Two things that people were quite positive about from the WWE 2K22 Hit List Trailer so far was the way the game looks as does look miles better than WWE 2K20 was.

But by far the feature that people are the most excited about is the return of GM Mode which hasn't been in a WWE game since Smackdown VS Raw 2008.

During the media call before the release of the WWE 2K22 Hit List, we got some more details not only about the overall immersive presentation but also what may be an interesting take on GM Mode.

So in this article, we will be going over all of the details from the media call related to the game's presentation and MyGM.

New Immersive Presentation Details

First up is concerning WWE 2K22's overall presentation as when looking at the new entrance footage in the game that we have so far from the Hit List Trailer, it's clear to see that it is a major improvement over WWE 2K20 already.

This is because partly to the newly rebuilt engine as along with the rebuilding of the gameplay and animation engines. The developers at WWE 2K had spent a lot of time adding in new lighting systems, shaders, and particle effects.

They have also been working with the official WWE showrunners during the development time as this was said by the Creative Director of WWE 2K Lynell Jinks when they had this to say as well during the media call:

" WWE 2K22 offers the most authentic atmosphere seen in the franchise from the second you load in."

"The focus on quality isn't limited to inside the ring, for WWE 2K22 we consulted with the WWE showrunners and added an all-new game director with virtual cameramen and hundreds of action-packed new angles."

When taking a look at the footage we have seen so far, it is hard to see what kind of impact the developers working with the WWE showrunners have had since the gameplay we have seen so far has been limited.

But if we do take a look at the shot of Bobby Lashley and Chad Gable in the trailer, one difference there is that the in-game position of the camera has been changed, as the hard cam is much lower down and drawn in when compared to the recent WWE 2K games. 

When speaking about the improvements to the game's overall presentation, Lynell Jinks would that there are also new improvements regarding the crowd in-game when they would say:

"The crowd comes to life with new rooting sections, audience anticipation of big moves, and hours and hours of new commentary to punctuate the action."

Just like with the changes to the game's presentation, this is something that we are yet to really see in action as a majority of the trailer's clips are not long enough to notice any significant changes to the crowd.

However, when we look at the footage we have available to us so far, then we can see that there are some minor differences in the crowd, as there are a lot more members looking around the arena instead of just staring directly at the ring just watching the action.

There are also some fans clapping and gesturing as if they are having a conversation with members of the crowd while others are standing up and cheering during the action and gameplay.

As for the proposed crowd rooting section, we don't see any of that in the footage so far, but it does sound like a cool feature as it may be like having your own dedicated section of fans where chants of encouragement for your superstars could originate from.

In terms of any noticeable changes to the crowd in terms of the anticipation for bigger moves, we do see some crowd members jump up and stand out of their seats when Bobby Lashley attempts to hit the Dominator on Chad Gable but this does look the exact way it looks like in the previous games so maybe fans may anticipate bigger moves such as if superstars were on the top of the Hell In A Cell or a steel cage or perhaps something in that ballpark.

MyGM Mode New Details

Switching over to the MyGM Mode which is the new name for the fan-favorite feature GM Mode, WWE 2K has given out a short piece of text on what we can expect from the mode as Lynell Jinks would say:

"Players can expect to draft Superstars, book matches, manage contracts, and prove you have what it takes to run the most successful brand in sports entertainment."

While the teaser text doesn't tell us anything new when talking about GM Mode however one thing that Lynell Jinks would tease is that instead of just starting out on Raw or Smackdown, it looks like players will be starting at a much lower level than that as when speaking in a conference call, Lynell would tease that:

"In MyGM players will progressively work their way up from running shows in high school gyms to prime time TV."

When hearing this does bring a brand new feel to GM Mode since in prior games, you would just select to manage either Raw or Smackdown then draft your roster and pick your champions.

From this as well players may be starting out the mode on a whole lower level, possibly starting out in an indie promotion such as BCW which could make an appearance in this mode as the player's first step as a general manager before they work their way up to the big promotions or brands on the like of Raw, Smackdown, or NXT.

However, Lynell didn't go into any additional details so, at the minute, we can't say how GM Mode will indeed start out, or the high school gym section may be optional for people who just want to play the mode like they may have done like in the older games but for the players who want to have the entire experience of starting the general manager role from humble beginnings on the independent circuit, then this a very interesting and unique way to look at GM Mode/ MyGM.

For anyone interested in a video breakdown of these details, I would recommend SmackTalks who goes into a lot of extra detail.

Here's his video for anyone interested.

Thanks again to SmackTalks for the Media Call and Conference Call Infomation from Lynell Jinks.

What do you guys think about the new WWE 2K22's Presentation and MyGM details?

Leave your comments down below and thanks for checking into The Smackdown Hotel.

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