAYER Wizard is back to help simplify initial creation so that you can get to playing the game quickly. However, if you’re an experienced creator, you can choose to skip it this year and go straight to the fully detailed creation tools.

Fighting Styles and Sub-Styles

2K has streamlined the number of core Fighting Styles in WWE 2K19, from eight down to five. Below you’ll find each fighting style alongside their respective Sub-Styles. Each variation includes unique attributes, skills, and abilities.

  • Cruiser: Luchador, Technician Cruiser
  • Striker: Brawler, Strong Style
  • Technician: Shooter, UK Strong Style
  • Powerhouse: Beast, Hero
  • Giant: Monster, Big Man

New Skill Tree Progression System

The new MyPLAYER Tree offers a more visually engaging way to advance your character with branching paths that encourage you to make your Superstar your own. It includes three general categories to upgrade: attack, body, and defense.

Throughout the MyPLAYER Tree progression, there are five Prestige Ranks: Rookie, Superstar, Main Eventer, Titan, and Hall of Famer. Once you hit level 50 for your current rank, you can Prestige up to the next one. This opens new Tree options, exclusive Superstar parts, and exclusive emblems and banners for your MyPlayer profile.

Once your MyPLAYER reaches XP level 10, you can select one of two paths in the separate Sub-Style Tree. Sub-Styles will seriously affect the type of Superstar you will become. Good thing you can easily skim the entire tree to see all the upgrades available before you make your decision.

The third distinct tree covers the new Overcharge system. Remember the new Payback System? MyPLAYER characters have exclusive level 2 Paybacks called Overcharges. These start out with base traits and functionality and can be upgraded via the Overcharge Tree for extra buffs.

  • Beast Mode: Increased grapple speed and damage. A golden glow highlights your arms when activated.
  • Charged Fury: A supercharged, devastating punch. You fist radiates with power when fully charged.
  • Electrifying: As you hold this taunt uninterrupted, your Momentum grows at a much faster rate. Electricity flows through your body.

Parts and Packs

Have a specific move or Create-a-Superstar part you absolutely need for your MyPLAYER? The in-game store allows you to purchase almost any move or part using virtual currency (VC) you earned from playing WWE 2K19 (there are some exceptions for special rewards).

You’ll also earn tokens and deluxe tokens along the way, which can go toward new loot packs. These are tailored to specific genres in WWE 2K19, as opposed to the wide-ranging loot crates in WWE 2K18. Open packs labeled with Create-a-Superstar parts, Taunts/Entrances/Victories, Moves, Boosts, or combinations so you’ll always get a mix of the type of content you’re looking for. If you receive items you don’t like, scrap them to receive more deluxe tokens to spend on packs down the road. The rarer the item scrapped, the more deluxe tokens it will pay out.

Road to Glory

The online-based Road to Glory is revamped with several new features. Compete against others daily to earn boosts, Superstar parts, and VC. Like before, you’ll earn stars to gain access in Pay-Per-View events that line up with real WWE programming, but now you can also build up your star supply in single-player MyPlayer Towers.

Right out of the gate you can join one of eight different factions. Each faction has unique challenges to accomplish that will allow you to raise your faction level and earn Superstar parts and profile emblems and banners.

General challenges in both Road to Glory and MyPlayer Towers assign you in-ring tasks like kicking out two times in a match. You’ll earn small rewards for accomplishing this once, but if you can do it five, 10, or 20 times you’ll earn Sideplates that scale up from bronze, silver, and gold with higher rewards each time.

WWE Towers

In this new mode, you choose WWE Superstars or your MyPLAYER to compete against a string of WWE Superstar opponents. Each Tower features a unique theme with different win conditions and fun stipulations with varying degrees of difficulty.

The MyPLAYER Towers offer you a chance to improve your MyPlayer with an overwhelming amount of gameplay. From day one onward, 13 persistent MyPLAYER towers await your skills. On top of this, new daily, weekly, and real-life WWE PPV towers constantly keep things fresh. Stars earned in Towers allow access to the monthly PPV towers where you can earn exclusive Superstar parts rewards upon completion.

That’s all for today. Come back tomorrow for information on the WWE 2K19 Creation Suite!

For more info on WWE 2K19 check out the News Section, and the WWE 2K19 Roster Page to see all the Superstars included in the game!

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