AEW x Yuke's Console Video Game
Game Series AEW Games
Release Date September 1, 2021
Platforms PlayStation 5Xbox Series XPlayStation 4Xbox One
Publisher AEW Games
Developer Yuke's

Believe the Unbelievable. Achieve the Unachievable. Expect the Unexpected.

The highly anticipated console game for All Elite Wrestling has been officially announced, and it's being developed by the renowned videogame developer Yuke’s.

Back in May 2019, Yuke's announced they were working on a new wrestling game, departing from the main WWE Games series after developing it for over 20 years.

As of November 10, 2020, we now know that Yuke's and AEW have joined forces in a historic partnership, that not only sees AEW competing against WWE, but also sees Yuke's competing against the upcoming WWE 2K22 and their former WWE license, still owned by 2K Sports.

The upcoming AEW Console Game developed by Yuke's is currently in development and is set to be released for both current-gen consoles (PS4 & Xbox One) as well as next-generation consoles (PS5 & Xbox Series X). The release date of the AEW console game is still unknown.

Below you can find the first Screenshots of the AEW console game, the Reveal Trailer, and the first confirmations for the AEW Game Roster and Features.

AEW Console Game Features Confirmed:

The following is the list of confirmed features we've gathered from official sources and various interviews:

  • Art Style: The current visual style of the game is said to be inspired by WWF No Mercy and Virtual Pro Wrestling, with a more arcade look than the WWE Games series
  • Gameplay: The gameplay is inspired by WWF No Mercy and Here Comes The Pain. It will be a modern-day version of those classic games, with fast fluid hard-hitting gameplay, a variety and depth of moves, and a lot of unique and brand new gameplay concepts and mechanics.
  • Engine: The game will be based on an entirely new engine. Yuke's is using a new game engine built from scratch.
  • Game Modes: While the specifics have not been revealed, it has been stated that the game "will have the modes that fans expect to be in there"
  • Create-A-Wrestler: A deep Create-A-Wrestler mode will of course be part of the game, but the specifics are unknown.
  • Create-A-Moveset: A Create-A-Moveset mode is also confirmed for the game.
  • Intergender Matches: As shown in the teaser trailer with Kenny Omega facing Hikaru Shida, Intergender matches will be possible in the game. The trailer includes the tagline "where dream matches become reality".
  • Blood: Wrestlers will be able to bleed in the game, and the blood will remain on the ring mat.

More confirmations will be added soon.


AEW Console Game Roster Confirmed:

The AEW Console Game will come with an extensive roster of All Elite Wrestling Superstars, both male and female.

Here are the wrestlers confirmed so far to appear in the upcoming AEW videogame developed by Yuke's:

  • Chris Jericho
  • Kenny Omega
  • Hikaru Shida
  • Cody Rhodes
  • Matt Jackson (Young Bucks)
  • Nick Jackson (Young Bucks)

More confirmations will be added soon.


AEW Console Game Arenas Confirmed:

Below you find a list of the Arenas confirmed so far, for the upcoming console game of All Elite Wrestling, developed by Yukes.

  • AEW Dynamite

More confirmations will be added soon.


AEW Console Game Screenshots:

The game is still in early development, footage shown may not be representative of the final product.


AEW Console Game Reveal Trailer

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