The ring is a place of legends where warriors do battle. But now is a time for a new breed...

Game Modes


Here you take on the entire roster as you strive to win the coveted WWWA Championship Red Belt. Both Singles & Tag divisions are available. Defeating the two hidden bosses will unlock them for playable use. Or you can just highlight "OPTIONS" on the main menu, hold SELECT, and press B to access them now.


Here you can create your custom wrestler. Up to 6 can be made, and you can have up to 1921 Edit points once you clear the CHALLENGE!! Mode with a custom wrestler. Not only that, but you can customize how your wrestler looks, their stats, their moves, and much more. You'll also find 9 exclusive wrestlers here.


This is your Exhibition mode, where Single, Handicap, and Tag matches can happen. On this mode's, Tournament, Elimination, and Battle Royale modes, hover over the COM Level setting, then press left or right on the d-pad whilst holding SELECT if you wish to play on the ultra hard "Super Heavyweight" difficulty.


4 Joshi wrestlers square off. The last woman standing wins...but that is for the normal type. That's because two more types have been added in this installment! "Endless" works just like the standard version, except that the eliminated wrestlers will continue to fight until only one wrestler is left standing. Whereas "Teams" splits the 4 Joshi wrestlers into two teams, the first team to defeat both of their opponents wins.


Two teams of 5 square off until only one team remains standing.


Up to 8 wrestlers (or 16 if Tag is chosen) compete in a single elimination tournament to crown a winner.

Roster (Real Names only)

  1. Aja Kong [AJW]
  2. Akira Hokuto [AJW]
  3. Bison Kimura [AJW]
  4. Bolshoi Kid [JWP]
  5. Bomber Hikari [GAEA]
  6. Bull Nakano [AJW]
  7. Candy Okutso [JWP]
  8. Chaparita Asari [AJW]
  9. Chigusa Nagayo [GAEA]
  10. Combat Toyoda [FMW]
  11. Cutie Suzuki [JWP]
  12. Devil Masami [JWP]
  13. Dynamite Kansai [JWP]
  14. Eagle Sawai [LLPW]
  15. Etsuko Mita [AJW]
  16. Harley Saito [LLPW]
  17. Hikari Fukuoka [JWP]
  18. Infernal KAORU [GAEA]
  19. Jaguar Yokota [AJW]
  20. KAORU [GAEA]
  21. Kaoru Ito [AJW]
  22. Kiyo Tateno [LLPW]
  23. Kyoko Inoue [AJW]
  24. Lioness Asuka [GAEA]
  25. Manami Toyota [AJW]
  26. Mariko Yoshida [AJW]
  27. Mayumi Ozaki [JWP]
  28. Megumi Kudo [FMW]
  29. Mima Shimoda [AJW]
  30. Minami Suzuka [AJW]
  31. Plum Mariko [JWP]
  32. Rumi Kazama [LLPW]
  33. Sakie Hasegawa [AJW]
  34. Shinobu Kandori [LLPW]
  35. Takako Inoue [AJW]
  36. Toshio Yamada [AJW]
  37. Yasha Kurenai [LLPW]
  38. Yumiko Hotta [AJW]

EDIT Exclusives

  1. Blizzard YUKI
  2. Carlos Amano
  3. Command Bolshoi
  4. Crusher Maedomari
  5. Hiromi Yagi
  6. Mimi Magiwara
  7. Reina Jabuki
  8. Shark Tsuchiya
  9. Super Heel Devil Masami
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