WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011 provides more creation tools than ever for you to customize your Superstars, finishing moves, story designs and more. Tons of new position animations, including a new Create-a-Finisher off the turnbuckle; 150 new Create-a-Superstar parts, including pattern texture support; Paint Tool upgrades such as sign creations and simplified sharing of content through Community Creations. And last but not least... The brand new Match Creator!

You've always been able to modify win conditions in your matches to a point – turn on or off DQ and such – but Match Creator really gives you the SVR toolbox and lets you have at it. Using a three-step process – environment, win conditions and rules – you can craft any match combination you like. Want a two out of three falls inferno match? A falls count anywhere first blood match in the Hell in a Cell cage? You can do it. If you stumble upon a creation you really dig, you can even pop into your options and alter the defaults so that whenever you start a one-on-one or whatever, you'll get the settings you like.

Create a Superstar is back and better than ever with the return of patterns, tons of new 3D items, more realistic models, and…wait for it…wait for it! No more attribute grinding! That’s right! Did it ever annoy you when you would make your favorite WWE Legend or TNA wrestler and they would start with like a 40 overall? Well you don’t have to worry about that ever again. You set their stats right from the get go and take them right to the squared circle exactly how you wished them to be when you were done grinding in the first place.

Create a Finisher has returned with a new position against the turnbuckle. You want to give CM Punk the Pepsi Plunge? You can! You want to do a 720 degrees spinning razors edge off the top rope? You can! The new position will be supported with 500 animations and the Front and Diving positions have been improved with a 30% of new moves. You'll also be able to modify your Create-A-Finisher move speeds by one-percent increments rather than the previous 25-percent ones and the ability to save up to 130 finishers this time around instead of 30.

You’ll be able to create signs in this year’s title. You’ll be able to apply images created in Paint Tool onto sign boards for both created Superstars and the default WWE Superstars. But that's not it! You'll also be able to use Paint Tool designes as Brand Logos... yes that's right, you can create your own brand and assign to it the logo you made with paint tool.

Create an Entrance has been improved as well, and the possibility of entering with two titles has been added to the game.

You will be able to assign Ladder Finishers by Create A Moveset.

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