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Promotion / Series WWE Games
Release Date February 11, 2002
Additional Releases September 27, 2002 (EU); October 14, 2002 (PC)
Platforms PC Windows, Xbox
Publisher THQ
Developer Anchor Inc.

WWF Raw (also known as WWE Raw or WWF Raw is War, depending on version) is a wrestling video game released on the Microsoft Xbox and Microsoft Windows by THQ in 2002. It is based on the television series of the same name.
It was the first WWE game released on the Xbox and also the last WWE game released on PC until the release of WWE 2K15 thirteen years later in 2015. It is also the last game released under the WWF name, as the World Wrestling Federation changed its name to "World Wrestling Entertainment" in May of that year. A sequel, WWE RAW 2, was released in 2003.

Including such moves as the People's Elbow to the Stone-Cold Stunner, WWF: Raw features realism and highly detailed graphics. You can play as any of more than 35 WWF superstars--including the Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, the Undertaker, and Triple H--as you fight to win the title of WWF Heavyweight Champion. For the first time ever, you can assault opponents on their way to the ring and see the audience scatter as the action spills into the crowd. The game features TV-style presentation with in-game cutaways and Double Feature replays. The variety of match types include a Royal Rumble and King of the Ring tournament. The game also includes authentic superstar entrances complete with full TitanTron videos.

Main Features:

  • Wage war with the top WWE Superstars modeled in amazing detail
  • For the first time ever, assault opponents on their way to the ring
  • Watch the audience scatter as the action spills into the crowd
  • Battle in more than 10 backstage areas
  • Create the ultimate WWE Superstar
  • WWE style presentation with in-game cut scenes and Double Feature replay
  • Unique and strategic fighting system
  • Advanced fighting engine from the creators of Ultimate Fighting Championships (for Dreamcast), Anchor
  • Variety of match types including Royal Rumble and KING of the RING



1) Al Snow
2) Albert
3) Big Show
4) Billy Gunn
5) Bradshaw
6) Bubba Ray Dudley
7) Chris Benoit
8) Chris Jericho
9) Christian
10) Crash
11) D-Von Dudley
12) Eddie Guerrero
13) Edge
14) Faarooq
15) Funaki
16) Haku
17) Hardcore Holly
18) Jeff Hardy
19) Justin Credible
20) Kane
21) K-Kwik
22) Kurt Angle
23) Matt Hardy
24) Perry Saturn
25) Raven
26) Rhyno
27) Rikishi
28) The Rock
29) Shane McMahon
30) Spike Dudley
31) Steve Austin
32) Steve Blackman
33) Tajiri
34) Taka Michinoku
35) Tazz
36) Test
37) Triple H
38) Undertaker
39) Vince McMahon
40) William Regal
41) X-Pac


1) Ivory
2) Lita
3) Molly Holly
4) Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley
5) Trish Stratus


1) Fred Durst


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