The contributors' team here at are chomping at the bit for March 11 when WWE 2K22 is unleashed and FINALLY we have a chance to get our hands on one of the most anticipated WWE Games of this generation.

To channel all of this excitement we've put together a handful of questions to see how myself and some members of the writing team feel.

What WWE 2K22 feature are you most excited for?

Joshua Araujo: "The one feature I’m most excited for is custom renders for CAWs. As a big advocate for increased additions to custom content in the game, having custom renders will make the presentation of created characters feel more legitimate to the real product, and is a good start to pop off another generation of console hardware."

Alex Altman: "For me personally I don't play the GM Mode but I would say I'm excited about the community to have that long-requested feature since they have been asking for it."

Mike LaCosta: "MyGM, while not what I expected, is something I've been wanting back in the game since they removed it!"

Scott Shacklady: "The feature I would say I’m most excited for is probably MyRise for the hope we get those branching storylines that were speculated."

Steve Lawrence: "I'm most excited for the new controls actually. I think this year the new Dodge and Block mechanics are really going to change how the game is played. And now they have Combos! The matches are going to be awesome."

wwe 2k22 hitlist features

What do you think of the WWE 2K22 Roster this year?

Joshua Araujo: "I think the WWE 2K22 roster is great this year, and 2K keeping in some of the released names of the last year is kind for the players who want to use said names for Universe Mode, MyGM, and other creative content. My one hope is to see the return of more legends in the upcoming weeks, especially from the Hulkamania and Attitude Eras."

Alex Altman: "I do think the roster is a little outdated honestly, it seems like some of the NXT 2.0 guys will be DLC instead and I feel that some of the released wrestlers should be gone from the game. I mean Jeff, Keith, and Karrion are fine to make it but people like Nia Jax and Lana and stuff should probably be out but I know they want to fill the roster out."

Mike LaCosta: "The Roster looks strong. Glad to see that it looks like a lot of released talent is making the cut. Looks to be well over 100 characters."

Scott Shacklady: "To be honest regarding the roster, I’m not too bothered if it is outdated since in the last year there were so many superstars I would see on TV and want to play as them before they got released."

Steve Lawrence: "The Roster has always lagged a bit behind in the games and this year it's for the best. Releases sucked and this is going to be the last time we see a couple of names. I'm hoping for some surprises they haven't mentioned as well."

wwe 2k22 roster page 1

Which new additions do you think should have more hype behind them?

Joshua Araujo: "I honestly feel that the option to do Universe Mode from the perspective of one superstar should be talked about more, especially since it can replicate the classic Season Mode feel from Here Comes the Pain, but with the added additions of high-end graphics and roster."

Alex Altman: "I would say the feature that they haven't hyped is that MyRise mode. They said something about the factions and all that but that's it they haven't promoted that or the MyCareer which makes me worry that all the care went into the GM Mode but we will see." 

Mike LaCosta: "Creation Suite for sure. I feel they haven't touched the surface of what can be done there."

Scott Shacklady: "I would probably say MyGM since it’s a step in the right direction for the series, but it sucks that we are limited on match types and don’t have a mid-card or tag team titles."

Steve Lawrence: "MyFaction still interests me a lot. I like making a lot of custom Tag Teams in my games and I'm curious what sets this apart from that."

wwe2k22 game editions content deluxe nwo

Which version of the game do you think will be best for the user experience?

Joshua Araujo: "I feel as if the PC variant of the game will have the best version of the game for users. The obvious would be in getting to use mods, but even though some have criticized how PC will be similar to the XBOX One/PS4 versions of the game, I don’t think this will be a problem since the player bases for those consoles remain very large, and that the graphical output is still quality enough that it’ll just depend on how quality your personal tech is."

Alex Altman: "I think the version that will be best for users will be the next-gen versions of the game. Obviously, it will have good visuals and I expect at least for PS5 the dual sense good be made to use and I feel like most of the care went into those versions."

Mike LaCosta: "With the united Community Creations, it really seems like the game is set to make a big impact regardless of Platform. The performance boosts on the XBOX X/S and PS5 versions of the game will be a big plus for sure though."

Scott Shacklady: "Both next and last-gen versions are both the same for them since the game still looks leaps and bounds over 2K20 when looking at the recent gameplay from the PC version with the only noticeable difference between them being better graphics."

Steve Lawrence: "Being able to play with friends over Steam or Share Play gives a huge advantage to the PS4/PS5 and PC players. The suggestion to use that to play GM Mode with friends could be really fun."

So there you have it! Our first Pre-Release interview with our writers and as you can see we all have different tastes.

The one thing that can be said about WWE 2K22 is that it can appeal to the broader audience within the wrestling game community and it doesn't matter if you want to take a shot at being GM or giving chair shots in the ring, WWE 2K22 Hits Different!

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