Serious Parody Shakes Up Wrestling

5 Star Wrestling is a game built on true Ring Psychology with Heel and Face mechanics, a revolutionary Limb Damage System and Rivalries that impact gameplay. Featuring a 40 Hour Challenge campaign with 128 challenges, over 400 objectives, and more moves-per-wrestler than any other game including never before seen Finisher-To-Finisher reversals, 5 Star Wrestling is brimming with content.

Wrestling Psychology

In 5 Star Wrestling, the way you attack an opponent can significantly limit their offensive arsenal. If your opponent is faster than you and is constantly running around, attack their body to drain their stamina and slow them down. If your opponent is stronger than you, injure their legs, and next time they try a lift-up move like a Powerbomb, their knee will buckle and you’ll be left on your feet while they roll around crying like a baby.

Putting The Rules Back Into Wrestling

Wrestling has referees for a reason. Groin shots and eye pokes are dangerous weapons that have ended many matches and they will not be tolerated in a 5 Star Wrestling ring. If you want to kick a man in the crotch, by all means, go for it but IF THE REF CATCHES YOU, it could be game over. Of course, if he doesn’t catch you, you might just be on a winner!

Finishing Moves Galore

Finishing Moves are a huge part of professional wrestling and 5 Star Wrestling revolutionizes finishing moves in wrestling games. Tired Finishers, Power Finishers, High-Risk Finishers, Quick Finishers, Finishers that come from nowhere, Reversing a Finisher into another Finisher, 5 Star Wrestling has it all. There’s no robotic formula of 2 finishers per wrestler because 5 Star Wrestling is aiming to be as close to the sport of wrestling as possible. Some wrestlers utilize devastatingly powerful finishers, while others string multiple finishers together to end a match and some of the best wrestlers can perform their finishing moves from virtually any position making them incredibly dangerous.  Not only does 5 Star Wrestling feature more Moves Per Wrestler than any other wrestling game in history (nearly 200 per wrestler) it also has the most character-specific move sets of any wrestling game, making each character feel incredibly unique.

Styles Make Fights

In 5 Star Wrestling, each character has strengths and weaknesses but they also fit into certain archetypes. Brutes are powerful but slow and stupid. Ring Technicians are cunning with tactical move sets but are weaker than your average wrestler. Risk Takers are fast and can perform dare devil-type moves but they hurt themselves in the process, and Showman are highly resilient wrestlers with lots of finishing moves but they aren’t the strongest, fastest, or smartest wrestlers in the mix. Heels (bad guys) have access to devastating (but risky) cheat moves, Faces (good guys) don’t cheat but they can receive huge momentum swings that allow them to perform amazing comebacks. The bottom line is, each character in 5 Star Wrestling feels unique and that means players will need to come up with different strategies if they want to be successful.

Game Modes

There will be exhibition matches, of course, but there will also be a Challenge Mode catered towards each character, as well as Match Breakdowns that tear apart previous matches and let you know how you played. There will even be some in-game currency that will allow for unlockables and other items to be purchased. However, while 5 Star Wrestling supports local multiplayer, it won’t support online multiplayer (at launch).


5 Star Wrestling will have 8 characters available at launch.

  • Ring Technician (Baby Face)
  • Ring Technician (Heel)
  • Risk Taker (Baby Face)
  • Risk Taker (Heel)
  • Brute (Baby Face)
  • Brute (Heel)
  • Showman (Baby Face)
  • Showman (Heel) 

Each character brings something different to the game. 

For example, Mike Iceberg has a ton of powerful moves and as a 'Brute' he can take an incredible amount of damage to his upper body and head which makes him hard to attack. if he gets on a roll early in a match, he can squash his opponent in a matter of minutes. However, his stamina decreases at a faster rate than other wrestlers, and his powerful moves can become risky depending on how he is attacked so long matches don't go in his favor. He might not be the best choice in an Iron Man Match unless you really want to test your skill.

5 Star Wrestling: Screenshots


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