Becky Lynch '20
Becky Lynch '20

Gender Female
Nickname / Version Icons of WrestleMania
Alternative Versions Becky LynchBecky Lynch '16
Era Icons of WrestleMania
Superstar Class Striker
Ability Style Focused

In the months leading up to WrestleMania 36, Lynch rekindled her short lived feud with Baszler. Anyone who was familiar with Shayna Baszler and her dominant run in NXT was well aware that The Queen of Spades had a mean streak, but no one was ready for what would happen when she hit the scene on Raw. Against all odds, Lynch has remained Raw's Women's Champion by defeating Shayna Baszler to retain the title since WrestleMania 35.

SPECIALS: Diving Leg Drop, Inverted DDT, Flying Forearm Smash, Pumphandle Side Slam, Calf Kick

FINISHERS: Bexploder Suplex, Disarm-Her

TAG LINK: Icons of WrestleMania

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